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The Internet Of Things In Digital Marketing


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The Internet Of Things In Digital Marketing

Published in: Technology
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The Internet Of Things In Digital Marketing

  1. 1. in digital marketing Ceylan Parlakay Özdemir 25.07.2017
  2. 2. With Telecom, E-commerce, Retail & Energy Background; Digital Transformation Consultant, AdTech Enthusiast, Mobile Evangelist, Digital Marketing Creative, Blogger; but above all, LIFE LOVER! @ceylanparlakay
  3. 3. The Physical And Digital Worlds Are Merging
  4. 4. Source: Google We Love Screens
  5. 5. CUSTOMERS Spend More Time INTERACTING Than Transacting …from Coldplay 2017 Concert Tour
  7. 7. Search Engine Usage By Market Source: Google
  8. 8. Source: Internet Trends 2016 Report – Mary Meeker We Love Voice And Image Search By 2020, it is expected that 50% of all queries will either be Voice or Image based.
  9. 9. The Voice & Image Search
  10. 10. A Second Revolution Linked To Mobile Source: Google
  11. 11. Digital Assistants Accelerate This Evolution
  12. 12. The New Consumer Decision Journey
  13. 13. The Explosion Of Signals
  14. 14. Digital Marketing Landscape
  15. 15. Impact On Search , Seo We can no longer effectively manage our search campaigns manually
  16. 16. Data Ownership
  17. 17. Value = Making Sense of Data Source: Ants, Display Tech
  18. 18. Complete Content Marketing
  19. 19. Digital Advertising Dream Reality
  20. 20. Digital Advertising Source: Ants, Display Tech
  21. 21. IoT
  22. 22. What Is IoT?
  23. 23. IoT Is Here Number of Connected Devices (in billions) Source: Ants, Display Tech
  24. 24. IoT Components BIG DATA + IoT = DYNAMIC MARKETING
  25. 25. IoT Benefits
  26. 26. IoT Role In Marketing Brand First Script Centric Channel Specific Slow Production Consumer First Experience Centric Channel Agnostic Fast Production
  27. 27. IoT Enabled Marketing
  28. 28. IoT Role Value Chain
  29. 29. IoT Is Changing The World Autonomous Cars Passenger Economy Intel predicts that the value of goods and services for this economy will be close to $7 trillion by 2050, more than double the predicted value of the Sharing Economy.
  30. 30. Understanding Consumers Storytelling Storydoing Pepsi Redbull Reebok Toms Lenovo Apple Chevrolet Tesla
  31. 31. Experience Is The New Branding Customer Engagement Experience
  32. 32. Understanding Customers Dream Aspirations Meaningful Pleasurable Accesible Useful Ease of use Reliable Functional
  33. 33. IBM Watson enhances met gala dress to convey social feedback. 22 Million Earned Media Impressions
  34. 34. 55 Million Earned Media Impressions Uber surprizes bar patrons through an on-sreet breathalyzer installation.
  35. 35. Netflix socks save viewieng location by tracking when viewers fall asleep. 1 Billion Earned Media Impressions
  36. 36. Start Now, Start Small But Be Strategic
  37. 37. @ceylanparlakay Thank You