Creation Day Six Outine


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The study of creation:

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Creation Day Six Outine

  1. 1. CREATION DAY SIX<br />THE TRINITARIAN PLAN<br />CHARLES E. WHISNANT<br />August 19, 2009 ROJBC<br />We come to the quintessence, personification, embodiment of God’s creation.<br />Genesis 1:17-28 is our text.<br />Here is the apex of creation. This is the reason for it all.<br />In all the verses up to this verse it reads: “And God created.” God speaks and creates, one in the same. That is what is called “fiat creation.” Latin word means let there be. God speaks it into existence, a formal authorization.<br />FROM ‘LET THERE BE’ to “LET US MAKE MAN.”<br />At this point God becomes personal. God is going to introduce the Trinity members. <br />John 1:1 The whole trinity is engaged in this process of creation.. He uses the speech that reveals He is speaking within Himself.<br />God has a plan for mankind and He talks about it at the beginning of creation.<br /><ul><li>He’s in close association with Himself about this most important of all creation.
  2. 2. The doctrine of the Trinity
  3. 3. The Trinity in the Old Testament. Psa. 2 and 45:7</li></ul>The conversation between the Trinity. God the Father and God the Son.<br /><ul><li>Revelation 13:8, 17:8. Whast does it say there? Our names were written in the Lamb’s book of life. When? Before the foundation of the earth. Whose names? Now every human being. But those whom God would give to His Son. He recorded their names before the creation of man.
  4. 4. Ephesians 1. What is in that chapter? Predestined to be in Christ. When? Before the creation of mankind. Before creation.
  5. 5. Therefore the conversation had to be about redemption process. The plan had unfolded in the mind of God.
  6. 6. Here God had a perfect love for His Son.
  7. 7. He wanted to establish His love for His Son.
  8. 8. He determined that He would do that in an outstanding way. He would get a bride for His Son. Which meant God would get a redeemed humanity who would honor His Son, love His Son, worship His Son, and serve His Son forever.
  9. 9. God would redeem humanity and bring them up to heaven where the trinity lives in the glories of heaven.
  10. 10. Creating the earth and the whole universe and everything thing that was in it was purely the stage for the plan to unfold</li></ul>The heavens, declare….what? The glory of God, the firmament shows His handiwork.<br /><ul><li>You see His power, and you see His intelligence, and
  11. 11. You see His wisdom, and
  12. 12. You see His love of beauty
  13. 13. You see His incredible mind, and staggering wisdom,
  14. 14. His softness and gentleness, and tenderness in the petal of a flower.
  15. 15. His power in the lightning and the thunder and in the massive bodies that stagger thought of endless space in the billions of stars that exist out there.</li></ul>What God puts on display in an especially remarkable way is that He is gracious enough to save sinners. Isn’t that wonderful.<br /><ul><li>And all this could never be established that God is gracious, forgiving, kind, unless there were some sinners out there that God could be gracious to, you know?
  16. 16. 2 Timothy 1:9 He purposed in Christ Jesus to redeem those out of humanity. But first He had to purpose to create them.</li></ul>And so, the plan, He was going to bring to glory a redeemed humanity.<br />God determined at some point, before the foundation of the world that He would save sinners, <br /><ul><li>He would save humans
  17. 17. He would create them,
  18. 18. He would save them,
  19. 19. He would bring them to glory and
  20. 20. They would be a BRIDE for His Son who would serve and love an adore His Son forever.
  21. 21. He would populate heaven literally with a hallelujah chorus that could do nothing but praise and serve Him throughout eternity. Revelation 5</li></ul>GOD DIDN’T HAVE TO CREATE ANY OF US, NOR ANYTHING ELSE, BUT HE DID. WHY<br />John 6….<br /><ul><li>God said, “Let us make man.” This was the moment for which the Trinity had planned.
  22. 22. This was the climactic day six and so now they’re all involved.</li></ul>HOW GOD DID MAKE MAN IN HIS IMAGE? WE ARE GOING TO SEE THIS THE NEXT TIME.<br /><ul><li>GOD’S PLAN FOR MANKIND WAS FOR HIS SON JESUS CHRIST
  23. 23. Charles E. Whisnant
  24. 24. Rivers of Joy Baptist Church
  25. 25. August 26, 2009
  27. 27. Genesis 1:26 - 7, 2:7, 5:1, Isaiah 42:12, Job 33: and Deut. 4:32.</li></ul>God brought man into existence in His immense complexity instantaneously, created Adam full grown, as He also did Eve.<br />The point only man could have become human. No sea mammal, no reptile, no monkey, no ape, no gorilla. No creature could become a man.<br />God created man “in the image of God.” Which is to say man’s unique identity<br /><ul><li>The part of man that cannot be reduced to genetics
  28. 28. This is that mysterious spiritual part of man that can’t be put into a test tube.</li></ul>There is a major shift in tone beginning in Genesis 1:26-17.<br /><ul><li>“Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.
  29. 29. God has never spoken in a plural form.
  30. 30. Before this verse, God had no personal relationship with what He had created.
  31. 31. Dogs, cats, animals have no relationship with God in any personal way. Only man.</li></ul>Here God becomes personal and He begins to speak in relational terms.<br />WE ARE INTRODUCED TO THE TRINITY. Here is an executive divine committee.<br />We are introduced to a RELATIONSHIP. There is going to be communicating with others.<br />Psalms 2:7, Hebrews 1, Psa 45.7, Psalms 110:1, Isaiah 48:16<br />GOD HAD A DIVINE PURPOSE BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN AND THAT DIVINE PURPOSE WAS TO…TO TAKE A BRIDE, AS IT WERE, FOR HIS SON, THAT GOD THE FATHER DESIRED TO GIVE TO HIS SON AN EXPRESSION OF LOVE IN A BRIDE THAT WOULD BE A REDEEMED HUMANITY TO BE GIVEN TO HIS SON TO LOVE AND ADORE, AND PRAISE AND GLORIFY HIS FOR EVER.<br /><ul><li>I Peter 1:20, Titus 1:1-2, Before day one God had already planned the gospel.
  32. 32. God promised that He would choose some,
  33. 33. That He would give them the gift faith,
  34. 34. That He would give them the understanding of the truth,
  35. 35. That He would bring into being in them godliness,
  36. 36. That He would grant them eternal life.</li></ul>So to whom did God make a promise of salvation before time began?<br /><ul><li>2 Timothy 1:8-10. God was going to redeem some creatures by means of Christ Jesus. By means of an incarnation. And the necessity of sacrifice for sin.
  37. 37. The plan was there going to be a redeemed humanity who would be created and redeemed, brought to glory by means of the incarnation and the sacrifice of the second member of the trinity.
  38. 38. Also the third member of the trinity would be involved in this plan. The Holy Spirit would convict their hearts of sin and righteousness and judgment, who would illuminate their minds to understand the truth, who would regenerate them and grant them the new birth.
  39. 39. Ephesians 1:3. 4.
  40. 40. John 17
  41. 41. John 6
  42. 42. Philippians 3
  43. 43. I Corinthians 15
  44. 44. Revelation 13, 17</li></ul>And as a foot note: Everything else is impersonal with God. All things but man will perish. <br />Everything was created to make available a world for man which would cause man to praise and thank and glorify God and put God’s amazing power on view and God’s wisdom on demonstration and God’s intelligence on display.<br />IN THE CREATION OF MAN YOU HAVE FOUR FEATURES ABOUT MAN<br />