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CEU Library Guide 09/10

  1. 1. CENTRAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY BUDAPEST 2009-2010 LIBRARY ABOUT THE CEU LIBRARY SHORT The CEU Library was established in June 1992. It is housed in the center of the Budapest teaching site and has 2,000 square meters of open access area comprising five separate reading halls and a Multimedia Library. Forty-five computers with access to online and GUIDE CD-ROM databases are available in the reading areas, as well as free wireless service which allows members to connect to the Internet and online databases using their own laptop. The Library's primary concerns are to build a modern English language university library and to become a leading research and information center in the region by using all available means of information technology. The Library's main responsibility is to serve the CEU community, but it is also open to the academic public according to its rules of membership. The CEU Library collects materials in the fields of the social sciences, philosophy, sociology, political science, international relations, legal studies, history, economics, business studies, gender studies, art and literature, medieval studies and environmental science. Opening hours: Address: Monday to Friday: Faculty Building, 1st Floor 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Nádor utca 9, 1051 Budapest Your views matter to us! Saturday, Sunday: Hungary 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. At the CEU Library we are committed to providing you with the highest possible standard of service. We welcome comments and suggestions that Telephone: (36-1) 327-3099 will help us improve or develop that service. Please write to us and let us know Fax: (36-1) 327-3041 what you think! library@ceu.hu Closed on publiC holidays E-mail: library@ceu.hu Internet address: www.library.ceu.hu Download our Library Toolbar!
  2. 2. Monographs ◆ netLibrary/electronic books ◆ Periodicals ◆ Electronic journals ◆ Working Library Rules Photocopying, printing and scanning in the Library Photocopying, printing and scanning facilities and the following services are available Rules of Membership in the Library: black & white and color printing, photocopying, document scanning, CEU faculty, staff, and students and OSI staff are automatically eligible for full printing from microfilm and microfiche. CEU students, faculty and staff can use their membership at the CEU Library, but they are asked to first register at the circula- printing quota; every page printed in the Library is deducted from this quota. External tion desk. Student memberships expire at the end of the academic year, unless members can purchase copy cards at the circulation desk. Only CEU Library materials otherwise requested by their departments. may be copied, scanned and printed in the Library. CEU alumni are welcome to use all of the CEU Library's facilities (alumni cards are Interlibrary Loan (ILL) accepted as library member cards), but a letter of recommendation from the Alumni Affairs Officer is required for borrowing privileges. The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is only available for CEU/OSI faculty, staff and students. Requests made by students are restricted to 5 loans per semester per per- External academic clientele are welcome to become members of the CEU Library, son. Requests can be made online. Periodicals cannot be borrowed from any library. but they must first provide a letter of reference on the basis of which the Head Interlibrary loans from abroad for students must be approved by their departments. Librarian approves their application. Registration is free of charge. External mem- bers must cover the costs of the membership card. Collections Rules of Loan The CEU Library currently holds over 260,000 documents in various formats. The Only CEU faculty, staff and students and OSI staff have borrowing privileges. Library’s collection reflects the curriculum and the main fields of interest of CEU. Loan periods: Members are welcome to make suggestions at the circulation desk or online. ◆ the regular loan period is 30 days ◆ the short loan period is 7 days Monographs ◆ the semester loan period is 90 days The Library presently holds 168,000 catalogued items. Approximately 15,000 ◆ academic year loan items are due at the end of the first week of June volumes of monographs are awaiting cataloguing. The average growth of the ◆ up to 2 overnight loan items may be borrowed one hour before closing time holdings is about 8,000 volumes per year. Besides purchases, the CEU Library’s and are due within 60 minutes of opening time the next day collection has grown through donations and library mergers. CEU faculty may borrow books purchased with funds from research grants for The majority of monographs are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal the duration of the academic