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WHERE IS YOUR SECURITY? God or Self?<br />Romans 2:17-20<br />June 13, 2010<br />Inward Truth and Spiritual Faith. Is it f...
There is an outward form which is not to be despised; for wherever there is the power of godliness there will be its appro...
A goodness which consists wholly of structure and feelings, and Bible verses of belief, is a delusion and a snare.
Yet I might say, there may be an imitation of the form of godliness where its power is entirely absent.
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Romans 2 outline 6 13 and 20


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Charles e Whisnant, outline notes from Romans 2 from June 13 and 20 2010. Rivers of Joy Baptist Church

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Romans 2 outline 6 13 and 20

  1. 1. WHERE IS YOUR SECURITY? God or Self?<br />Romans 2:17-20<br />June 13, 2010<br />Inward Truth and Spiritual Faith. Is it form and profession of what we really have in reality, or is it a spiritual reality that gives a zeal to love the Father Above even ourself. Do you live by your own principles or by the Gospel Law of Christ?<br />The false conceptions of the Jews<br />1the Jews name of “Jew” was the highest of earthly name.<br />Boastful of their religious privileges, and vainly built upon their confidence of final safety and present acceptance with God.<br />They thought themselves at liberty to indulge in all manner of unrighteousness with freedom from unpleasant consequences. What would be a damnable crime among the other people would, in a Jew, be a small offence scarcely needing forgiveness. They believed they were exempt from punishment.<br /><ul><li>Our lesson to us today: we have the forms of saving truth and knowledge as well as the Jews; and we are in the same danger of resting in that form, and then making it an excuse for sin and a cover up for our unrighteousness.</li></ul>1 Peter 3:21: Do we not need then, to be taught that he is not a Christian who is only one outwardly.<br />THE JEWS saw themselves as being able to teach the whole world, just didn’t get around in living it properly.<br />Paul forcibly insists on inward conduct to the laws of Christ in the heart.<br /><ul><li>It’s seat is in the heart.
  2. 2. There is an outward form which is not to be despised; for wherever there is the power of godliness there will be its appropriate expression, because a good tree must bring forth good fruits, and a pure fountain sends forth pure streams
  3. 3. A goodness which consists wholly of structure and feelings, and Bible verses of belief, is a delusion and a snare.
  4. 4. Yet I might say, there may be an imitation of the form of godliness where its power is entirely absent.
  5. 5. It is true there is a consciousness of hypocrisy, and a person puts on the set of clothes of Christianity with the deliberate purpose of imposing on the world this idea that they are a Christian.
  6. 6. But more frequently the error is the result of self-delusion.
  7. 7. People are going to observe the external proprieties of Christianity.
  8. 8. While their hearts are utterly dark and dead to the idea of Christ-likeness.</li></ul>The difference between a ceremonial Christian and a real one is that the one is an artificial tree, made of dead wood and wire, on whose branches oranges and apples are mechanically hung;<br /><ul><li>While the other is a tree which bringeth forth his fruit in due season</li></ul>The difference between a real Christian and a pretend one, one is a painted fire, and the real one has a burning flame truly burning.<br />This Christian life is not ours by nature, but it is the gift of God. <br /><ul><li>By nature we have no religion, faith, but we can if left to ourselves easily acquire one. </li></ul>One can outwardly guide our conduct with our natural powers, but that which is inwardly and spiritually can only be put forth by God. It is not enough to say your prayers and read your bible.<br />Are you the subject of a direct Divine working, changing your inward character?<br />Is your hope put in your circumcision, your sanctification to God, that of the heart?<br />Salvation given to men is God’s covenant with you, as it was with Israel. God pledged Himself to be their King and Lord. They on the other hand, were to be willing to obey and serve Him. They didn’t.<br />We ought to be subject to His will. And it should not be a hardship when we reflect on His perfect wisdom, His goodness, His righteousness. THE WILL. THE MOTIVE.<br />THE WILL<br /><ul><li>Yet as a self-willed creature we show our self will early in childhood. And after we come back from Youth Camp and we understand what God’s wisdom is, we find it hard to do our Godly duty to obey Him.
  9. 9. What happens to get deal with the guilty feeling we give a half-hearted and pretended service.</li></ul>THE MOTIVE<br /><ul><li>Where the motive is the will. While it is true that the will is influenced by motives, it is also true that the will has a prior power of choosing its own motives.
  10. 10. Ordinarily, mankind are constrained or forced by the love of money, power, lust.
