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CEVA-XM4 - The Intelligent Vision Processor IP


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CEVA-XM4 is the 4th generation imaging and computer vision processor IP from CEVA, designed to bring human-like vision and visual perception to embedded systems. CEVA-XM4 solves the most critical issues for the development of energy-efficient embedded vision systems where the die size and power budget are extremely constrained, yet the algorithms require heaving processing capabilities.

Taking embedded vision one step closer to human vision, CEVA-XM4 enables: Real-time 3D depth map and point cloud generation, deep learning and neural network (DNN and CNN) algorithms for object recognition and context awareness, computational photography for image enhancement including zoom, image stabilization, noise reduction and improved low-light capabilities.

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CEVA-XM4 - The Intelligent Vision Processor IP

  1. 1. Bringing Intelligent Vision Processing to Low-Power Embedded Systems February 2015
  2. 2. 2CEVA Proprietary Information Introducing CEVA-XM4™ 4th-generation imaging and vision processor IP Bringing embedded systems closer to human vision and visual perception Vector-type processor; combines fixed- and floating-point math; up to 4096-bit processing per cycle Platform includes vision processor, libraries, tools and applications Leverages infrastructure, tools and ecosystem of CEVA-MM3101, with over a dozen licensees and 30 partners Enables sophisticated computer vision algorithms including: 1. Real-time 3D depth mapping and point cloud processing 2. Computational photography for image enhancement algorithms 3. Deep learning and convolutional neural network (CNN) for object detection, recognition and context-aware algorithms Performance gain* Up to 8x 35% Power savings* * vs. CEVA-MM3101
  3. 3. 3CEVA Proprietary Information Some Vision Terminology 3D vision Computational photography Visual perception CEVA-XM4 - Intelligent Vision Processing - Image signal processor (ISP)* - Image registration - Temporal noise reduction - Depth map generation - Refocus image - Video stabilization - Low-light image enhance - Zoom - Super-resolution - Background removal - HDR - Object recognition - Object tracking - Augmented reality (AR) - Natural user interface (NUI) Left Image Right Image Depth Data Images, Data Encode* * these are most appropriately implemented by HW accelerators
  4. 4. 4CEVA Proprietary Information CEVA-XM4 Block Diagram Program Control Unit CEVA-Connect AXI Masters and Slaves AXI Master and Slave Sequencer Interrupts Load Store Unit Dispatcher Program MSS Cache Controller Program DMA AXI Master Emulation On-chip Emulation (OCEM) Profiler Real-time Trace Data MSS Message Queues Data DMA AXI Master L1 Program Memory DMA Queue Manager AXI Master TCE User-defined coprocessors L1 Data Memory PSU Vector Processing Unit Vector Register File VPU1VPU0 Vector FPU ISA XTEND LS0 LS1 Scalar Processing Unit Global Register File SPU0 SPU1 SPU2 SPU3 Parallel Random Mem Access Multi-Core Interfaces User-defined HW accelerators Automatic management of HW accelerators 128 MACs Vector Floating-Point Specialized DMA 4-Way Instruction Cache Scalar Floating-Point
  5. 5. 5CEVA Proprietary Information • Face Detection & Recognition • Emotion Recognition • Gesture Recognition • ADAS Algorithms (FCW, LDW) • 3D Depth Map Creation CEVA-XM4 Platform Layers CPU-DSP Link – Communication Layer • Digital Video Stabilizer (DVS) • Super-Resolution (SR) Hardware Layer Software Layer App Dev. Kit (ADK) Host CEVA-CV API / OpenVX SW Toolset Hardware Development Kit Partner Software Products CEVA-XM4 Imaging & Vision Processor SmartFrame – Automatic handling of system & memory transfers CEVA Software Products RTOS CEVA-CV LibrariesAndroid Framework (AMF) Provides OEM differentiation CPU offload Source code provided
  6. 6. 6CEVA Proprietary Information CEVA-XM4 Target Markets Target devices and applications: smartphones, tablets, automotive safety and infotainment, robotics, security and surveillance, augmented reality, drones, ADAS, autonomous driving, HMI/NUI, AEB (Autonomous Emergency Breaking), Virtual Reality, IoT, image recognition, HDR Computer vision algorithms supported include real- time 3D depth map generation and point cloud processing for 3D scanning, object detection and recognition algorithms, ranging from ORB, Haar, and LBP, all the way to deep learning algorithms that use neural network technologies such as convolutional neural networks (CNN). Computational Photography algorithms supported include refocus, background replacement, zoom, super-resolution, image stabilization, noise reduction and improved low-light capabilities.
  7. 7. 7CEVA Proprietary Information CEVA-XM4 - a World of Possibilities With CEVA-XM4, you can: Run computer vision on video streams (1080p, 4K) Combine depth generation with vision processing (e.g. depth + AR, depth + 3D scanning) Enable multi-app processing (e.g. gesture + face detection + emotions + eye-tracking + optional depth) Implement multi-image algorithms in high resolution (e.g. super-resolution, refocus) Refocus Image Low-light Image Enhancement Video Stabilization 3D Scanning Depth Mapping 3D Registration Augmented Reality Point Cloud Emotion and Intent Detection Segmentation and Classification Deep Learning (CNN) Object Tracking Object Recognition Super Resolution Digital Zoom Computational Photography
  8. 8. 8CEVA Proprietary Information CEVA-ToolBox™ - Eclipse based SW Dev. Tools Advanced Eclipse-based IDE Optimizing C/C++ compiler Auto Vectorization Extensive Vec-C support C language extensions in OpenCL-like syntax Vector types for C programming - short8, ushort32,… Vectorization from C operators Linker and Utilities Automatic Build Optimizer Built-in Debugger & Simulator C-level functional Profiler Target Emulation dev. kit Complete Software Development tools. Focused on ease of use and quick SW porting for performance optimization IDE / Debugger View Build Optimizer Profiler – Function Graph
  9. 9. 9CEVA Proprietary Information CEVA Application Developer Kit (ADK) ► Via CEVA-CV extensive OpenCV-based library ► API directly to CPU development domain ► Performance- and power-optimized implementation ► Via SmartFrame tool auto handling of data transfer, frame, tile ► Kernel execution with tunneling ► CPU-DSP communication channels ► Supports Android direct connection (AMF) ► Leverage existing pre-optimized libraries & algorithms Abstracts CPU-DSP interface Abstracts DSP ISA Accelerates CV algorithm development Abstracts all system and memory aspects A broad set of tools designed to simplify overall software development and save significantly on power consumption and memory bandwidth Proven and mature development environment
  10. 10. 10CEVA Proprietary Information Summary The era of “intelligent vision” is upon us Applicable to every conceivable end- market and device that can be camera enabled CEVA-XM4 makes intelligent vision in embedded systems a reality Overcomes the processing, power and die-size limitations inherent to embedded systems Now, the possibilities for ubiquitous intelligent vision within our every day devices is endless! * Smart Contact Lens
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