year. This privilege is granted by the Head Librarian on Classification System, except for the Reference, Legal and Environmental Science an individual basis. materials, which are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification System. All items are searchable through the Library’s OPAC (Online Public Access ◆ CEU faculty members may borrow up to 20 items. Catalogue). One copy of each of the most widely used titles is located in the open access ◆ CEU students may borrow up to 15 items. areas. Seldom used titles, as well as duplicates of titles are placed in the stacks. To ◆ CEU PhD students may borrow up to 20 items. request these items, members are asked to fill out a stack request form. ◆ CEU/OSI staff may borrow up to 5 items. Borrowing privileges will be suspended until overdue items are returned. Periodical Collection The Library holds a collection of close to 1900 periodical titles (900 current). The External members do not have borrowing privileges. Only the Head Librarian can volumes of the past 3 years of periodicals, including the current year’s issues are make exceptions. External members with borrowing privileges may borrow 2 items. arranged in alphabetical order in the Main Reading Hall. Legal and Environmental Science periodicals are shelved with their respective collections. An extensive col- The following library materials may not be borrowed: lection of back volumes of all periodicals is located in the Library stacks. To request ◆ Reference materials periodicals from the stacks, members are asked to fill out a stacks request form. ◆ Current course materials The dailies and weeklies are located in a separate area of the Main Reading Hall. ◆ CEU theses ◆ Books belonging to the RFE/RL Collection The titles of all periodicals are searchable through the OPAC. The bibliographic ◆ Periodicals and loose-leaf publications records give details on holdings, latest issues, locations, etc. All online periodi- ◆ Non-printed materials, such as DVDs, audio and multimedia CDs, videos, cal titles provided by the databases or subscribed individually by the Library are cassette tapes, and microfiche cards. searchable through our Journal Search (TDNet). Short loan items can be renewed three times, loan items two times. Books may be put on hold. Working Papers Collection The replacement fee for a lost item is double the original price. This collection contains over 10,000 papers, essays and various research documents published by select academic and research institutions. The documents are arranged Rules of Conduct by the name of the issuing institute, numbered and placed in boxes located in the Main Reading Hall and partly in the Open Stacks. All titles are searchable through the OPAC. While using the Library, members are expected to behave in a manner that does not disturb others. It is strictly prohibited to Environmental Science Collection ◆ bring bags or coats into the Library The Environmental Science Collection is located on the lower level of the Main ◆ bring food or drinks into the Library Reading Hall. It contains approximately 6,000 volumes of monographs and 144 ◆ damage library materials or mark them in any way periodical titles with extensive back issues of many of these titles. The collection ◆ remove any materials from the Library without prior check-out at the circulation desk is strong in the areas of environmental economics, ecology, and green politics, in ◆ take any printed materials into the Library without first filling out the relevant form general, and, in particular, in the area of environmental law. ◆ use cellular phones in the reading areas All Library members are expected to acknowledge and observe the library rules. Law Collection Library members are asked to show their CEU/OSI ID, visitor’s card or library The Law Collection is located on the Ground Floor, in the Law Reading Room. It member card to the security guard. Patrons leaving the reading halls may be asked contains approximately 15,000 volumes of monographs and 253 periodical titles, to show all printed materials and personal possessions to the security guard. including extensive back issues of many of these titles. The collection also includes about 70,000 microfiche cards containing legal information. Repeat offenders are subject to the loss of Library privileges, including Library Membership. The collection is strong in the areas of Anglo-American, comparative, and private
