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Edu4change4development mkt page-20130722

  1. 1. edu4change4development edu4change4development Assignament: Marketing Page Course: Technology Entrepreneurship – Part02 Jul 22, 2013
  2. 2. edu4change4development EDU4CHANGE4DEVELOPMENT A online net where people get together, in a teamwork mode, to support, share, learn, mentor, and promote projects and thinking entrepreneurship, as a discipline and as a art
  3. 3. edu4change4development Our Team
  4. 4. edu4change4development STORYBOARD From problem to solution … the history of Luisa
  5. 5. edu4change4development edu4change4development allows Luis to be in contact and work together with both, people like her and entrepreneurs over the world who can provide support and mentoring, financial support and all kind of help delivered on line Luisa is a girl between 18 and 35 years old who lives on an environment where she is challenged to be an entrepreneur Luisa looks around and cant’ really find entrepreneurship, help to become and entrepreneur or even understand well what that impliesLuisa looks around and sees crisis, poor salaries and her parents facing problems What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Luisas’s school starts promoting edu4change4development, a tool designed to help young people think like an entrepreneur, providing a space where where videos, blogs and all kind of interaction tools, mentors and solid contents, promotes learning and teamwork Teachers are not entrepreneurs and seminars conducted by entrepreneurs are superficial and vague And while she is out on the street , edu4change4development allows Luis to locate other members of the edu4change4development network
  6. 6. edu4change4development MARKETING STRATEGY
  7. 7. edu4change4development • Market opportunity/analysis 1. Customer and a market need 2. Size the market 3. Competitors 4. Growth potential Marketing strategy
  8. 8. edu4change4development • 1. Customer / Market target – Our target market is people between 18-35 years old, from countries with necessities to generate entrepreneurships. We consider developing countries from LATAM countries and Vietnam, and countries with economical crisis as Portugal and Spain. Marketing strategy
  9. 9. edu4change4development • 1. Market need – The necessity • In front of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2011 report, and these data, today, and given the current economic crisis, several international organizations promote entrepreneurship as a solution to the economic crisis. Such organizations as: WorldBank, IADB, IMF, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, OECD, reports the urgent necessity to promote the entrepreneurship among the young people. Marketing strategy
  10. 10. edu4change4development Marketing strategy • 1. Market need – The necessity • GEM 2011 report – By according to 2011 survey of GEM, there are 388 million entrepreneurs actively engaged in starting and running new businesses in 2011. These included an estimated: – 163 million women early-stage entrepreneurs – 165 million young early-stage entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 35 – 141 million early-stage entrepreneurs who expected to create at least five new jobs in the next five years – 65 million early-stage entrepreneurs who expected to create 20 or more new jobs in the next five years – 69 million early-stage entrepreneurs that offer innovative products and services that are new to customers and have few other competitors – 18 million early-stage entrepreneurs that sell at least 25% of their products and services internationally – 65 million early-stage entrepreneurs who expected to create 20 or more new jobs in the next five years – 69 million early-stage entrepreneurs that offer innovative products and services that are new to customers and have few other competitors – 18 million early-stage entrepreneurs that sell at least 25% of their products and services internationally ** GEM recognizes that an economy’s prosperity depends greatly on a dynamic entrepreneurship sector. Source:
  11. 11. edu4change4development • 1. Market need – The reality • The 85% of SME disappear before they are 2 years of operations. The 66% of SME disappear before the first year of operations • Of every 400 new entrepreneurs only 40 survive in the first two years and of these only 20 reached their first 5 years • The 75 percent of new Mexican companies should cease operations after just two years on the market. • The 25% of companies disappear in the first year, 17% in the second year, 13% in the third year and 11% in the fourth year. • Only 5% of companies promoted by young entrepreneurs are successful. • The statistics speak of a high mortality in start-ups: according to 2003 data, over 70% of businesses fail within four years of life. • Over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and 95% during the first five. Marketing strategy
  12. 12. edu4change4development • 2. Size market – Market available • Young students, employers that like create enterprises, non-workers that need/like create enterprises. – Market available served • The people between 18 and 35 years old are an important segment or percentage of the population in develop countries. Commonly are 25 or more percentage of the population. – Market target • Approximately 2-3% of population we can help with us product. • This percentage need the solution and have the capacity (time and dedication, and internet connection) to use the product. – Note: • We interviews and realized survey in people from several countries. See follow point. Marketing strategy
