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National Philanthropy Day 50th Anniversary Program


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National Philanthropy Day 50th Anniversary Program

  1. 1. AFP GREATER BATON ROUGE Awards Luncheon Tuesday, November 9, 2010 Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge Baton Rouge, LA Presenting Sponsors Leave A Legacy & LSU Foundation Benefactor Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry National Philanthropy Day
  2. 2. Table of Contents Presenting Sponsor - LSU Foundation 4 Presenting Sponsor - Leave A Legacy 5 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser 6 Outstanding Philanthropist 7 Outstanding Leadership in Corporate Philanthropy 8 Outstanding Professional Fundraiser 9 AFP Board of Directors Award 10 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy 11 2010 Leave A Legacy Awards 12 - 15 Past Award Recipients 16 AFP 2010 Board of Directors 17 2010 NPD Committee 17 Sponsors 18 - 19 Member Organizations 20 - 21 Sponsors 22 Benefactor Sponsor - Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry 23 AFP Greater Baton Rouge & LAL Awards
  3. 3. Awards Ceremony Welcome Barbara Auten, President AFP, Greater Baton Rouge Chapter Invocation Michael Acaldo CEO & President, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Lunch Opening Remarks Pat Shingleton, Master of Ceremonies WBRZ Chief Forecaster Acknowledgement of Past Honorees Presentation of 2010 Awards Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Lee Michael Berg Presented by Connie Caldwell Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge Outstanding Philanthropists Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation Presented by Alecia Kleinpeter Alzheimer Services of the Capitol Area & Susan Mintz Kantrow Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana Outstanding Leadership in Corporate Philanthropy Turner Industries Presented by Melissa Parmelee Capital Area United Way Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Connie Caldwell Presented by Cindy Macha Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge AFP Board of Directors Award Louisiana Association of Non-Profit Organizations Presented by Barbara Auten, President AFP, Greater Baton Rouge Chapter Youth in Philanthropy Abbey Simoneaux Presented by Lauren Michaud Baton Rouge Speech & Hearing Foundation Leave A Legacy Awards Dr. Dianne Finely - BREC’s Magnolia Mound Plantation Raymond Gettier - Baton Rouge General Foundation & Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Foundation Dr. David Hanson - Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge Lillian Fitzgerald Hoover - LSU Foundation Presented by Charlene Guarisco Montelaro Leave A Legacy & the Planned Giving Council of Greater Baton Rouge AFP International Outstanding Foundation Award Baton Rouge Area Foundation (Award presentation to take place in April 2011) Barbara Auten, President AFP, Greater Baton Rouge Chapter Closing Remarks Pat Shingleton, Master of Ceremonies
  4. 4. 4 Presenting Sponsor - LSU Foundation
  5. 5. 5 Ralph was happiest sitting next to a pond with his grandkids, waiting for the bluegills to bite. To keep the pond stocked for his greatgrandchildren, he included a bequest to a local conservation organization in his will. Thanks to Ralph, the fish are still biting. Include your favorite cause in your will or estate plan. Contact a charitable organization, attorney, financial advisor or local LEAVE A LEGACY® program to learn how. Make a Difference in the Lives that Follow w w w . l e a v e a l e g a c y . o r g Presenting Sponsor - Leave A Legacy
  6. 6. 6 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Lee Michael Berg has been a friend to the non-profit community since he established Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry in Baton Rouge in 1978. An integral part of the company’s corporate mission is to provide outstanding philanthropic services and financial support as well as demonstrate civic responsibility to charitable causes. He has spearheaded the company’s outstanding commitment and personally set the example for others to follow. Lee’s fundraising expertise and uncanny ability to connect with donors, eloquently expressing his passion for Cancer Services inspires the same passion and commitment in others. His philanthropic leadership encourages others, including his employees, family and friends, to be involved in their communities. In addition to his gift of time, he has directed that Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry be a generous supporter of community organizations. He contributes thousands of dollars to annual funds and special fundraising events, as evidenced by the corporation’s long record of providing fabulous auction and raffle items to non-profits. Lee leads by example through service in leadership to a wide variety of organizations, including the Louisiana Technology Park, the Better Business Bureau, the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Louisiana State University E.J. Ourso College of Business, the Baton Rouge Speech & Hearing Foundation, the Baton Rouge chapter of the National Conference for Community and Justice, the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, Woman’s Hospital, and the Community Fund for the Arts. Currently he serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, on the Junior League of Greater Baton Rouge Advisory Committee, and the Boards of Directors of the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and Crime Stoppers. LEE MICHAEL BERG “When you think of philanthropy in Baton Rouge, there are a handful of names that always come up – Lee Berg is on the top of that list. Baton Rouge is a better place in which to live and work, because of the generous gift of time, treasure and expertise in fundraising that Lee has given to our community.” - Connie Caldwell, Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge
  7. 7. 7 Outstanding Philanthropist Huey Wilson (1928-2008) and his wife Angelina were both born and raised in Depression-era Louisiana in large families with modest means. Working together as husband and wife, the Wilsons founded a catalog showroom retail business that grew to become the largest company headquartered in Baton Rouge, employing 10,000 people and spanning 13 states by the time of its sale in 1985. That same year, the Wilsons co-founded an oil field service business in Houma, Louisiana that today employs approximately 1,800 people. The Wilsons have been blessed with substantial financial success and have dedicated a meaningful part of their wealth to the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation. Since 2000, they have awarded competitive grants to 501 c3 organizations serving the greater Baton Rouge area. In addition to his work as a philanthropist, Mr. Wilson was also involved in the Baton Rouge community as the founder and former director of the Louisiana Chapter of the National Hemophilia Association, the director of the Salvation Army, and the director of General Health, Inc. He was honored in 1980 as Man of the Year by St. Jude’s Research Hospital and by B’nai B’rith Youth Services and received the Horatio Alger National Award in 1981. Mr. Wilson was also recognized by Ernst & Young as the 2001 Master Entrepreneur. Since fall 2000, the Wilson Foundation has invested $7.8 million into the greater Baton Rouge community with 440 awards to non-profit organizations. The Foundation provides gifts that make a tremendous difference, not only to non- profit organizations, but also to the lives of each and every person the organization serves. As a result, the Baton Rouge community is stronger, children are fed, people are housed, the ill receive medicine and care, children are educated, and offenders are rehabilitated. Many non-profit organizations have the Wilson Foundation to thank for their generous funding and support. HUEY & ANGELINA WILSON FOUNDATION “ The mission of the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation is to help those persons much less fortunate than themselves. Their focus is in human services, healthcare, education and prison release in the Greater Baton Rouge area.” - Alecia Kleinpeter, Alzheimer Services of the Capitol Area, & Susan Mintz Kantrow, Public Affairs Research Council
  8. 8. 8 Outstanding Leadership in Corporate Philanthropy Turner Industries has been a part of this community almost as long as United Way has been helping the community’s people. Like individuals, corporations have the opportunity to make an impact and change lives. This effort is usually started by one or many passionate individuals. What was started by a family’s vision has transformed into a philanthropic force. Turner Industries’ leadership advocates for change in the community while setting an example for other businesses and their leaders. As a corporation in 2009, Turner Industries donated $100,000 towards programs that were helping everything from Education to HIV/Aids efforts in the Baton Rouge area. An additional $100,000 was given to organizations in need and others to give support for fundraising events. Their leadership supports Capital Area United Way’s Tocqueville Society by having the most major donors at a single company in the 10-parish area. This challenges others to step up and meet the challenges through similar contributions. Bert and Sue Turner began this tradition, which they passed along to the next generation of Turners who are still giving. With such a strong tradition, other leaders within the company have chosen to adopt this spirit of giving. Financial support will help programs, when there are volunteers complementing programs which support the mission and bring awareness to the cause. Employees at Turner have sat on countless boards, while also holding leadership roles at the company. From community foundations to the arts to historic preservation, they have been there to see the right decisions made and non-profits get the help they need. Social responsibility is an issue discussed on local, state and national levels. Turner Industries has gone beyond what they are “responsible” for doing. There are those who don’t step up, but Turner does it all. When you need assistance, Turner Industries responds with encouragement, an honest assessment, and the resources to make change. TURNER INDUSTRIES “ The vitality of a city depends on many things, including those in need and the need for an economically sound environment. Turner Industries has held board positions on the Louisiana Chemical Association, Baton Rouge Area Chamber, Association of Builders and Contractors and many others.” - Melissa Parmalee, Capital Area United Way