  11. 11. But so the man of God may be subject to those same things. He may have the same tendencies and incentives so far as they are in themselves lawful and right. But the difference is, he will not yield himself up to them blindly or absolutely; he will drop rank the whole to the supreme principle of seeking first the Divine glory and being set in motion by love to God. </li></ul>THE AFFECTIONS:<br /><ul><li>The affections take part in the special effects of inward holiness.
  12. 12. Our natural minds will be impure, misleading, and dangerous; but if spiritually minded, our all satisfying object will be Jesus Christ Himself.</li></ul>The spiritual love will have a fear of losing that love of the Father. Love is the affection that having the Father’s love upon us is the motive to love Him with all our life, our soul, mind, and thinking<br />THE JEWS SAW THEMSELVES AS SUPERIOR, AS INSTRUCTERS, AND AS TEACHERS OF THE BLIND, AND IMMATURE.<br />June 20 2010<br />Romans 2:19 and are confident that you yourself  are) a guide to the blind, a light to those who are in darkness, <br />Proverbs 26:12; Isaiah 5:21; 56:10; Matthew 6:23; 15:14<br />They believed they were to be the light to them who were in darkness.<br />Isaiah 42:6, Matthew 5:14-16 Matthew 33:15. <br />The Jews saw themselves as teachers of the blind. vs. 19 <br />Confident 3982. They were convinced, persuaded that they had all the law down. Their hope was in their belief that they were right. They had a settled persuasion, fixed in their mind. They had a firm trust, they felt sure. Which caused them to come to this course of action and belief.<br />This range of meaning of peitho is reflected by the large number of English words the NAS uses to translate the Greek text...<br />assure(1), confident(3), convinced(7), followed (2), have confidence(2), having confidence(2), listen(1), obey(3), obeying(1), persuade(4), persuaded(8), persuading(1), put confidence in(2), put trust in(1),relied(1), seeking favor(1), sure(2), took advice(1), trust in(2), trusted in(1), trusting in(1), trusts in(1), urging(1),win over(1), won over(2).NAS<br />Guide 3995 of the blind. “A leader of the way. The Jews were teachers who were able to lead someone along the path of their belief. Jesus said in Matthew 23:16<br />Blind 5189 Here used to describe spiritual blindness. One’s mind as blind, ignorant, stupid, slow of understanding, being unable to underhand, incapable of comprehending. There both mental and spiritual blindness. And often the result of self-deception so that one is unable to understand spiritual truth. “Mentally blind.”<br />A light 5457 of them which are in darkness. Light shows the way. Jesus is the Way. For the most part they failed the Way to those in darkness.<br />Light associated with God I John 1:4-9; John 8:12; 9:5; 12:46.<br />Jews thought they were the light to them who were living in darkness. Isaiah 42:6, Matthew 5:14-16.<br />The Jews true calling was to call those who were in darkness of sin, to call them into the light of Jesus Christ. What they did was to heap up works of legalism mentality.<br />Those who are enlightened with the truth (believers) are called children of light (Ephesians 5:8, Luke 16:8; and John 12:36. Isaiah 9:2. <br />Of them which are in darkness 4655 Spiritual or moral lack of understanding. Luke 1:79<br />The Nation Israel, was called out from the nations to be a light to the Gentiles, a role they, for the most part failed to fulfilled in the OT. Luke 2:32, Isaiah 42:6.<br />Paul (for one) fulfilled the role the Jewish people should have filled, when Jesus called him to preach the gospel to the Gentiles. Acts 26:18.<br />We as believers today are called to be light: Matthew 5:14-16. And Philippians 2:15<br />The Jews saw themselves as instructor of the foolish. Vs 20<br />They had the moral and ethical supervision of the child. They were the corrector. Hebrews 12:9<br />Those that were foolish: i.e. those without reasons, senseless, those who act reckless, generally those who lack perception of the reality of things natural and spirutal<br />The Jews saw themselves as teachers of babies: Vs 20<br />Teachers of children. Could be those three to four. Or figuratively refers to a person who lacks experience. <br />The Jews had the form and knowledge: Vs. 20 Which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law. kjv <br />They had the “form of the Law, the frame work of the Law, the outline of the Law, the knowledge of the Law. And felt very secure to teach it. 2 Timothy 3:5<br /><ul><li>But they didn’t have the full content of the Law. They lacked substances of the Law.</li></ul>Then Paul turns to them and says:<br /><ul><li>The Rabbi taught “Knowing the Law is equal to keeping the Law.”
  13. 13. Paul said: Not true. Let me tell you how I see your relationship with the Law. Vs 21-29</li></ul>LET’S LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID: Vs 21.<br />“YOU, THEREFORE, WHO TEACH ANOTHER, DO YOU NOT TEACH YOURSELF”<br /><ul><li>The plain issue here is this: It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know, not just what you teach, but what you do with what you teach
  14. 14. Paul is saying too. You are not living up to your own lessons. You are upholding the Law in pretence.
  15. 15. You are giving out the justice on the bench, and injustice in your living. Psalm 50:16-17/