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B&O Newsletter

  1. 1. of Bexleyheath, Bromley and Tunbridge Wells Anniversary Additions New products celebrate 85 years of Bang & OlufsenINSIDE 04 05 06 11 12 Seasonal Celebra t i o n s
  2. 2. Time to celebrate Now docking at Paul Blake There’s never been a better time to call into our showrooms and join us for a celebratory toast. Step inside and we’ll raise a glass of Champagne to see in the festive season; there’s also cause to celebrate with a host of new products and a our showrooms – BeoSound 8 Dealer Principal milestone anniversary for Bang & Olufsen.WElcOmE This is one of the most exciting periods in the long history of our business and we’d be delighted for you to visit us, take the weight off your feet and experience■ Welcome to our latest newsletter, which with its the latest arrivals in action, such as the groundbreaking BeoSound 8 iPod®/iPad® A long-awaited product has just landed at ourfantastic offers and irresistible new products will add docking station, and see just how far Bang & Olufsen has progressed in its showrooms – BeoSound 8.even more enjoyment to your Christmas and New Year. phenomenal 85 years. As you will read opposite it’s not just the time of year Purchase any products from our extensive range and you can The striking BeoSound 8 answers the Bang & Olufsen tradition, BeoSound 8 aluminium-ringed loudspeakers. The be operated with our Beo4 and Beo5that we are celebrating, Bang & Olufsen is also marking also celebrate a rare victory over the tax man by pre-empting the call of Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts who has the looks and features to loudspeakers also have interchangeable remote controls.85 years of heritage this November and is still officially imminent increase in VAT and be safe in the knowledge that are eager to enjoy the music stored on complement its impressive performance. covers to allow the BeoSound 8 to blend “It’s been a long time coming butrecognised as one of the coolest brands on the planet. Bang & Olufsen has been voted the 5th ‘coolest’ brand in the their iPod® with the clarity and rich Available in black or white, seamlessly into a variety of environments. BeoSound 8 is definitely worth the wait,” Now is a great time to expand your Bang & Olufsen recent CoolBrands 2010/11 survey, beating such prestige sound that is synonymous with the BeoSound 8 features an aluminium BeoSound 8 has a manual room said Paul Blake, Dealer Principal.collection and at an attractive price that I’m sure will manufacturers as Harley Davidson, acclaimed Danish brand. central bridge that joins the adaptation switch with three positions, “Such is the sound quality that it’sgive you cause for celebration. We currently have Ferrari, Apple and Chanel. In addition to iPod®, iPhone® and allowing it to be positioned in a corner, actually perfectly suitable as a maintrade-in opportunities on BeoSound 5 digital jukebox As you can see, there’s plenty iTouch® compatibility, BeoSound 8 is on the floor or on a wall, the latter being audio system as well as a portableand BeoVision 7 and BeoVision 10 televisions, while in to celebrate at your local near unique in its ability to accept the made possible with an included bracket. solution and I invite customers to call inthis newsletter there’s also a voucher for £100 towards Bang & Olufsen showroom iPad® in its aluminium docking section. BeoSound 8 comes with its own with their iPod® and put it to the test – Iany purchase over £1,000 and even a chance to win the in Bexleyheath, Bromley or It can also be connected to other remote control for even greater guarantee that they will agree that thenewly launched BeoSound 8 iPod® dock. Buy your dream Tunbridge Wells, so why not digital music sources – such as convenience and ease-of-use. It can also best things do come to those who wait.”products now and you’ll also benefit from the 17.5% VAT pay us a visit and help us Pc and mac computers – via therate before it rises to 20% on 4th January 2011. get the Champagne corks auxiliary input or USB port. You never need a reason to call in – even if it’s just for popping? Powerful, cone-shapeda coffee – but I’m sure all of the above will help make a circular loudspeakers ensuretrip to our showrooms an essential and enjoyable part of your digital music neveryour Christmas and New Year. iPod, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. sounded so good and, in true Loudspeaker covers are available in white, yellow, lavender blue, purple and black02xx Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 03