  9. 9. 9 CONNIE CALDWELL CANCER SERVICES OF GREATER BATON ROUGE “...Nearly every 6 weeks for many years, Connie has graciously donated platelets to the Our Lady of the Lake blood bank. She has truly saved lives and helped others through her incredible charity to our community.” - Cindy Macha, Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Connie Caldwell began her journey as a professional fundraiser in our community just over ten years ago. Though she has a very diverse career background as both a dental assistant and a jewelry designer, it was only mildly surprising to friends and family when she chose to pursue the field of fundraising. If you ask anyone close to Connie, they will tell you she is one of the most passionate women in our city— highly dedicated to helping others succeed, especially when she has a strong belief in the cause for which she is serving. Since she arrived at Cancer Services, total revenue increased over $450,000. Just last year, Connie went above and beyond her budgeted fundraising goal with the assistance of a new event, the Group Industries Clay Shoot Classic, as well as with other activities that developed strong corporate relationships for Cancer Services. No stranger to the importance of a Thank You, Connie is dedicated to responding quickly and efficiently with words of thanksandgratitude.Hergenuinethoughtfulnesshasdeveloped an abundance of essential donor relationships for Cancer Services such as the Angelina and Huey Wilson Foundation, the Frost Foundation, the Pennington Foundation and many more. She is truly dedicated to the mission of Cancer Services—and has such a strong belief in the importance of assuring donors that their dollars are wisely spent. Have you ever tried telling Connie “NO?” It’s close to impossible! Bernard Meltzer once said “There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and helping lift someone up.” You have never seen such a petite woman lift so many people up each day, until you have spent an afternoon with Connie. She is unwavering in her ethical practices of fundraising. She has produced unmatched results for Cancer Services; and she has a consistent positive attitude that shines from within and radiates through the halls of the agency. Connie Caldwell is an outstanding professional fundraiser indeed.
  10. 10. 10 LOUISIANA ASSOCIATION OF NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (LANO) “LANO believes in Louisiana because all of you have believed in us. We pledge to do our best work on behalf of this great state because its people deserve nothing less. Join us as we dream big dreams and make them happen.” - Ann Silverberg Williamson, President and CEO, LANO AFP Board of Directors Award The Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO) is a statewide network of nonprofits, foundations, corporations and individuals dedicated to supporting Louisiana’s nonprofit sector. Its mission is to strengthen, promote and build the capacity of nonprofits through education, advocacy and member services. Originally founded by the Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL), LANO’s  Board of Directors  represents all sectors of Louisiana’s nonprofit community and every geographic region. It is certified by the National Standards for Excellence and founder of the Louisiana Standards for Excellence. LANO is also a member of the National Council of Nonprofits . Currently,LANO operates from officesinBatonRouge,NewOrleans and Shreveport, with frequent travel to cities and parishes across the state.  Its services to nonprofit organizations and professionals include: trainings, workshops and seminars, technical assistance, organizational capacity building, networking and promotional opportunities, research and information resources, public policy monitoring, reporting and advocacy, and membership benefits and discounts. Ann Silverberg Williamson, LANO’s President and CEO, explains that“thanks to the many nonprofit organizations, partner entities and individuals who have contributed to the success of LANO, we are daily becoming a state that is better equipped to harness the many and varied gifts of our people as we seek to give every Louisianan a chance to prosper.” “It is … vital that LANO broadens its reach by engaging more people and more organizations in our effort. We all benefit when more interests are brought into the conversation and we all grow stronger when we understand the needs and strengths of our varied communities. The hard-working members of LANO are testament to the value of this effort and we encourage all those interested in a better Louisiana to join us.”