  3. 3. papers ◆ Internet web resources ◆ Electronic Database ◆ Multimedia ◆ Online Information international law, in general, and, in particular, in the areas of constitutional and The Current Digest of the Soviet/Post-Soviet Press and business law as well as human rights. The Microfiche Collection contains some basic DigitalArchive The Current Digest paints a broad picture of Soviet and post- legal reference works such as the Bound Congressional Record, the Court of Justice of Soviet times, including coverage of domestic affairs and social issues. The digital the European Community, International Legal Materials, and US Reports, among others. archive is a comprehensive retrospective digest of the news presented to the Soviet and Russian public for more than a half-century. Medieval Collection: CEU-ELTE Medieval Library Database of Latin Dictionaries The database comprises three kinds of Based upon a 1992 agreement between the Faculty of Arts of Eötvös Loránd dictionaries: dictionaries to assist translation from Latin into modern languages, University (ELTE) and CEU, the bulk of the Medieval Collection is housed at the dictionaries providing semantic and etymological explanations in Latin of Latin building of the history departments of ELTE and functions as an affiliated library words and historical Latin dictionaries. to the CEU Library. It is open to the general public and endeavors to support the scholarly work of the students of both universities. EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service (EJS) is one gateway that allows to search and link to over 10,000 journals and it also enables users to search The main aim of the CEU-ELTE Medieval Library is to collect publications on medieval the tables of contents as well as to view or download abstracts and full text ver- Europe with a special emphasis on source publications, translations of medieval texts, sions of articles from over 400 periodicals, subscribed by the CEU Library. the medieval history of East Central Europe, and the interaction between the Byzantine civilization and the West. It presently holds over 20,000 volumes. EBSCOhost Research Databases offers the possibility to search many different databases by using an easy-to-handle web interface. 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6-8., 1st floor 149-150. Opening hours from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m.—7:00 p.m. EBSCOhost / Academic Search Complete is the world's most valuable Contact Librarians at ELTE: Ágnes Havasi and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more Phone: (36-1) 411-6900/5139 and Email: medlib@ceu.hu than 7,000 full-text periodicals, including nearly 6,000 peer-reviewed jour- Curator: Balázs Nagy Phone: (36-1) 327-3052 and Email: nagybal@ceu.hu nals. Catalogue: http://www.kozteka.hu/medlib/ EBSCOhost / Business Source Complete is the world's definitive scholarly CRC Collection business database, providing the leading collection of bibliographic and full text content. A collection of approximately 7,000 volumes were gathered in support of CEU's out- reach program, the Curriculum Resource Center, and is held in a separate reading EBSCOhost / ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) database area within the library. The collected books, course materials and syllabi are related provides extensive access (abstracts) to educational related literature. ERIC is to curriculum development and reform, to teaching, and to the dissemination of also available through CSA. academic resources of higher educational facilities in the region. EBSCOhost / Gender Studies Database, produced by NISC, combines Multimedia Library NISC’s popular Women’s Studies International and Men’s Studies databases with the coverage of sexual diversity issues. MML is a valuable learning resource for language improvement and individual study. Video consoles, tape recorders, DVD players, and multimedia PCs are available. The EBSCOhost / GreenFILE offers well-researched information covering all Multimedia Library collection contains CD-ROMs, tapes, DVDs, videocassettes and aspects of human impact to the environment. The database provides Open language books, all of which are searchable through the OPAC. The collection is Access full text for more than 4,700 records. located in the basement of the “Small House” (Library office building) and is acces- sible through the reading halls. The Economist Intelligence Unit's Country Reports database contains Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 1:00 p.m.—7:00 p.m. the fully searchable electronic, full text version of 34 Country Reports going back to 1996. Country Reports offer unbiased, in-depth analysis of current political, policy and Selected List of economic trends with an 18-month outlook, providing quarterly and annual statistics. Electronic Databases Country Profiles provide concise analysis and background information on the same countries’ recent political, infrastructural and economic trends. Description of the most important resources THE COMPLETE LIST IS AVAILABLE AT THE CEU LIBRARY’S WEBSITE EISZ – Electronic Information Service contains: Science Direct, Web of Science, SpringerLink. Science Direct is the full text database service of the Elsevier scientific The online and CD-ROM (networked) databases are accessible throughout publisher. The Web of Science indexes 8,700 high impact research journals in the CEU’s local network. Please