  3. 3. Crisp and freshChoose BeoSound 5 and you A duo of new loudspeakers means thatwill enjoy great sounding it’s not just the winter mornings that youmusic not just for today or will find cool and clear.tomorrow, but forever. Showcasing Bang & Olufsen’s legendary blend of The state-of-the art digital music performance and style, Beolab 6002 andsystem can store up to 28,000 tracks Beolab 8002 loudspeakers make a truly attractiveor 1,000 albums on its extensive addition to any Bang & Olufsen audio system orhard drive. It’s the perfect audio television.system for now and the future, with The slim dimensions of Beolab 6002 belie thean ever-increasing amount of music sharp and detailed tones that are provided through its BeoSound 5being released online, as well as use of the latest Bang & Olufsen Active loudspeakermore and more artists producing Technology, which includes an integral IcEpower Beolab 6002 Beolab 8002 and BeoSound 9000single, downloadable tracks ratherthan CD albums. Future-proof your music Your audio system amplifier. What’s more, Beolab 6002 is always a top performer as it constantly fine-tunes the signal it receives deep sound can enjoy a sub-zero listening experience Even better, so advanced is is a credit to you to ensure that the quality of sound never wavers. with Beolab 11 and Beolab 2 subwoofers. christenedBeoSound 5 that it constantly technology for perfect reproduction, system that will last in every sense, Beolab 8002 offers even greater power while ‘The Tulip’ due to its distinctive design, the compactupdates itself when new operating but its More Of The Same (MOTS) then BeoSound 5 is it. Our exclusive part-exchange continuing to provide a polished, distortion-free acoustic Beolab 11 blends a punchy, tight sound with minimalsoftware is released by technology provides a playlist from “With its clean lines and 10.4” offer makes BeoSound 5 even performance. Its rich sound makes it particularly suited vibrations, which makes it one of the few subwoofersBang & Olufsen, much in the same your music collection to suit your mood LCD display it will always look the more irresistible. Until to a home cinema set-up and it’s equipped with that can be wall-mounted. Beolab 2 creates even moreway as a personal computer does by matching rhythm, syncopation, key part, while being a product that has 31st January 2011, we will give Adaptive Bass linearisation, bass thanks to 850 Watts of IcEpower amplification –when there is a software update. tone and vocal harmonies to your the ability to continually update itself you a minimum of £300 credit a patented system that making it ideal for surround sound set-ups. The way BeoSound 5 presents your original choice of track. and which will continue to evolve, towards a new BeoSound 5 allows you to play deep “All of these loudspeakers are in our showroomsmusic is ahead of its time too. Not Paul Blake, Dealer Principal, said: BeoSound 5 is the perfect choice for when you trade-in any bass at normal listening and we can also arrange for a home trial, which willonly does it utilise Bang & Olufsen’s “Digital music will not be surpassed those that want to protect their future Bang & Olufsen audio system. levels or even louder if allow you to see how they integrate with your décoracclaimed ‘Lossless Sound’ and if you’re searching for an audio listening enjoyment today.” you wish. and existing audiovisual products,” said Kevin Blake, Beolab 11 Beolab 2 Those looking for a cool, manager of Bang & Olufsen of Bromley.04 Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 05 xx
  4. 4. Making Christmas television a family affair Those looking to put the family as a main television. However, while it is physically a choice of interchangeable loudspeaker grilles that are into family entertainment this smaller than its siblings it still boasts a big specification. available in six different colours. Christmas need look no further than Its vast features include 200/240Hz technology for Paul Blake, Dealer Principal, said: “BeoVision 10-32 superior picture performance, motion compensation is a fantastic christmas present from Bang & Olufsen, the BeoVision 10 and BeoVision 7 for action sequence clarity, active two-way stereo making BeoVision 10 even more versatile and also television ‘families’. loudspeaker, and edge-lit lED backlighting to optimise increasingly affordable. “ Each range comprises of a trio of models and both contrast. Opt for the BeoVision 7 lcD family and you’re certain BeoVision 10 and BeoVision 7 are certain to make your to be