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How to dominate your business category by agbata


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Would you like to dominate your business category on the Internet? Then, read how CFA Leverage can help achieve that.

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How to dominate your business category by agbata

  1. 1. Introducing our Web Presence Management, SearchEngine Optimization, Social Media Marketing andBusiness Development Services.We are pleased to introduce our online services to your companybecause we believe that in today’s world of business, it is suicidal forcompanies such as yours not to be doing business online or not to havean online presence.While old forms of marketing may still be effective, yet newer, lessexpensive and more effective marketing platforms provided by TheINTERNET and the social media networks have emerged, and are nowimpacting faster and positively on investment returns and profitabilitymore than ever before.With our keen knowledge of the INTERNET, we have developed solutionsthat answer some of the needs of today’s businesses bearing in mind thatmany company websites are mere photo albums that adds no value tothe bottom-line.Our Internet solutions are designed to help your company achieve thefollowing and in record time too:  Increase your productivity  Reduce your operating costs  Increase your customer satisfaction  Expand your brand reachWith over a billion websites on the internet, it is important for websiteowners to do proper Social Media Marketing and Search EngineOptimization if they want to rank on internet/search engines. Butunfortunately, businesses have refused to pay attention to this reality.What close watchers of the Internet say?The Internet contributes an average 1.9 percent of GDP in aspiring countries(including Nigeria) — $366 billion in 2010. – Mckinsey (…Read more)The Internet will become one of the biggest economies by 2016, far biggerthan Germany – CNNInternet businesses now contribute 12% (and fast rising) to the UK’s GDP – BBCThe Question is; are you leveragingon the power of the Internet?
  2. 2. Our Service OfferingsBelow are our service offerings. However, we have the capacity andcapability to develop bespoke Internet solutions that will stand yourcompany out from the park. Key Services Training & Consultancy Services Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Website Developing Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategies Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising i.e. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads Web Presence Management i.e. Reputation Management Development and Syndication of keyword rich SEO Press Releases Content Development and Syndication Online Video Creation and Marketing Mobile Apps Development and Submission to all Platforms – Android, Apple and Blackberry Apps WorldAbout UsCFA Leverage is a registered Nigerian Internet solutions provider, searchengine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social mediamarketing (SMM) and internet marketing company with eyes on theglobal market place.CFA Leverage parades a formidable team of dedicated experts,operating from almost all the continents of the world and has acombined Internet marketing experience of over 20 years andcounting. In all these years, we have handled and managedInternet and SEO projects as well as training for organisationsand institutions across sectors of the Nigerian economyand our clients testify to our expertise and eye for details.
  3. 3. What others are saying: [click here for more]“CFA is an ardent blogger, social media and SEO expert who has helpedindividuals and several small businesses leverage on technology forincreased profit and brand perception. He is so enthusiastic andprofessional in his service delivery and has accomplished a lot in this lineof business by educating and offering support services to SMEs.” Lola Fayomi, Administrator, SME Toolkit Nigeria http://nigeria.smetoolkit.orgI didn’t realize how much we (my business and personal brands) weremissing from not having an online presence until I started working withCFA, after he spoke as a guest speaker at the last SME Toolkit Nigeriaconference. Over the past months, CFA Leverage has taken time toexplain the SEO, SEM and PPC process that has helped launch mybusiness and personal ( brands fully online. Bright Aikpitanyi, Chief Executive, Westman Quest http://www.westmanquest.comConclusionThe business and marketing opportunities presented by the Internet ishuge, and must not be toyed with by serious minded companies, whichexplains why many companies are investing heavily to build their Internetpresence in order to have a share in this ever growing market place, buthow many really have the tools to maximise these potentials? Not many.Therefore, as a company in the business of helping organisations carve aspace in the cyberspace, we firmly believe that we can help you achievethis goal - its multiplier effect on your business growth and profitabilitywill be equally huge and significant. So come on board >>>>>>Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you directlyand/or with your client as your white label partner.Yours faithfully,Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, Jnr.For: CFA | 07040555333