follow the appropriate links from the Novell world. It consists of the Science Citation Index Expanded (1975-present), Social Application Launcher window or from the homepage of the CEU Library. Sciences Citation Index (1975-present) and Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975- present). SpringerLink is one of the world's leading interactive databases for high- Central and Eastern European Online Library (C.E.E.O.L.) is an online quality STM journals, book series, books, reference works and the Online Archives. archive which provides access to full text PDF articles from 312 humanities and The EISZ databases are accessible through the EISZ platform (registration is needed) social science journals and re-digitized documents pertaining to Central, Eastern or through the CEU Library databases list. and South-Eastern European topics. Emerald Management Xtra is the largest, most comprehensive collection of CIS Statistics provides official and comprehensive data from various fields peer-reviewed management journals and online support for librarians, faculty, research- regarding the Commonwealth of Independent States. ers and deans. Columbia International Affairs Online is published by the Columbia Encyclopædia Britannica Online includes the complete encyclopedia, University Press. It covers all fields of international relations, providing access to as well as Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, Britannica full text working papers and conference proceedings, full text online books, book Student Encyclopedia and the Britannica Book of the Year. and journal abstracts and links to over 150 related sites. EUR-Lex provides direct free access to European Union Law in all official EU CSA Econlit is produced by the American Economics Association. Its source working languages. The site is updated daily. materials include journal articles, essays, research papers, books, dissertations, book reviews and working papers. GALE Virtual Reference Library is a database of eBook reference titles. The CEU Library is currently subscribing to Countries and Their Cultures, Encyclopedia CSA Sociological Abstracts database abstracts and indexes the interna- of Communication and Information, Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, Encyclopedia of tional literature (over 1,800 serials, books and book chapters, dissertations and Russian History, Encyclopedia of Sociology and Environmental Encyclopedia. These conference papers dating from 1963 to present) in sociology and related disciplines titles can also be reached individually from the Library’s catalog. in the social and behavioral sciences.
  4. 4. GARANT is a unique Russian language legal reference system of Russian legislation Lexis Nexis Academic as a leader in the online information world, provides and a reliable source for obtaining normative acts of the Russian Federation. It provides full text documents from over 6,000 news, business and legal publications, with a three databases: Russian Legislation, Criminal and Administrative Law, and Court and variety of flexible search options. In addition to News, Business, Legal Research Arbitration. sections it includes many reference sources such as Biographical information, Country and state profiles, World Almanac. Humanities E-Book (previously History E-book Project) is a digital collection of over 1500 full-text titles in the Humanities offered by the ACLS. Library of Latin Texts Complete is the world's leading database for Latin texts. It contains texts from the beginning of Latin. Index Islamicus Online is the international classified bibliography of publica- tions in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world. MathSciNet is offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the Index of Christian Art is the largest database of medieval art in existence mathematical sciences literature since 1940. with full-text records for nearly 80,000 works of art dating from early apostolic times to A.D. 1550. The National Periodical Database (OSZK-NPA Amicus) contains the bibliographical and holding data of periodicals in Hungarian libraries, covering InfoTrac Custom Journals database developed by Thomson Gale is over 53,000 titles. It also provides location and contact information for a collection of current, mostly full-text journals (250 titles). the Hungarian libraries. International Financial Statistics (IFS) Online con- Odysse is a detailed database on energy efficiency data & indica- tains approximately 32,000 time series covering more than 200 tors for the EU-27 members plus Norway and Croatia. countries and includes all series appearing on the IFS Country Pages. It includes exchange rates for all Fund member countries, OECD databases The Main Economic Indicators (MEI) presents plus Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles, major Fund account comparative statistics for the OECD member countries, 5 area totals