in seventh heaven when it comes to your viewing festive celebrations look and sound superb too. BeoVision 10 is now even more enjoyment – especially if you choose the BeoVision 7-55; Already available in 40” and 46” sizes, the appealing with the arrival of the it is perfect for a home cinema set-up with its amazing BeoVision 10 Full High Definition lED/lcD television 32” BeoVision 10-32 55” screen. range is now even more appealing with the arrival of BeoVision 7-32 and BeoVision 7-40, which have 32” the 32” BeoVision 10-32. As with other BeoVision 10 models, BeoVision 10-32 and 40” screens respectively, are also a pleasure to The smaller screen of BeoVision 10-32 makes it ideal is designed to fit seamlessly into any living space. It can watch thanks to patented Visionclear technologies that for positioning in rooms where space is at a premium, take on the appearance of a piece of art when hung provide superb colour and contrast and Automatic Picture such as bedrooms and kitchens, as well as being perfect on the wall, thanks to its ultra-slim depth of 6cm and control that continually adjusts picture brightness to compensate for your room’s changing viewing conditions. A visionary offer All BeoVision 7 models can be specified with or without Seasonal trade-in a built-in DVD player (Blu-ray enabled on BeoVision 7-55 £500 It’s close to the season of giving so here’s a very and BeoVision 7-40) and, at the touch of a button, can generous gesture from us to you – a minimum trade-in be rotated up to 70 degrees on their motorised floor value of £500 for your working television, regardless stands to provide the perfect viewing angle. of age or brand, when you purchase a brand new “Both BeoVision 10 and BeoVision 7 are ideal to BeoVision 10 or BeoVision 7 television. Please be quick catch all the must-see programmes over the festive though, as this offer must end on 31st January 2011*. period – they’re our very own ‘christmas Specials’. Both Contact our stores for further information. BeoVision 10-32 * Terms and conditions apply Minimum* are unmissable and epitomise everything customers love BeoVision 7-40 about Bang & Olufsen,” added Paul.06 Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 07
  5. 5. 85 years young Anniversary competitionBang & Olufsen celebrates its 85thanniversary this November, the Win a BeoSound 8prestigious brand having gone fromstrength-to-strength and its productscontinuing to be as innovative andpioneering today as they were in 1925. Students Peter Bang & Svend Olufsen (pictured company’s headquarters are still based today. Thebelow) started their fledging enterprise from a farm firm started manufacturing cinema loudspeakers andmanor house and it was actually the farm’s chickens amplifiers, but the sales breakthrough came in 1928that helped them get their business off the ground. with the launch of a striking radio and loudspeakerThe sale of the chickens’ eggs funded the pair’s initial powered by mains electricity rather than batteries.experiments and even contributed to paying staff Through the years that followed Bang & Olufsenwages as the company developed its first products. created push-button radios, radio gramophones and integration solutions. All of these demonstrate the Bang & Olufsen has To celebrate the 85th anniversary of local showroom with your answer to the During the 1970s the New York Bang & Olufsen quickly outgrew its small attic even a complete film sound recording system. They classic Bang & Olufsen fusion of performance, style come a long way Bang & Olufsen we are offering you the question below. Museum of Modern Art selected since 1925, opportunity to win the latest addition to Alternatively, you can enter at ourworkshop and moved close to Struer where the even embraced the latest manufacturing techniques and quality. and materials, making their first Bakelite radio, seven Bang & Olufsen products Paul Blake, Dealer Principal, said: “Quite simply, producing iconic our innovative and pioneering range of websites or send your answer to our and groundbreaking products – BeoSound 8*. freepost address: Beolit 39, in 1938. for its permanent collection there is no other brand like Bang & Olufsen. products that have To be in with a chance of winning the Bang & Olufsen of Bexleyheath, The developments continued through the 1940s “Not only are our products unique, but the taken audiovisual state-of-the-art docking station that is Abba Hi-tech Ltd, FREEPOST SEA1747, and the ‘50s; particular highlights being the company’s was the design that during the 1970s the New York emphasis