  11. 11. 11 Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy In December, 2009, Abbey Simoneaux, St. Joseph’s Academy Senior and Girl Scout Ambassador for Troop 340, approached the Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation about completing her Girl Scout “Gold Award” with the BRSHF children at our clinic. Abbey chose BRSHF because her family had experience with our services, and she was very passionate about our mission. From that first meeting, we could tell through Abbey’s energetic planning that she was a “go-getter.” Several weeks later, she submitted a 40-page plan for the event, detailing the activities, staff, and supplies needed at each station, as well as an event schedule and planning timeline. In February, after visiting the clinic and observing some group language therapy sessions, Abbey and her father arrived at the Foundation with two trunks-full of supplies, from batteries to Kleenex and sterilized gloves, from our Wish List, furnished by the SJA Latin Club. On Friday morning, March 19, 2010 almost 60 members of SJA’s Beta Club were on hand at the Foundation to staff the event, called “Animal Fun Fair.” Abbey covered every aspect of planning a successful event, from preliminary research (observing the classes) to evaluation (separate feedback forms for parents and therapists). Abbey took the needs of the children that we serve into consideration, and orchestrated a very successful, multi- faceted event that delighted not just our students, but parents and therapists as well. Melissa Juneau, BRSHF’s Executive Director, commented, “When Abbey approached me about completing her Gold Award here, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. She came with a clearly designed concept that turned into an incredible project here at the foundation. “ ABBEY SIMONEAUX BATON ROUGE SPEECH & HEARING FOUNDATION “On the day of the event, she guided the group with gentle kindness. I could see that the girls looked up to her and appreciated her leadership. I just can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Abbey.” - Melissa Juneau, Executive Director, Baton Rouge Speech & Hearing Foundation
  12. 12. 12 2010 Leave A Legacy Awards Dianne Finely has a strong volunteer record at BREC’s Magnolia Mound Plantation (MMP). Since her training period, Dianne has guided thousands of tourists through the MMP Historic House, helped with special programs and events, and taught on-site classes provided to visiting school children. Additionally, Dianne encourages those around her to volunteer or donate to MMP. Dianne has stipulated a sizable portion of her estate be left to MMP after her passing. By thinking of MMP in her will, Dianne has become part of the growing network of individuals invested in the upkeep and preservation of an irreplaceable part of Baton Rouge heritage. These funds, when needed, will allow quick resolutions to upkeep problems at the Historic House. Although funds for house maintenance are budgeted every year through BREC, Dianne’s funding will go a long way towards resolving small and medium-sized issues, while preserving MMP’s budgeted funds for larger projects. Dianne has been one of MMP’s most vocal supporters, and has encouraged the docent corps to consider Magnolia Mound when deciding what to do with their estates. Dianne has done all of this while still working with the community as a part-time primary care physician. It is people like Dianne who make the work at Magnolia Mound possible. DR. DIANNE FINELY BREC’s MAGNOLIA MOUND PLANTATION “In addition to her gift, Dianne has been a house docent for over f ive years now. As part of our House Docent program, Dianne puts in over 50 hours of volunteer service a year, allowing MMP staff to work on projects that might otherwise go by the wayside.” - Steven Fullen, Director, Magnolia Mound Plantation