  13. 13. edu4change4development • 3. Competitors – Providers of crowfounding. – Several MOOC courses and platforms oriented to teach about entrepreneurships. – Solutions as: sharktank, sci-tree, IADB (program to incentive entrepreneurships), SCORE, Churchteam, etc. – Our Blue Ocean: • We link a MOOC course with a net of support to entrepreneurships • We provide a MOOC course where people graduate in thinking entrepreneurship and with a entrepreneurship project. • We facilitate a net where recent graduate entrepreneurships mentoring to new students in the MOOC course. • The net is a global online community to share, mentor, learn, and support entrepreneurships among them as intra/inter entrepreneurships. Marketing strategy
  14. 14. edu4change4development • 4. Grow potential – The market has a high growth potential for several reasons: • Exist government policies promote intensely the entrepreneurship. • Population shows a tendency to grow the segment of people between 18 and 35. • Internet access is increasing in large cities and a national level. • Entrepreneurship is an increasingly subject closer to society. Marketing strategy
  15. 15. edu4change4development • Fit market (problems/needs) with product – Inadequate knowledge of the market, we offer marketing topics in the course. – A finished product inappropriate, we offer tools design in the course. – An ineffective effort in marketing and sales, we offer marketing technics in the course and a net of entrepreneurship to support ideas. – A lack of foresight on the competitive reaction, we offer foresight technics in the course and a net of entrepreneurship to provide support. – Rapid product obsolescence, we offer tools of product life cycle in the course. – A forecast of the timing inadequate to implement the business, we offer Project management technics in the course. – An inadequate capitalization: excessive asset investment, we offer financial in the course and a net of entrepreneurship to provide mentoring and coaching. – Poor cash flow management, we offer financial in the course and a net of entrepreneurship to provide mentoring and coaching. – Lack of controls, we offer Project management technics in the course. – Wrong reasons for start an entrepreneurship, the course provide mediums and tools to reinforce a entrepreneurship thought. – Love with the product, the course provide guidelines and best and worst practices to cope this situation or similar. Marketing strategy
  16. 16. edu4change4development Marketing strategy • Market Scope – Global Strategy oriented to new market • Geographical scope – LATAM countries / develop countries • Segments  Different Strategies for each segment – Individuals (18-35 years old) – Public+Private Companies – Promotion Institutions – Government Agencies • Entrance Strategy – Superior marketing strategy – Ample resources – Strong commitment to challenge market leader. – Strong effort to differentiate our product
  17. 17. edu4change4development Marketing strategy • Our new market – attributes and features – Customers • Unknown – Because, are people between 18 and 35, not common in actual market targets, and from developing countries and/or countries in economical crisis – Customer needs • Transformational improvement – Because, we point out to improve the life of people that not receive much more orientation to be successful in to be entrepreneurship – Competitors • None – Because, we create a blue ocean – Risk • Evangelism and education cycle – Because, we need diffuse a new type of community of collaborative entrepreneurship and educate about the importance of give priority to thinking entrepreneurship as previous to create project and enterprises
  18. 18. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Product Strategy – Positioning : Unique Managed Community – Net of mentoring to support new entrepreneurhsips – Scope : All Stakeholders involve entrepreneurships presents in net and a course online – Design : cMOOC (conectivist MOOC) + net • See prototype •
  19. 19. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Promotion Strategy – Promotion Mix: Different depending on the audience, resalt benefits for each segment – Media Selection: Channels (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising, transit advertising, and direct mail) through which messages concerning a product/service are transmitted to the targets.), and alliances with professional colleges, municipalities, etc. – Advertising: Transmit a particular product/service message to young people and people like to be entrepreneurship..
  20. 20. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Distribution Strategy – Scope: All Stakeholders through or by way: • Forums: where the customers can interact between them and suggest ideas to company. • Self services: for instance, the customers can choose a new courses when they need. • Newsletters: inform to customers know about new services, new tools, etc. • Blog: this way be able to get information about the company, about the new projects, etc. • Social networks: like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc, where the students interact between them, with the teachers, they can suggest improvements to the company. • Community of graduates: place where graduates can to follow connected with the new students and teachers. • Associations or colleges of professionals. – Channels: • Social networks • Web presence (website, blog, social media, ...) • Advertisements • Adwords • Networks of Colleges and School • Students organizations • Government / Ministeries of Education • Ways used in net of colleges, universities. Etc,
  21. 21. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Pricing Strategy – Apply freemiun model.
