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xFlow Basic® is a generic, highly flexible and versatile workflow engine within SAP and totally based on SAP technology standards (SAP Business Workflow). xFlow Basis includes a wide-ranging set of functionalities that constitute the foundation for WMD’s business process oriented solutions, such as xFlow Invoice or xFlow Procurement.

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WMD xFlow Brochure

  1. 1. Product Information >> A brand of WMD xFlow BASIC ® POWERED BY WMD >> WMD xFlow BASIC ® Workflow Solutions The New WMD Workflow Generation for Business Processes in SAP Standard The new xFlow® Workflow Generation is an innovative product created by WMD. It is designed to optimise workflows within your business processes that are carried out within SAP Standard.
  2. 2. WMD xFlow BASIC Workflow Solutions The New WMD Workflow Generation for Business Processes in SAP Standard further workflow. Since there is such a great variation in document types, there is also a need for completely different business processes. In general, however, companies cannot apply >> different workflow solutions for every type Current situation of document or every business process. Nowadays companies receive documents That is why WMD has developed a generic in a wide variety of ways and in different approach that is based on experience gained formats. These include paper documents, from over 200 workflow-based projects and e-mails, EDI and electronically signed implemented this within the xFlow product documents. Whatever the input channel, the group. information can be fed into the companies‘ business processes either manually (e.g. by scanning) or by fully automated means (e.g. by data extraction). Once the extracted data (obtained from invoices, purchase orders, contracts etc.) has been automatically transferred into the SAP system, it is then processed as part of a xFlow SUITE ® POWERED BY WMD Business Solutions for SAP Capturing / Classification / Extraction of digital information xFlow INTERFACE POWERED BY WMD ® Interface for Data connection, Data validation within and outside SAP SAP Business Workflow SAP Records Management >> xFlow BASIC ® POWERED BY WMD Generic Basic Solution for Generic Basic Solution for Enterprise Enterprise SAP Workflow Solutions SAP Records Management Solutions Reporting xFlow Procurement xFlow Invoice Monitoring xFlow Personnel File … on Request xFlow Orders xFlow Vendor File … on Request … on Request ArchiveLink Content Server Electronic Archive Fig. 1 Overview of various options for WMD Business Solutions
  3. 3. Product Information A brand of WMD >> xFlow BASIC ® POWERED BY WMD Vendor File Orders ÉÉ Invoice Procurem ent Personnel File Business Applicatio Text ns Cockpit Users Workflow Builder Web Acc ess xFlow B asis SAP B usines s Workflo w Fig. 2 xFlow® Cross-application workflow > generic and open-ended The product xFlow has a modular structure and is easily designable with the aid of graphic tools. You WMD’s xFlow offers a flexible, basic can use our basic solution for a wide range workflow solution in SAP Standard of different applications. After all, you can – an open-ended solution with optimal extend it by adding on single applications to integration capabilities. What makes it really suit your individual requirements. The basic special is that it combines many different program always remains the same. Rigid performance features and functions from templates that take a great deal of effort to practical applications. adapt and that have to be reintegrated for different applications are therefore a thing What this means for you: of the past. You use only one generic workflow engine for very different business applications. The We offer a choice of standard applications basic functionalities for all conceivable work – you select the business process for which processes are managed in just one place at we provide our best-practice xFlow solution. the centre of your IT environment. The groundbreaking element is the entirely generic approach.
  4. 4. Product Information WMD xFlow BASIC – Workflow Solutions Features Best-practice solutions for your business process The xFlow cockpit (Fig. 02) • xFlow Invoice • Overview of all xFlow processes • xFlow Orders • Administration • xFlow Procurement • Logging • xFlow Personnel File • Analysis • xFlow Vendor File © WMD Vertrieb GmbH 2009. All rights reserved. Subject to change without notice. Errors excepted. The xFlow web access (Fig. 03) The Workflow Builder – modular and interactive (Fig. 01) • Access outside SAP You can design the workflows yourself to suit your particular • Central inbox business requirements. We make it possible for you to do this by • Utilisation of BSP technology giving you simple graphic tools. This means that you can change your particular flow at any time. xFlow SAP portal integration • Access via SAP Portal • Easy, guided design • Integration of existing enterprise portals • Step-by-step method • Providing of xFlow iViews • Versioning • Gradual conversion possible during day-to-day operation xFlow at a glance • Cross-application, generic workflow engine The xFlow user management • Single administration for all workflows • User management entirely in your hands • Central management of basic functionalities • Integration of SAP, NON-SAP and LDAP users • Modular, easily designable, template-independent • Own group management • Delivery of ready-to-apply workflow modules • Roles per user • Web access for all applications • Proxy management per user and user role • Based on SAP Business Workflow Standard • Attributes for more detailed user description (e.g. company code) • Release support from SAP 4.6 to ECC 6.0 e_wmd_xFlow_0509 • Definition of password rules The xFlow text system • Own text system • Translation of all xFlow elements into user-specified languages • Utilisation of own terminology • User-defined work item texts • Excel upload and download 01 02 03 01 02 03 01 02 03 xFlow BASIC POWERED BY WMD ® WMD Vertrieb GmbH, 22926 Ahrensburg (DE), Tel. +49 (0)4102/88 38 0, info@wmd.de WMD Vertrieb GmbH, 44269 Dortmund (DE), Tel. +49 (0)231/24 96 70, info@wmd.de WMD Scandinavia A/S, 2000 Frederiksberg (DK), Tel. +45 38 18 15 00, info@wmd-scandinavia.dk WMD Benelux, 6221 CE Maastricht (NL), Tel. +32 476 55 81 55, info@wmd-benelux.com www.wmd.de