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4 a stephen proffitt

  1. 1. Action Fraud: An introduction Steve Proffitt Deputy Head of Action Fraud
  2. 2. Action Fraud:governance Joint management board
  3. 3. Action Fraud: service offeringOnline information sourceOnline crime reportingSpecialist phone adviceOver the phone crime reportingFulfilment adviceReferral to victim supportNon-fraud signpostingE-Alerts through facebook, Twitter and on-lineAF Update e-newsletter
  4. 4. Report: crime report chain c300 Disseminations  To Forces 4,118 Crime Reports to NFIB 29,559   Contacts to Action Fraud  
  5. 5. Report: Online tool• Used by the contact centre team• Available to the public via the Action Fraud website• Meets the national standards for crime recording• Triages to see if a crime should be recorded• Signposts to relevant organisations for support• Web based front end• Remote hosted database• Secure https site• Data transferred by secure link to the NFIB at City of London Police https://reportfraud.actionfraud.org.uk/fraudreport/
  6. 6. Report: Online toolThe first section of the tool seeks to identify crime inaction and will signpost to the police
  7. 7. Report: Online tool The triagesection helpsthe customeridentify which type of fraud they may have been victim to
  8. 8. Report: Online tool features Page styling is uniform throughout Accessibility features are included on each pageThis showsusers where they are in the tool Questions are kept simple and closed wherever possible Contact details are always visible Simple buttons are used to navigate
  9. 9. Service to date This graph shows the number of calls and web contacts made to action fraud with the resulting information, crime and “none of the above” reports that were sent to the NFIB.16000140001200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Calls to action fraud Web tool contacts Crime Reports Info Reports "None of the Above" Reports
  10. 10. Report: web traffic Visitors to the Action Fraud website70000600005000040000300002000010000 0 2010 2011 2012 January 2012
  11. 11. Report: by fraud typeThis chart demonstrates the types of fraud crimes that victims encountered over 2011. 16000 14000 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Source: Reporting Portal/XML Extract August
  12. 12. Report: UK geographyThis chart provides a breakdown of reports that have been made from within the UK, by Region over 2011. 1% 4% 4% 16% 6% South East London North West 8% East of England South West 13% East Midlands 8% West Midlands Yorkshire & Humberside Scotland North East 8% 11% Wales Northern Ireland 10% 11%
  13. 13. Action Fraud: satisfaction• 91% Satisfied with the service received at the contact centre• 79% Feel they are better equipped to prevent themselves being a victim of fraud as a result of the contact they had with action fraud
  14. 14. Prevent: web support• Single point of informationfor fraud• News alerts• 45,630 Visits• Linking to partners • Victim support • DirectGov • OFT Consumer Direct • Crimestoppers
  15. 15. Prevent: prevention advice • Fraud factsheet fulfilment • Specific fraud type advice • How to spot the fraud • Identify the signs • Protect yourself
  16. 16. Future: alerts• Action Fraud Alerts• In collaboration with CoLP, SOCA, Industry, N FIB• Working with industry including major banks
  17. 17. Future: Action Fraud update • Sent to all AF contacts who have opted into the service • Quarterly • Themed around a fraud type • Has targeted articles • Issue 1: Online & Auction Fraud
  18. 18. Internet security• Apply patches• Run antivirus and firewalls• Passwords• Be careful about e mail!• Clicking on links• Opening attachments• Supplying details• Check urls
  19. 19. Contact usSteve ProffittDeputy Head of Action Fraud020 7035 3209Stephen.Proffitt@nfa.gsi.gov.uk