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Cfa facebook-sweeps-coupon page flow


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Cfa facebook-sweeps-coupon page flow

  1. 1. FACEBOOK SWEEPSTAKES Creative Page Flow / Specs TIMELINE COVER PAGE Main Timeline Graphic 851px wide x 315px height Button/Thumbnail Graphic 111px wide x 74px height NOTE: Graphics to be in web format, 72dpi and optimized for fast display. Graphics over 400k tend to load slowly. jpg / gif / png
  2. 2. FACEBOOK SWEEPSTAKES Creative Page Flow / Specs FANGATE PAGE Fangate Graphic 810px wide x 1,000px height max. (Height cannot exceed 1,000px) With Fangate option, the user must first “Like” the page to enter the contest.
  3. 3. FACEBOOK SWEEPSTAKES Creative Page Flow / Specs ENTRY FORM PAGE Header Graphic 810px wide x 300-400px height* *To keep the entry form visible to user, we recommended keeping the Header Graphic in the 300 to 400px height range. If it is taller, instruct the user to “Enter below” or direct them to scroll down to the entry area.
  4. 4. FACEBOOK SWEEPSTAKES Creative Page Flow / Specs THANK YOU FOR ENTERING PAGE WITH COUPON Page/Graphic Dimension: 810px wide x any height This page is fully customizable to allow area for coupon to print, multiple outbound links and share option. Share option allows for customizable feeds for Facebook, Twitter and Email.