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Enterprise Task Management Solution - Q Track


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Q-Track is an Enterprise Task Management solution which helps you to collaborate within organizations effectively and execute tasks on time and pro-actively. It helps managers to have track on delegated tasks and help their sub-ordinates to close them on exceptions. The solution has seamless integration with MS outlook and MS Projects.

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Enterprise Task Management Solution - Q Track

  1. 1. “Organizations that provide executive visibility tend to have less troubled projects.” - How to spot a failing project, CIO Magazine
  2. 2.  Ever wondered how some people manage to be so organized !!!  Fed up managing stuff with repetitive email correspondence ???  Ever lost track of what you or a colleague was supposed to be doing next ???  Looking to increase your company's productivity ???  Then –
  3. 3. • Task Tracking • Issue/ bug Tracking • Help desk / Support / Customer Service • Work flow / Process Management • Quality Compliance Tracking • Project management
  4. 4. NOT ME - I‟m With Q-TRACK
  5. 5. • An effective and efficient task management solution including principles from „Getting Things Done‟ by David Allen • Built upon JIRA, a JAVA based product by Atlassian, an Australian Company • Highly configurable workflow • Can work with any database • Can be deployed in-house OR used on a SaaS model
  6. 6. Dashboards  Custom / personalised dashboards  Multiple dashboards  Flexible Layouts  Share dashboards within your team
  7. 7. Task Creation  Simple & Easy  No more transcription of tasks from email to Excel  Task creation directly from email to a pre-configured email id  Customizable Task types
  8. 8. Reports  Real time, relevant information  Convenient formats  Visibility across roles and groups
  9. 9. Notifications  Email notifications @ various transitions of a task  Email alerts – configurable  Reminder emails on „Overdue‟ tasks  Subscription to reports on issue status – weekly/ monthly
  10. 10. Search  Quick & flexible Search facility  Precise search results in seconds  Search results – Configurable  Search results can be converted to charts for reporting  Search criteria saved as filters for reuse  Supports searching of custom fields
  11. 11. Security – Control who sees what & keep your list of to do's private to your self  Project level security  Task level security  Anonymous access - only if permitted
  12. 12. Task Tracking  Keeps track of all activities, changes and work logged against tasks
  13. 13. Time Tracking  Inbuilt time tracking to record the initial estimate, actual time spent and the estimated remaining time for your tasks.  Specify work estimates for each issue and log work as you go  Track how long tasks have been in flight taking into account office hours and weekends  Range of time tracking reports  User Workload Report – To see how much work an employee has been allocated, and how long it should take
  14. 14. • Extensible  Over 100 plugins that enable you extend to fit any special scenario • Announcement Banner  Configure an announcement across the top of every page • Low maintenance  Low maintenance system with straight forward administration capability  Has options to integrate with SMS or mobile applications
  15. 15. Get introduced to how Q – Track is tailored to work the way you do, with a sample project:
  16. 16. About ABC Corp. This presentation is based on a fictitious company called ABC Corporation, which has Manufacturing, Retail Operations with Internal IT team. The workflows covered are: 1. Quality Compliance Tracking in Manufacturing 2. Task Management in Retail Operations (Ad-hoc, Repetitive and Project-Driven) 3. Internal IT Support workflow
  17. 17. Is this Your Current Dashboard ??? Say „No‟ to Paper-Lists, Mirror notes or Sticky notes Say „HELLO‟ to Productivity
  18. 18. Say ‘HELLO’ to Productivity "One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks.” Malcolm S. Forbes, Publisher of Forbes Magazine
  19. 19. Integrated Dashboard Dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview of your appointments for the day, tasks currently due or past-due, and any new inbox items or other notification
  20. 20. Work Flows  Task Management in Retail Operations (Ad-hoc, Repetitive and Project- Driven)  Quality Compliance Tracking in Manufacturing  Internal IT Support workflow
  21. 21. Ad hoc Task Workflow
  22. 22. Ad hoc Task Workflow Create task
  23. 23. Ad hoc Task Workflow Assignee gets an email alert (or SMS if they‟ve opted for); Logs in to view dashboard; The newly created task is shown in the INBOX (Assigned to me)
  24. 24. Ad hoc Task Workflow View issue
  25. 25. Ad hoc Task Workflow Assignee adds comments and logs work against the task
  26. 26. Ad hoc Task Workflow Assignee creates sub-task and assigns to a Manager in the department
  27. 27. Ad hoc Task Workflow Sub task assignee logs in and initiates work on Sub task
  28. 28. Ad hoc Task Workflow Sub task Assignee completes work on sub task
  29. 29. Ad hoc Task Workflow Meanwhile, the task originator can log in to monitor task progress
  30. 30. Ad hoc Task Workflow Sub task originator (reporter) reviews and closes sub task, only after which the original task can be closed.
  31. 31. Ad hoc Task Workflow Assignee completes task and submits the same to reporter for closing
  32. 32. Ad hoc Task Workflow Reporter of the task can Review and Close the same or reject it for re-work
  33. 33. Internal IT Work Flow • For tasks  allocated across departments and  getting resolved after a final quality check
  34. 34. Internal IT Work Flow
  35. 35. Quality Compliance Work Flow • For Manufacturing industries having stringent quality control measures • 8D Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis techniques may be included as part of work flow • Correction forms may be added as attachments or as part of workflow transitions
  36. 36. Quality Compliance Work Flow
  37. 37. QC Work Flow Non – Conformance issue created
  38. 38. QC Work Flow Work initiated on issue
  39. 39. QC Work Flow Task Completed and submitted to QC Manager for Approval
  40. 40. QC Work Flow Work done by the production team approved by Quality manager
  41. 41. QC Work Flow Quality Team Head reviews and closes the issue
  42. 42. Comments, History & Activities Comments, Change History & Activity stream for the issue shown
  43. 43. Time Tracking Report Time tracking report generated - Project-wise
  44. 44. Better insight into Tasks • Gain real-time access to a common set of accurate business information, and help your business operate more efficiently. • Deliver the critical information needed by executives and staff for effective decision-making. • Have a better control over operational management • Give employees quick insight into predefined views of data tailored to their roles. • Integration with source code repositories such as CVS, Subversion, Perforce available.
  45. 45. About CETAS CETAS is a Team Of Seasoned IT Professionals with a 100 Plus Years of total experience in the Enterprise Application Space .. • We Offer …. – Enterprise Application Consulting Services – Product Engineering Services – Application Development Services – Application Maintenance & Migration Services
  46. 46. Contact us at: CETAS Information Technology Pvt. Ltd Phase 2, Plot No 21,22, 9th Cross Street, Wood Creek County St. Thomas Mount, Chennai -600 016 Enquires : Or +91 44 4285 0231 / 2233 1496