that Bang & Olufsen places on pushing style and performance to a compatible with a host of music sources, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7BR first television and a number of groundbreaking museum of modern Art selected seven Bang & Olufsen audiovisual boundaries and painstakingly researching which include most iPod® variants and The closing date for entries is whole new level ‘combination’ products, such as televisions with radios products for its permanent collection. and developing new concepts is unrivalled.” over the last the new iPad®, please call into your 31st January 2011. and tape recorders with record players. Today, during the new home entertainment Paul continued: “I began retailing Bang & Olufsen 85 years What was the name of the first Bakelite more emphasis was placed on the aesthetics of the revolution, the company’s audiovisual products have products some 26 years ago and I’m proud to have radio that Bang & Olufsen produced? company’s products with the advent of the music and grown to include televisions, music systems, digital provided customers with a product that hasn’t just * Terms and conditions apply fashion revolution in the 1960s. So groundbreaking media, loudspeakers, telephones and leading product stood the test of time, but has been ahead of it too.”08 Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 09
  6. 6. Bang & Olufsen motors ahead Bang & Olufsen has provided some of the world’s most prestigious automotive manufacturers with a very sound reason to enhance their customers’ in-car entertainment.Don’t leave your movies out in the cold With Bang & Olufsen enjoying 85 BmW and Bang & Olufsen worked stunning sports cars both physically and Bang & Olufsen when it required years at the top of the audiovisual sector together in a veil of secrecy on the acoustically and utilises Digital Sound an audio system as dynamic as itsThe nights might be getting longer but there’s absolutely no reason to be left in the dark and you can operate its many functions it was only a matter of time before its high-end surround sound system in Processing (DSP) and Sound Tuning to retro-styled, ‘gullwing’ Sl 300. The through the Beo4 and Beo5 remotewhen it comes to making your favourite films even more enjoyable. acclaimed products made the natural the phenomenal 6-Series concept car. provide the perfect soundtrack to the resulting 1,000 Watt system took 18 controls. It can also be controlled via progression into what many people Aston martin vehicles also feature the cars’ V8 and V12 engines. months to develop and comprises of In fact, the colder, longer evenings For example, Kaleidescape can enhance stored in its hard drive. The hard drive your iPhone® with a special consider to be their second homes – BeoSound entertainment system; this mercedes-AmG – the specialist tuning 11 active loudspeakers, a digital soundpresent a great opportunity to snuggle normal DVDs to 1080 pixel quality and can store all your DVDs – freeing up Kaleidescape app. their cars. was painstakingly perfected to fit the arm of mercedes-Benz – called on processor and amplifiers usingup on the sofa with a film and the is able to playback Blu-ray DVDs with valuable space in your home – and can “Kaleidescape will bring out the best Audi was the first brand to equip Bang & Olufsen’s efficient andKaleidescape movie server is the ideal incredible detail and enhanced sound. arrange your movies or music by actor, in your movies and it’s especially good its highly regarded vehicles with lightweight IcEpower technology.way to make it a night to remember. Kaleidescape is the perfect title, artist, director, genre, year of for a family,” said Paul Blake. specially-designed Bang & Olufsen audio In choosing Bang & Olufsen for the You might know your best-loved complement to any Bang & Olufsen release and run time. You can even “It’s difficult to impress how good equipment. The Danish audiovisual project mercedes-Benz said: “Apart fromfilms inside out, but if you haven’t television and its features include the synchronise your Kaleidescape music to Kaleidescape is without customers specialist now supplies entertainment their power to convince in aestheticexperienced them through onscreen Kaleidescape Movie Guide, iTunes® on your PC or to your iPod®. trying it out for themselves though, so I systems to the German manufacturer for terms, Bang & Olufsen also impress withKaleidescape then you’re definitely which displays high quality cover art Despite its vast specification, invite them to call in and see what use in all models from the A4 saloon to their supreme functionality, quality andmissing out on some of the good bits. and a brief synopsis of all the movies Kaleidescape is incredibly simple to use they’ve been missing.” the amazing R8 Spyder. user-friendliness.”10 Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 11
