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Technology Enabled Learning In An HRIS


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Think big. Think different. Think outside the traditional view of learning. Think of your HRIS as more than the traditional employee self service and manager self service you've seen. It's not about a transaction; it's all about your employees. Find a vendor with an employee focus, and rest falls into place. Some vendors and organizations are teaming together to create a new and insightful approach to learning. Learning isn't an activity; it's a way of life. Embrace it differently and your employees will too.

Online learning is not restricted to an Learning Management System (LMS). Great HR Technology has socially imbedded learning throughout the HRIS. Preboarding, Onboarding, New Hire training, Training for new Managers... all of this and more can be just in time, ready for employees as they need it, directly in your HRIS.

Learn to use socially imbedded tools to create learning without an LMS. Make it a part of the every day experience for employees. Make it a culture.

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Technology Enabled Learning In An HRIS

  1. 1. Technology Enabled Learning in an HRIS— Deb Maher Sr. Dir, HRIS & Shared Services, DeVry Inc Sept 2012
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGY CAN ENABLE ONLINE LEARNING EVERY DAY… What is Technology Enabled Learning? If your first thought is an LMS, you may be thinking too small. Think of the Employee Lifecycle and points of impact:  Preboarding  Onboarding  New Hire Training  At the moment of a Promotion or a Transfer  At the moment you take on a role in specific function… 2
  3. 3. THE ANSWER… Leverage technology to create just in time learning, targeted and personalized for the employee, but in a different way Focus on:  Creating a virtual environment where the same interactive experiences could exist for all employees  Think bigger about experiences to create Virtual HR  Imbed social technology in our HRIS to connect employees real-time with rich collaboration tools 3
  4. 4. WHAT ARE SOME LEARNING MOMENTS…. Preboarding Onboarding New Hire Training At the moment of a Promotion or a Transfer At the moment you take on a role in specific function… 4
  5. 5. Pre-boarding•Pre-boarding in The DeVry Commons includesmultiple features to reinforce the new employee’sdecision and create excitement: info •Available from day they accept •until first day •Auto-launched welcome video from the CEO •Pre-boarding portal with welcome letters and introductions to parts of DeVry by our employeesNote: The video is a “webout;” itmoves and interacts with you. Hespeaks directly to you. Add thepersonalization of information basedon your branch, your role, etc and it’smade “just for you.” 5
  6. 6. Pre-boarding• What do you need to learn before you start? • Is it strategic? The org’s values? History? Culture? Goal setting? • Is it tactical? Where to park? What to bring your first day? info 6
  7. 7. Pre-boarding• Introductions to information about DeVry by our employees? Why? It’s like you get to meet them, even if you never actually do.• Each can be a video, or have imbedded docs or social connections info 7
  8. 8. Pre-boarding info 8
  9. 9. Pre-boardingGetting you ready for your first day… info 9
  10. 10. On-boarding• On-boarding includes multiple learning opportunities: – Auto-launched welcome video from CEO and SVP of HR – New Hire Hub, with information on their senior leader, HR contact & resources – Targeted emails to new employee and their manager throughout the new employee’s first year So, you could…Push out:  Ethics, Compliance  Day One Gamified Learning  Learnings that are integrated in the LMS to the Talent Profile and more 10
  11. 11. On-boardingOn-boarding Resources change withyou as you move through your firstyear into three phases:•See The Big Picture•Make Connections•Continue Your JourneyImagine you are at Day 90 and it’s timeto set your goals. The HRIS can tellyou that, tell your manager, provideresources and guides, and tie yourgoals into your evaluations, yourcareer planning, and your socialnetwork.You can find experts and mentors, joingroups with them tie those learningsinto your goals. 11 Confidential
  12. 12. On-boardingInstitution specific introductions are made by the leader and to multiple, rotatingemployees who are in the same institution… a great way to get connected 12
  13. 13. On-boardingTargeted emails are sent at various points during theemployee’s first year to both theemployee and manager-Create an experience OUTSIDEthe system 13
  14. 14. New Hire TrainingNew Hires have 8 weeks of New Hire Training, with communities, scoring,assessments, etc 14
  15. 15. New Hire TrainingWe can make it simple for New Hires to see what needs to be done bylinking it directly in our HRIS 15
  16. 16. Promos/Transfers/Function ChangesWhen new hires are managers, or when folks are promoted into a managerial role andwere not previously in one, our system guides them. It reaches out to them withinformation they need in those first few months, it provides access to training, itprovides resources just in time as processes are addressed for the first time. 16
  17. 17. Promos/Transfers/Function ChangesTasks imbedded into the normal everyday HR portal make imbedded learning a funand easy to find way to get info you need for your new role. Certainly, robust LMSmaterials also exist, but the HRIS can tell what training you need real time as youmove about the system and provide those experiences for you. 17
  18. 18. Promos/Transfers/Function ChangesImbedded Just in Time training as you navigate the HRIS helps new managers and newemployees get what they need, when they need it. 18
  19. 19. WHY IS VIRTUAL HR THE ANSWER… Engagement more important than ever New economy requires a lean approach Employee expectations are different than they were even 5 years ago Shouldn’t your employee experience trump any customer experience you’ve ever had? Leveraging technology in a great HRIS can make “real” that which is virtual 19