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  1. 1. extern _printf, _scanf extern _printf, _scanfsegment .data segment .datamsj db "introducir cadena con caracteres:",0 ms1 db "Introducir el numero:",0,10 formato db "%d",0,10msj2 db"el umero total de vocales a y u es:%d",0 ms2 db "El caudrado es : %d",0,10formato db "%s" segment .bssd dd 100 num resd 1segment .bss segment .textc resd 25 global _mainsegment .text _main:global _main ;---------------------------------------_main: push ms1;--------------------------------------- call _printfpush msj add esp,4call _printfadd esp,4 push num push formatopush c call _scanfpush formato add esp,8call _scanfadd esp,8 ;mov ecx,2 xor eax,eaxpush c xor ebx,ebxcall cant push dword [num]add esp,4push esi call cuadradopush msj2call _printf ;..........subrutina...................add esp,8 add esp,4 mov [num],eaxret;--------------------------------------- push dword [num];..........subrutina.................... push ms2cant: call _printfxor eax,eax add esp,8xor ecx,ecx retxor edx,edxxor esi,esi cuadrado: push ebppush ebp mov ebp,espmov ebp,espmov ebx,[ebp+8] mov eax,[ebp+8]ciclo: mov ebx,[ebp+8]mov al,[ebx] mul ebxcmp al,0x61jz cont mov esp,ebpcmp al,0x75 pop ebpjz cont retback:inc ebxdec dword[d]jnz ciclojmp fincont:inc esijmp backfin:mov esp,ebppop ebpret