  7. 7. It’s a gift Time to celebrate BeoTime really is a great present to wake up to on christmas day. Shining star The iconic Beocom 2 telephone will put a Beocom 6000When it comes to the perfect Despite its radical flute-like design, BeoTime is actually an advanced alarm clock that can be sparkle in anyone’s eyes, especially when mounted on the wall as well as positioned on a piece of furniture. finished in a highly polished colour.christmas presents for crafted from aluminium with tactile buttons and separate displays that A perfect fit against your face and hand,Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts, show the time, alarm time and wake-up source, BeoTime can Beocom 2 offers great comfort when it we’ve got it wrapped. wake you from your sleep with its soft chimes comes to its features too. These include or can turn on a Bang & Olufsen automatically creating your phonebook by television or audio system asking you if you wish to store the number at a set time. of the person you’ve just been talking to and the ability to operate the volume of your Bang & Olufsen equipment. Ring the changes A Bang & Olufsen telephone will enable your Call Yule loved ones to enjoy the next best thing to seeing someone face-to-face over the Christmas period.Ears to you Christmas three make christmas calls a family occasion With crystal clear sound, with Beocom 5. The distinctive, black Beocom 4 distinctive styling and aBang & Olufsen Earphones will certainly BeoSound 3 will light up any festive party and aluminium telephone with a wealth of features,give mP3 player owners cause to celebrate. – whether at home or away. speakerphone base lets everyone join in Bang & Olufsen telephones Featuring ‘mini’ versions of the Powered by a rechargeable battery the conversation. are a talking point in everyacoustic features found in Bang & Olufsen that provides 10 hours of music, the Hands-free, cordless capability and sense. There’s a telephoneloudspeakers, our Earphones can be used portable audio system features an Fm a response mechanism that means you to suit all tastes too, suchwith the majority of mP3 players, radio and alarm clock function as well as need never again wait around while as BeoCom 4 with itsincluding all iPod® variants. the ability to reproduce digital music stored being ‘on hold’ makes Beocom 5 even eye-catching cylindrical Our Earphones come with their on an SD card. more convenient. design and BeoCom 6000own leather carry case and are The stylish BeoSound 3 is guaranteed to that can use up to eightavailable in a choice of five colours make an entrance wherever it goes. It also handsets from one base.– white, aluminium/black, yellow, comes complete with a wall bracket that allows itorange and green. to be conveniently positioned when at home.12 Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 13
  8. 8. Part-y pieces Winter warmer Web of intrigue We’re entering into the festive spirit by giving you an early Christmas present in ■ Whatever your If your New Year resolutions include growing your the shape of a voucher that entitles you to £100 off the price of any goods that are query about Bang & Olufsen collection and being ‘greener’, bought at our stores in Bexleyheath, Bromley and Tunbridge Wells when you spend Bang & Olufsen then here’s the ideal solution – our pre-owned, over £1,000*. and its acclaimed part-exchange products. Due to the high number of customers who have To enjoy your £100 saving, by offering 0% interest-free and see how it integrates products, you’ll taken advantage of our generous trade-in offers simply cut out the voucher credit** on selected products with your existing find the answer throughout the year, we have a large and varied below and present it at the time and accepting any Bang & Olufsen equipment. at our feature- selection of pre-owned Bang & Olufsen audiovisual of purchase. Bang & Olufsen equipment in The care continues after you packed and products. Visit us before 4th January part-exchange. buy from our showrooms too, continually updated websites. We would like to offer these pre-owned products and you’ll benefit from an You can experience any our expert team is always on In fact, such is the comprehensive nature of these at very attractive prices so