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Money Making Blogs


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How do you go about making blogging useful to you? Here are four of my rules, and an exploration into the details of my part-time coaching/consulting business that came from my blogging.

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Money Making Blogs

  1. 1. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC Getting the most from your blog
  2. 2. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC no “get rich quick” concepts
  3. 3. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC always be helpful
  4. 4. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC direct your light
  5. 5. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC go where they won’t
  6. 6. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC make them the hero
  7. 7. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC Stand Out
  8. 8. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC Increase Trust
  9. 9. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC Affiliate Revenue: 33% Indirect Revenue: 66% Direct Revenue: 1%
  10. 10. @CHRISLEMA #WCOC eBooks Courses Digital Products Memberships Small Jobs Answers
  11. 11. @chrislema