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Microsoft Dynamics NAV offerscapabilities to meet the followingbusiness needs:Financial ManagementAs the backbone of your ...
19. Operated Equipment or Wet Rental where   operators are sent out with the machine or   equipment, and the rental charge...
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Rent IT


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Dynamics NAV Add-on for Rental Industry.

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Rent IT

  2. 2. RENT IT Flexible solutions for your business needs Rental management software should cover all aspects of a rental business in a systematic way including Financials (GL, AR & AP), Equipment Servicing, and CRM and reporting functionality allowing rental businesses to achieve all their business analytics from within a single package. There are distinct industry requirements which need to beRENT IT SNAPSHOT managed within the software, with utilization as one of the most important. These special features include: DYNAMIC ESTIMATE MODULE 1. Reservations and Allocations management based on differing COMPREHENSIVE MINTENANCE MODULE contract durations and customer requests. FLEXIBLE BILLING MODES AUTOMATED JOB JOURNALS 2. Dispatch/Pick-Up/Returns Process Management with the PRECISE LABOUR COSTING ability to manage partial dispatches and returns including asset INTIUTIVE DASHBOARD TO TRACK YIELD tracking and signature capture on delivery / pickup.. VARIANCE 3. Accessories, Attachments & Kits including sale or return items POWERFUL WORKFLOW FOR BETTER such as fuel. BUSINESS CONTROL 4. ‘In Lieu of’ or alternate items when equipment is not available EXCEPTION REPORTING INBUILT MANAGEMENT ALERTS as expected. ASSET TRACKING 5. Transport management including ordering in outside haulage INBUILT CRM FOR EFFECTIVE SALES and keeping track of revenue and cost against delivery vehicles. CAMPAIGNS 6. Product Exchanges and swap outs on live contracts SEAMLESS INTEGRATION WITH MS OFFICE 7. Site Moves / Drop Ship & Relocations within live contracts 8. Contract Charging Profile determining when and how charging is generated including flexibility on excess hours charges, charging by hour / day / week / month etc. 9. Product Service Units and clock hour recording and maintenance triggers
  3. 3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offerscapabilities to meet the followingbusiness needs:Financial ManagementAs the backbone of your business managementsolution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting andfinance solutions help you track and analyze yourbusiness information. With end-to-end integration,you can efficiently manage your general ledger,payables, receivables, inventory, analyticalaccounting, fixed assets, and cash flow as well asperform bank reconciliations and collections. Youcan also manage Your financial processes acrossmultiple currencies, locations or companies.Supply Chain Management With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can tailorworkflow processes to meet specific needs and 10. Bill Processing for long term rental contracts on specific cycleskeep pace with competitive markets and lowmargins. Help increase customer loyalty with better continuation/recurring invoices, automated off-rent billing andresponsiveness, rapidly pursue new marketopportunities, and improve your profitability by additional charge management.working more efficiently with partners. Improveinventory management, manage single- or multi-site 11. Sale or Return consumables must be managed alongsidewarehouses, and handle order processing anddemand planning. rental products.Business Intelligence and Reporting 12. Rent to Purchase or Rent to Own agreements with pre-Bring strategic insight into your business processes determined contracts to take ownership of assets at a specificwith sophisticated reporting, analysis, andbudgeting solutions that help you improve and point in the contract.propel critical decision-making throughout theorganization. Direct access to real-time, business- 13. Product Revenue Accruals to provide revenue forecasts forcritical information and a wide range of analyticaland reporting tools can help you manage budgets, rental contracts not billed at month end.create and consolidate reports, and look for trendsand relationships. 14. Product Utilization including Physical and Financial (dollarCustomer Relationship Management utilization) must be recorded.Customer relationship management enables 15. Stock Locations and tracking of equipment between locationsautomation of many day-to-day tasks for sales,customer service, and marketing professionals. including inter-branch or inter-store transfers, and for largerManage customer records and sales histories,create and launch marketing campaigns, and track businesses inter-company transfers.customer activity. Make service operations moreprofitable by organizing your service resources for 16. Cash Customers/Contracts with cash drawer or tilloptimum efficiency, forecasting and tracking partsconsumption, proactively managing contracts and reconciliation and deposit management.service agreements, and gaining tighter control overcosts. 17. Sub-Rent or Re-Rent management including the ability toWorkspace Collaboration initiate rentals from third parties to cover contract obligations.Help people across your business collaborateeffectively by expanding access to business 18. Product Service Inspection/Repair including the ability toapplications, information, and Processes. Inaddition, you can use Microsoft Windows® trigger maintenance activity based on rental status, off-rentSharePoint® Services to help create workgroupsand teams to generate discussion and exchange damage reports and clock hours or other service units.information related to specific interests andprojects.
  4. 4. 19. Operated Equipment or Wet Rental where operators are sent out with the machine or equipment, and the rental charges are based on a combination of timesheet and standard rental charges. This is generally referred to as Timesheet Billing. This is common practice in crane rental in Europe and in larger equipment rental in India and Asia. 20. The ability to manage Safety Critical Equipment or Safety Critical Plant including the recording of inspection and examination certificates. 21. Rental Rate Optimization and Yield Management For rental business’ working across country boundaries then additional special functionality may include multi-currency, multi-tax jurisdiction and multilingual needs. RENT IT Build on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers all the above said functional needs of a rental industry with global standards. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has more than 60,000 installations base is widely used in the rental industry space.CETAS INFORMATION TECHNOLGY PVT.LTDNo.21&22 Phase 2, 9th Street, Wood Creek CountySt.Thomas Mount, Chennai, India.Phone : +91 44 42850231Email : sales@cetastech.com www.cetastech.com.