that they can be ‘recycled’ additional saving of 2.5% by product before you buy at our hand to answer your queries. facilities that it’s more than possible to get caught inSunday boast by other Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts. In particular, we have a high number of smaller beating the imminent rise in Value Added Tax. We can also showrooms and, in most cases, in the comfort of your own Plus your products come with a comprehensive three-year our ‘web’! The online resource includes so much information that it’s easy to while away hours reading make your purchases easier home should you wish to hear warranty. about the world ofNow really is the most wonderful time of the year to shop at our televisions available, which have come as a result of Bang & Olufsen introducing larger screen sizes Bang & Olufsen.showrooms as we are opening our doors seven days a week. Of course, you’ll also £100 and customers upgrading their ‘main’ televisions. This development will make it even more expect there to be high demand for such items as These are ideal for introducing into bedrooms and off your next Bang & Olufsen find everything youconvenient for you to peruse the many products BeoTime alarm clock and the eagerly-awaited kitchens and will either have Freeview built-in or we need to know aboutwe have available and to choose the perfect gift BeoSound 8 iPod® dock. will supply a separate Freeview box so that they can purchase our showrooms too,for a loved one. To add to the surprise, we can Robert Graham-Cumming, Manager of be used for many more years after the 2012 digital from our opening hours This voucher entitles the bearer to £100 off a total spend of over £1,000 ateven arrange for your choice of product to be Bang & Olufsen of Tunbridge Wells said: switchover. All pre-owned products come with the Bang & Olufsen stores in Bexleyheath, Bromley and Tunbridge Wells. to when we’rediscreetly delivered and installed too. “Christmas shopping can be very tiring, but by reasurance of a warranty too. launching forthcoming The voucher must be presented at time of purchase and photocopies cannot be accepted. One voucher per If you are considering treating someone to opening on Sunday we’re hoping that customers Please contact one of our showrooms for the full, new arrivals and details of our team of industry household. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is only available on purchasessomething special this Christmas, please don’t will have a chance to avoid the biggest crowds ever-changing list of the products available and if made between 10.11.10 and 31.01.11. Terms and conditions apply, please ask in-store for details. professionals.leave it too long before coming to see us. We may and take the time to relax with a drink and to fully you are interested in registering for a particular piece The website addresses for our showrooms are listedhave to order some products in and we also test any prospective purchase in-store.” of pre-owned equipment. *Voucher applicable to purchases made over £1,000 between 10.11.10 and 31.01.11. Terms and conditions apply. over the page. **Terms and conditions apply. Finance subject to status, full written details on request.14 Discover Explore Play Live... Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen 15 xx
  9. 9. BExlEYHEATH BANG & OLUFSEN OF BEXLEYHEATH ARNSBERG WAY■ Opening hours: Mon – Sat 9.30am – 6pm BROADWAY BROADWAY Sunday opening (until Dec 25th) 10.30am – 4pm SHOPPING CENTRE■ Bang & Olufsen of Bexleyheath155 Broadway, Bexleyheath, DA6 7EZ ALBION RD A207Tel: 0208 303 2760Email: bexleyheath@bang-olufsen.co.ukWeb: www.bang-olufsen.com/bexleyheathBROmlEY HIGH ST BANG & OLUFSEN OF BROMLEY■ Opening hours: Mon – Sat 9.30am – 6pm ETHELBERT RD ELMFIELD RD Sunday opening (until Dec 25th) 10.30am – 4pm RAVENSBOURNE RD■ Bang & Olufsen of Bromley RINGERS RD KENTISH WAY A21 ELMFIELD RD HIGH ST62 High Street, Bromley, BR1 1EGTel: 0208 466 8080 ELMFIELD PKEmail: bromley@bang-olufsen.co.ukWeb: www.bang-olufsen.com/bromley BROMLEY SOUTHTUNBRIDGE WEllS MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD Town Assembly Hall Halls Theatre CHURCH ROAD CRESCENT ROAD■ Opening hours: Mon – Sat 9.30am – 6pm Sunday opening (until Dec 25th) 10.30am – 4pm LO Rail Station■ Bang & Olufsen of Tunbridge Wells BANG & OLUFSEN ND O OF TUNBRIDGE WELLS N RO66 Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RB ROAD AD LE G VA ROTel: 01892 527 525 HIGH STREET VE H ILEmail: tunbridgewells@bang-olufsen.co.uk L RO A DWeb: www.bang-olufsen.com/tunbridgewells16 Bang & Olufsen