  13. 13. *RAYMOND GETTIER BATON ROUGE GENERAL FOUNDATION & MARY BIRD PERKINS CANCER CENTER FOUNDATION 13 2010 Leave A Legacy Awards Raymond Gettier and his wife, Mary, lived a simple life. They moved to Baton Rouge from the Baltimore area. He was employed by Uniroyal, a well-respected leader in the tire industry. The Gettiers resided in a modest house in Parkland Terrace and had no children. They were devout Catholics and very active in their church. Mr. Gettier was a meticulous planner. In 1979, after retiring from Uniroyal as a quality control manager, he began to meet with his attorney. His first estate plans were simple, “Leave everything to Mary.” Sadly, Mary passed away in 2001. After thoughtful consideration, this mild-mannered gentleman then chose to make a significant gift to healthcare. His estate was divided among three healthcare organizations, Baton Rouge General Hospital, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Funds received by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center were placed in an endowment honoring Mr. and Mrs. Gettier. The funds received by Baton Rouge General Hospital will be used to renovate the outpatient treatment wing. “Mr. Gettier was a meticulous planner...After thoughtful consideration, this mild-mannered gentleman then chose to make a signif icant gift to healthcare.” - Beth Veazey, Vice President and Chief Development Off icer, Baton Rouge General Foundation
  14. 14. DR. DAVID HANSON CANCER SERVICES OF GREATER BATON ROUGE 14 2010 Leave A Legacy Awards Since 1997, Dr. David Hanson, a local oncologist, has served four three-year terms on the Cancer Services’ Board of Directors – including service on the Executive Committee and as Board President. An extraordinarily active member of the Finance Committee, Dr. Hanson worked hard to maintain the agency’s solid financial footing. Always mission driven, he wanted to ensure that the various direct assistance and support programs offered to cancer patients was secure now and for many years to come. To that end, he was instrumental in creating the agency’s first ever Annual Giving Program and helped formalization the Howell Legacy Fund – Cancer Services’ Endowment. While no longer a member of the board, Dr. Hanson’s concern for the future of Cancer Services has not ended. In addition to designating 10% of what he contributes to Cancer Services each year to the Howell Legacy Fund, he also promotes the idea of “tithing” to the endowment from the Annual Giving Program proceeds each year. “I firmly believe that charity begins at home,” Dr. Hanson shares. “Unless we are responsible for our own community and support our fellow citizens, we cannot expect all needs to be met. We all have opportunities to make certain that the charities that are important to us continue to function. For that reason, I think it is very important that charitable giving be a part of every person’s life plan. Giving time or financial support is key. I also believe in contributing to agencies who have made provisions for their ongoing survival. For that reason, I designate 10% of my annual gift to Cancer Services to their endowment, and encourage others to do the same.” “In addition to designating 10% of what he contributes to Cancer Services each year to the Howell Legacy Fund, Dr. Hanson also promotes the idea of “tithing” to the endowment from the Annual Giving Program proceeds each year.” - Connie Caldwell, Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge
  15. 15. 15 2010 Leave A Legacy Awards Lillian Fitzgerald Hoover is a Charter Member of the 1860 Society, a prestigious group who is leaving legacy gifts through their estate plans to the LSU Foundation on behalf of the college or area of their choice. These loyal friends and alumni realize that LSU’s next century of success depends on their legacy today. With Lillian, there was never any doubt that she wanted to honor her husband, Jimmie, because of his devotion to his students. She has created a scholarship in his honor and plans to enhance this scholarship with her estate gift. Mr. Hoover was a well-respected man, not only by his peers in the Library Associations, but also by the thousands of students he assisted as Director of the Government Documents department at the LSU Library from 1967 to 1984. But, as Mrs. Hoover stated, “He was never too busy to visit with the students either at school or their home.” He mentored them about curriculum, student life on campus, and followed their careers after graduation. After his retirement from LSU, John Richard, then head of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library System, convinced Jimmie to work for him at the Downtown Library. Once again, service to the library patrons was the driving force of his employment. At