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Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Seminar Workshop Course Guide For Eng 103


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Seminar Workshop Course Guide For Eng 103

  1. 1. Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University OPEN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ENG 103 SPEECH COMMUNICATION 1st Semester SY 2010-2011 Tutor: Ces Myra P. Mabalot Email: Yahoo Messenger ID: cezmyra Mobile: 0921.411.7039 Office: (072) 242.7762, 242.3608 Welcome to ENG 103! COURSE CREDITS: 3 units This three-unit course aims to expose you to MODE OF DELIVERY: Blended (Face-to- the nature of the face and Online) speech communication process. It gears COURSE OBJECTIVES: towards the development of At the end of the course, you should communicative proficiency in listening have been able to: and speaking in various communication situations, specifically public speaking.  explain the speech communication process and the listening process It is expected that you will in relation to public speaking; develop your speaking skills in English through applying the theories,  demonstrate the ability to principles, and concepts discussed in the effectively speak in English during module. Each module has self-learning class discussions, activities, and activities designed to help you interactions with tutor and understand fully the concepts discussed classmates; in the lessons so you could apply these in your everyday speech activities.  deliver an impromptu speech and Moreover, some of the activities are two original speeches in class designed in such a way that these should using the guidelines in speech be done with your tutor so make sure to preparation; and attend the face-to-face meetings.  develop ability to use voice, facial This course entails you to be expressions, gestures, and body flexible as the many activities will movement for effective speech require you to write and present your delivery in class. original speeches in class. It is quite challenging, but it is fun and rewarding and has many benefits for you in the end. Happy learning! 
  2. 2.  COURSE OUTLINE  REFERENCES Module 1 Communication Process and Cabbab, J.A. and F.A. Cabbab. 1984. the Listening Process Speech Communication Manual Lesson 1 Communication and the and Skills Development. Manila: Communication Process Bookmark Inc. Lesson 2 Models of Communication Lesson 3 Listening Process Lesson 4 Techniques of Listening College of Arts and Letters. 1992. Readings in Communication III. Module 2 Speaking Voice and the Body Quezon City: UP Diliman. in Communication Lesson 1 The Importance of an Ortiz, M.A., A. L. Leyba and C.A. Effective Speaking Voice Calaguian. 1981. Towards More Lesson 2 Importance of Bodily Actions Effective Speech Communication. Lesson 3 Non-Verbal Communication Quezon City: JMC Press, Inc. Module 3 Speech Delivery Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Principles and Characteristics of Good Speech Principles of Delivery  GRADING SYSTEM Lesson 3 Use of Voice in Delivery Lesson 4 Voice, Articulation, and Module Assignments Pronunciation and other requirements - 30% Participation in class act. - 10% Module 4 Speech Preparation Mid-term and Final Exams - 60% Lesson 1 Purpose of Speech and the Speech Outline Lesson 2 Organizing the Discussion Total - 100% Lesson 3 Supporting Materials Lesson Lesson 4 5 The Introduction Developing the Conclusion  HOUSE RULES Module 5 Speeches Lesson 1 Speeches to Inform, to 1. Read all the assigned materials and if possible, read ahead of time. Entertain, and to Persuade Lesson 2 Speeches of Special Types 2. Submit your TMAs through my email address, or upload in Moodle.  COURSE REQUIREMENTS 3. Take note of the schedule of submission of requirements and make sure that you You will be required to submit/comply submit on or before the deadline. This with the ff. requirements: would work to your advantage for it will give you more time to revise your work. Five (5) Module Assignments (details of which integrated in Study Schedule) 4. Always cite the sources of your information when you need to do that in Two original speeches to be presented your requirements. in class with hard copy of the speech • Icebreaker Speech 5. There will be scheduled ‘live online discussions’ where we can discuss lessons • Speech to Inform and concerns. Make sure that you take the opportunity to participate. Oral presentations (speech drills, impromptu speech) 6. Never hesitate to ask me or contact me for clarifications and other problems that you may encounter.
  3. 3. STUDY SCHEDULE Schedule learning content objective activity material LEARNING OUTPUT/ OUTCOME First Meeting Course Orientation At the end of Lecture- Module 1: Better Date: June this session, you discussion Communication understanding & 20 should have Process & the appreciation of Mode: Offline been able to: Listening the (face to Communication and the Explain Role-play Process communication face) Communication Process communicatio and the listening Duration: 2 n and the process in hours communicatio relation to n process public speaking Models of Communication Interpret TMA 1 due July various 17: Reflective communicatio essay on n models View communication powerpoint process & Listening Process Explain the presentation listening listening on listening comprehension, process comprehension Answers to Guide Questions Techniques of Listening Use the diff. Listening in Listening techniques of activity Activity purposive Oral report on listening reflections on role-play Second At the end of Read Module 2 Module 2: The Better meeting this session, you Lecture- Speaking Voice understanding Date: July should have discussion and the Body and 18-25 been able to: in appreciation of Mode: Online The Importance of an Recognize the Record Communication the effective Duration: 6 Effective Speaking Voice importance of speaking voice use of the hours an effective & upload on speaking voice speaking voice Moodle and gestures in communication Importance of Bodily Actions Discuss the View AVP on importance of Gestures in Recorded self- bodily actions Public introduction Speaking uploaded on Moodle Non-Verbal Communication Identify Write TMA 2 due Aug. different reflective 14: Critique of meanings of essay on co-learner’s non-verbal different recorded voice, signs across meanings of Reflective Essay diff. cultures non-verbal on AVP on signs Gestures, & on Appreciate different cultural meanings of diversity non-verbal signs Active participation in discussion SCHEDULE LEARNING CONTENT OBJECTIVE ACTIVITY MATERIAL LEARNING
  4. 4. OUTPUT/ OUTCOME Third At the end of Lecture- Module 3: Better meeting this session, you discussion Speech understanding & Date: Aug. 15 should have Delivery appreciation of Mode: Offline been able to: the principles of (face to Principles and Characteristics Evaluate the Toastmasters speech delivery face) of Good Speech principles & Manual: The & the use of Duration: 2 characteristics Speaking Voice voice in delivery hours of good speech Enhanced vocal Principles of Delivery Discuss the variety, principles of articulation, & delivery pronunciation Use of Voice in Delivery Evaluate diff. View AVP on TMA 3 due Sept. voices of use of voice in 11: Reflective speakers delivery essay on AVP on voice delivery, Voice, Articulation, and Practice vocal Interpretive and Self- Pronunciation variety in reading evaluation & interpretive peer evaluation reading (of voice, exercises articulation & pronunciation) Appreciate the Self-evaluation proper use of & peer voice , evaluation (of articulation & voice, pronunciation articulation & pronunciation) Fourth meeting Date: Sept.12 Mode: Offline (face to face) Duration: 2 hours