and series; and most other world, country series from the IFS World Tables. selected non-member countries. Quarterly National Accounts contains data for 22 individual OECD countries and five aggregations: OECD Total, OECD Europe, International Medieval Bibliography Online is the world's leading NAFTA, EU, and the Major Seven. Source OECD Taxation subscribers receive access interdisciplinary bibliography of the European Middle Ages, covering Europe, the to all OECD books on taxation in PDF format published from 1998 onwards, including Middle East and North Africa in the period 400–1500. It comprises over 300,000 coverage of such topics as tax revenues data, tax policies, taxation of wages, etc. articles derived from regular coverage of some 4,500 periodicals and 5,000 miscellany volume. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Online provides authoritative definitions of over 500,000 words and traces the usage. JSTOR contains extensive back issues of core journals in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The complete backfiles of core scholarly journals Oxford Scholarship Online is a cross searchable library containing the full have been digitized, starting with the very first issues, many of which reach back text over 1350 Oxford Books in the areas of Philosophy, Religion, Political Science, to the 1800s. JSTOR's agreements with publishers include an updating provision Economics and Finance, History, Business and Management. referred to as a "moving wall." In most cases, the "moving wall" is a fixed period of time ranging from two to five years. Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online contains the full text of the 8 volume print edition of the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Philosopher's Index is a bibliographic database with informative author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in the fifteen fields of philosophy, published in LIBRARY STAFF journals and books since 1940. The USC Shoah Foundation Institute's Visual History Archive Head Librarian: contains the largest collection of testimonies of survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust: nearly 52,000 visual history testimonies from 56 countries in 32 Dr. Mária Szlatky Gyöngyvér Kôrösi-Szabó languages. Extension: 3012, Email: szlatky@ceu.hu Administrative and Financial Assistant Extension: 3280, Email: szabogyo@ceu.hu Westlaw International is a major international online legal research tool Systems Librarian: providing full-text access to case law, statutes, administrative materials, annotated Tünde Lepp, Database trainer, MML reports, law reviews, current affairs, etc., from the United States, the United Kingdom, Zsuzsanna Antal Extension: 6197, Email: lepptund@ceu.hu Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and many other jurisdictions around the world. Extension: 3040, Email: antalzs@ceu.hu Vít Lukás, Donations, ETD, ˇ The World Biographical Information System (WBIS Online) is the Head of Public Services: Instruction Librarian most comprehensive biographical database available. Each Biographical Archive Katalin Oblath-Tikos Extension: 2336, Email: lukasv@ceu.hu covers a different language and cultural area. It offers worldwide biographical Extension: 3037, Email: tikosk@ceu.hu information on persons covered in reference sources published from the 16th Katalin Marton, Serials Librarian, century to the end of the 20th century. Librarians: Electronic journals Extension: 3035, Email: martonk@ceu.hu World Development Indicators Online (WDI) provides direct access to Péter Bérczi, Serials Librarian more than 800 development indicators, with time series for 209 countries and 18 Extension: 3035, Email: berczip@ceu.hu country groups from 1960 to 2008, where data are available. Ivett Molnár Electronic Databases, Cataloguer Emília Berényi, Interlibrary Loan Extension: 3047, Email: molnariv@ceu.hu Extension: 3038, Email: emiliab@ceu.hu Mariann Nagy, Stack Attendant Katalin Csankovszki Extension: 4022, Email: nagym@ceu.hu Interlibrary Loan, Medieval Collection Extension: 6197, Email:csankovszkik@ceu.hu Gizella Rózsa, Principal Cataloguer Extension: 3047, Email: rozsag@ceu.hu Ibolya Csige, Acquisition Librarian Extension: 3036, Email: csigei@ceu.hu Katalin Solymosi Circulation Librarian, Required Readings Judit Csige, Librarian Central European University does not discriminate on the basis of—including, Extension: 3075, Email: solymosik@ceu.hu but not limited to—race, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, gender Working Papers or sexual orientation in administering its educational policies, scholarship Extension: 6197, Email: csigej@ceu.hu Radu Eugeniu Stan and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. Assistant Serials Librarian Angelika Gulyás, Cataloguer Extension: 3511, Email: stanr@ceu.hu Russian Collection Produced by the CEU External Relations Office Extension: 2066, Email: gulyasa@ceu.hu