his death, Lillian established the Jimmie Hoover Scholarship in the School of Library and Information Sciences. She felt it was the most appropriate way to honor her husband. She keeps in touch with her recipients and attends the school’s banquet every year. Many have confided that they could not have gone to Graduate School without the aid of this scholarship. Although Jimmie is no longer with us, his memory lives on through this scholarship. The LSU Foundation is proud to name Lillian Hoover as our Leave A Legacy Award recipient. Lillian Fitzgerald Hoover LSU FOUNDATION “Lillian faithfully attends the School of Library and Information Sciences’ yearly banquet, and sits proudly with the person who was chosen to receive the Jimmie Hoover Scholarship award each year” - Jane Henslee, Associate Director, and Gwen Fairchild, Director, Planned Giving, LSU Foundation
  16. 16. 16 Past Award Recipients Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Annette Barton, 2009 G. Lee Griffin, 2008 J.H. Martin, Sr., 2007 Robert S. (Bob) Greer, Jr., 2006 Pat Shingleton, 2005 *Gordon A. Pugh, Sr., 2004 Charles A. Landry, 2003 Mary Terrell Joseph, 2002 Mary Beth Chevalier, 2001 Richard Lipsey, 2000 Francis C. Jumonville, Jr., 1999 Hillar Moore, Jr., 1998 Paula O. Melancon, 1997 Robert & Claudette St. Amant, 1996 Roland Toups, 1995 J. Weston DeVillier, Jr., 1994 *Charles B. Redman, 1993 Marcia Moser, 1992 Lonnie Stockwell, 1991 *Jensen Holliday, 1990 Outstanding Professional Fundraiser Jane Henslee, 2009 Lynn S. Weill, 2008 Mila T. Sexton, 2007 John T. Landry, 2006 Gwen Fairchild, 2005 Stephanie Maxwell, 2004 Emily DiStefano, 1999 Robert W. Moore, 1998 Outstanding Leadership in Corporate Philanthropy Community Coffee, 2009 TJM Restaurant Mgmt., 2008 Cox Communications, 2007 Mockler Beverage/Budweiser, 2006 Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, 2005 Entergy, 2004 Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Bottling Company, 2003 Associated Grocers, Inc., 2002 McDonald’s of Baton Rouge, 2001 Hibernia National Bank, 2000 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, 1999 TCI of Louisiana, 1998 Jacobs Engineering, 1997 Gerry Lane Enterprises, 1996 Albermarle Corporation, 1995 WVLA-TV, 1994 Premier Bank, 1993 Mundus/Carlson Travel Network, 1992 Exxon Corporation, 1991 The Lamar Corporation, 1990 Outstanding Philanthropist Dudley and Beverly Coates, 2009 Cordell H. Haymon, 2008 *Imogene N. Brown, 2007 Margaret C. Womack, 2006 Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation, 2005 Carole & Charles W. Lamar, III and Mary Lee Lamar & Bill Dixon, 2004 *Bert & Sue Turner, 2003 The McMains Family, 2002 The Douglas Manship Family, 2001 John W. Barton, Sr., 2000 * Paula Garvey Manship, 1999 Dee Dee & Kevin P. Reilly, Sr. 1998 * Katherine O. Dunham, 1997 *E. J. & *Marjory B. Ourso, 1996 *Doug Manship, Sr. & *Charles Manship, 1995 Jane Thibaut Boyce, 1994 *C. B. ‘Doc’ Pennington, 1993 *Milton J. Womack, 1992 Charles Valluzzo, 1991 Baton Rouge Area Foundation, 1990 Board of Directors Award InRegister, 2009 Forum 35, 2008 Robert C. Davidge, 2007 Baton Rouge Area Foundation, 2006 Frank D. McArthur, II, 2005 Junior League of Baton Rouge, 2004 * Deceased
  17. 17. 17 AFP of Greater Baton Rouge proudly recognizes the Baton Rouge Area Foundation as the 2011 recipient of the AFP International Outstanding Foundation Award. Congratulations and best wishes! (Award to be formally presented in April 2011) 2010 National Philanthropy Day® Committee Connie Anderson, Tonya Dixon, Danny Fields, Lisa Gibbs, Charlene Montelaro,AleciaKleinpeter,CyndiMabry,CindyMacha,DustyManson,Lisa O’Beirne, Jenny Ridge, and Katie Thompson (Chairman). AFP 2010 Board of Directors President Barbara Auten President-Elect Keila Stovall Past President Jeff McLain, CFRE Treasurer Pinki Diwan Secretary Keila Stovall Vice President of Membership Jody Kennard Vice President of Communication Molly Sanchez Vice President of Philanthropy Katie Thompson Vice President of Education Jennifer Winstead Chapter Administrator Dusty Manson
  18. 18. 18 Sponsors Printing courtesy of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana as a community service. Responsibility for editorial content is solely that of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Baton Rouge Chapter.