  22. 22. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Product – Attributes • Focus on the emotional side of the equation. For most entrepreneurs this is a really hard issue. • Affordable for entrepreneurs who don’t have much money. A common situation. • Provide a global network to support entrepreneurs in aspects such as technology, finances, funding, marketing, etc. • A team of people who are totally commited to the growth of entrepreneurs.
  23. 23. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Product – Market opportunities • Many people will have the necessity to create their own Jobs since there are fewer Jobs. • The quality of Jobs has going down and many Young people want to make their dreams come true but with a normal job, it seems very difficult. • The school system is not preparing student to survive in the current economy. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, dentist aren’t taught to sell their professional services. Something that is VITAL. We can cover the part that the school system has forgotten.
  24. 24. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Product – Mission • To provide a model of entrepreneurship, not only focus on the money- but also in the development of people, caring about the environment and trying to help as many people as possible ... to unleashing the entrepreneurial potential of 18-35 young people across the world to create innovators with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute to economic and societal prosperity.
  25. 25. edu4change4development Our marketing strategy • Product – Successful, because • we have the passion to change and improve the lives of people, that’s the core of the team. Then we can have access to the best telos, dynamics, projects and contacts. • We provide a differentiated product, service and resources (experts, companies, ...) meet the needs of our primary costumers. • our product is different from other similar net, products or solutions. • we connect, younger and starter entrepreneurships, with the new entrepreneurships, ... – And • We not only connect along time consolidated entrepreneurships with young entrepreneurships, not, • we create and connect entrepreneurships, • we maintain nearest old with new entrepreneurships, • we prepare entrepreneurships to create enterprise or to be creative employers. • we promote in people the confidence to be a entrepreneurship • we support with cognitive and material resources in order to construct projects sustainable by more than 5 years.
  26. 26. edu4change4development TARGET MARKET
  27. 27. edu4change4development Target market • B2C – 18-35 Young people having the needs to learn entrepreneurship in order to open their own business or to apply entrepreneurial skill to their life. – Potential entrepreneurs with more experience or maturity, or people working as employers or not- employers actually. – Trainers and tutors having the need to be upgraded.
  28. 28. edu4change4development Target market • B2B – Individual (to create your own MOOC; update research; participate in a hands-on experience to connect entrepreneurship research to curricula choice). – Public and private schools, colleges, Universitys, education and training centers (renting platform and/or contents; training tutors and mentors; inspire new ideas for entrepreneurship curricula and model design at your campus).
  29. 29. edu4change4development Target market After studying various characteristics trough obervation and marketing research from costumers who will use our services/products, research several case studies and demographics, our differentiated products and services meet the needs of ours primary costumers.
  30. 30. edu4change4development In order to expose our work, this is our empathy map original in spanish.
  31. 31. edu4change4development MARKETING EXPERIMENTS AND RESULTS
  32. 32. edu4change4development • To improve and to validate our proposal, we ask through surveys and interviews to our market target. Our target market is people between 18-35 years old, from countries with necessities to entrepreneurship as countries of LATAM, Portugal, Spain, and Vietnam. • The result shown that: it is imperative to train young people to enable them to achieve entrepreneurial thinking. Furthermore, in the current scenario and future, few young people are creator of companies, the rest will be employed. But everyone must generate new ideas and promote enterprises wherever they work. And, moreover, the interviews validated the interest in entrepreneurship in young people, but they do not see it as a possible future. Only in college or universities, they listen to be entrepreneurs. Marketing strategy
  33. 33. edu4change4development Marketing experiments – interviews & surveys
  34. 34. edu4change4development Marketing experiments – interviews & surveys
  35. 35. edu4change4development Marketing experiments – interviews & surveys
  36. 36. edu4change4development Results • The team made research on the Internet and personal interviews in a total of 11 countries to people from a range of 18 to 35 years old, totalling 79 people. • The team keeps careful records of the results and results analysis. • The research revelealed some new information and confirmed our basic proposal
  37. 37. edu4change4development Results • Someting we learned - Interviwees prefer a free course. - Their don’t have a clear idea as to how much is a service like ours. - Most of them haven’t used an online platform to learn. - They consider school and colleges as rhe main source of entrepreneurial information and formation. - Focus on people ages 19 to 25 years old, but the ideal market is from 18 to 35.
  38. 38. edu4change4development Results • Something we confirmed - The number of young people interested in becoming an entrepreneur is growing. - They don’t have a reliable source of entrepreneurial formation and information. - They don’t have a network which gives support (financially, technologically, emotionally, etc.).