  19. 19. 19 When National Philanthropy Day was first celebrated in 1986, then-President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation officially recognizing Nov. 15, 1986, as National Philanthropy Day®. Since then, the day has been recognized by numerous state, provincial and local governments across North America. Sponsors
  20. 20. 20 EBR Council on Aging Education Pioneers Episcopal High School Family Service of Greater Baton Rouge Fatherhood Mentoring Foundation, Inc. GEAUX Veterans Girl Scouts Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy Gulf Coast Housing Partnership Health Care Centers in Schools Hospice of Baton Rouge John T. Landry & Associates, Inc. Junior League of Baton Rouge, Inc. LA Capital Area Chapter, American Red Cross LA Resource Center for Educators LATAN LCTCS Foundation Louisiana 4-H Foundation Louisiana Art & Science Museum Louisiana Association of Museums ALS Association, Louisiana Chapter Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area Baton Rouge Area Alcohol & Drug Center, Inc. Baton Rouge Area Foundation Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center Baton Rouge General Foundation Baton Rouge Speech & Hearing Foundation Best Buddies Louisiana Boys & Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge BREADA BREC Foundation Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge Capital Area Family Violence Center Capital Area United Way Career Compass of LA Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge Cecil R. Phillips Consulting Cenikor Foundation, Inc. CHRISTUS Cabrini Foundation Desire Street Academy DiStefano & Associates, Inc The Greater Baton Rouge AFP Chapter is represented by more than 110 professionals working for these organizations that are making a difference in the community. Member Organizations
  21. 21. 21 Louisiana Interchurch Conference Louisiana State University LSU Agriculture Center LSU College of Agriculture LSU College of Arts and Sciences LSU College of Music and Dramatic Arts LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business LSU Foundation LSU Honors College LSU Rural Life Museum LSU School of the Coast and Environment Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and Foundation McMains Children’s Developmental Center Mental Health Association for Greater Baton Rouge Nature Conservancy Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital Our Lady of the Lake College Our Lady of the Lake Foundation Our Lady of the Lake Hospital Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation Performing Arts Society of Acadiana Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, Inc. River Parishes Community College Society of St. Vincent de Paul St. James Place Foundation St. Joseph’s Academy St. Luke’s Episcopal Day School St. Michael the Archangel High School SW LA Area Health Education Center TH Montano Enterprises The Baton Rouge Center The Dunham School The LSU Funds The Salvation Army United Way of Acadiana University Laboratory School – LSU University of Louisiana- Lafayette Urban Restoration Volunteers of America, Inc. Woman’s Hospital Member Organizations “This directory/program and its contents are proprietary to the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). The contents of this directory/program may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, copied, disseminated, entered in a computer database, used as part of or in connection with the preparation, revision or confirmation of a mailing, telephone, fax, email or other marketing list, or otherwise utilized, in any form or manner or by any means, except for the user’s individual, personal and confidential reference, unless explicitly provided for by separate written authorization by AFP. A listing or reference in this directory/program neither constitutes nor implies an endorsement by AFP.” Greater Baton Rouge AFP Chapter - cont.
  22. 22. 22 Sponsors
  23. 23. 23 Benefactor Sponsor - Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry AFP of Greater Baton Rouge encourages charitable giving among its membership, including support for professional development. Those members who have contributed to AFP National’s 2010 Every Member Campaign as of October 2010 include: Copper Alvarez Connie Anderson Barbara Auten Barry Byram Lisa Batiste Sharon Bourgeois Rhett Butler Carolyn Chassee, CFRE Connie Caldwell Michael Davis Emily DiStefano, CFRE Pinki Diwan Tonya Dixon Denise Dokey Tia Embaugh, CFRE Eric Eskew Gwen Fairchild Danny Fields Ann-Felice Fourrier Lisa Lemings Gibbs Amanda Haralson Jane Henslee Susan Mintz Kantrow Jody Kennard Alecia Kleinpeter Rev. Dan Krutz John Landry, CFRE Sheri Lazare Debbie Kidder Little Cyndi Mabry Cindy Macha Dusty Manson Stephanie Maxwell, CFRE Eunice McCarney Jeffery McLain, CFRE Lauren Michaud Charlene Montelaro Lori Moore Alicia Murphy Charlotte Nordyke Lisa O’Beirne Cecil Phillips Quinn Rainwater, CFRE Kelli Richmond Jenny Ridge Arlette Rodrigue, CFRE Darlene Rowland Norma Rutledge Molly Sanchez Mila Sexton, CFRE Jo Ann Slaydon Carl Stages Keila Stovall Karon Sullivan Katie Thompson Margaret Trahan Allison Traxler Lynn Weill Jennifer Winstead
  24. 24. AFP Greater Baton Rouge P.O. Box 65387 Baton Rouge, LA 70896-5387