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Paper Final


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Published in: Technology
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Paper Final

  1. 1. PAPER (DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS SENA) During the formative process that look place in the quarter elapsed from the academic “Administration Module”, the teachers choose to implement a series of projects. This projects was to choose for that every student development a big level of knowledge about the management of different services like ; a secure e- mail’s platform, monitoring and management of network, and finally a server dedicated to management Web Applications, everyone will be implement in Linux and Windows platform. A network’s manager know about apart from the managing services like; DNS, DHCP, FTP; MAIL. Must be competent to maintain these services in constant operation, because if a company depends on a specific service, and this stops working, the administrator must be able to reconnect to have in place, otherwise it would be run this company or company losing money and will be run giving the company another opportunity to win customers in an increasingly competitive environment. An e-mail service such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo gives people the ease of communicating with loved ones or people in a faster and more personalized. In addition to many features that these companies weightings in its mail service (calendars, scheduling of events, sending attachments, etc.). This time the draft Platform for Secure Mail, will want to mount a mail service implemented with free software without forgetting the security that this implies (ssl, digital certificates, encryption of passwords, etc.) and authenticated against a DEVELOPED FOR: Jonathan Andrés Loaiza García Cesar Augusto Pineda Gonzales Jeison Andrey Henao Álvarez Leidy Marcela Martínez Rafael Emiro Vega Tirado
  2. 2. PAPER (DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS SENA) directory service as it is MDS (mandrel Directory Server) fully free and integrated with OpenLDAP. As MTA is working with Postfix, Dovecot (POP and IMAP), a comprehensive system such as free antivirus Clam AV system and a free anti-spam as it is Spamassassin and other features that are specific to an e-mail service. Also others applications of mail like Exchange, Winwebmail and Mercury. But the proper functioning of its servers and services to users, it is very important to know what the status of these to avoid bad user experience and this allows it to make the protocol SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). This protocol allows me to know what the state of the network card of a team in particular, know that process is running at the time, as this consumes each process, which is the amount of RAM in total, which is the capacity of its hard disk, the disk is busy and it has available, and many other factors that are of vital importance for an administrator. This protocol collects all information seeking an NMS based on an MIB and the people (which is responsible for delivering this information), it is sent back to NMS represented by applications such as JFFNMS, cacti, OPMANAGER, Groundwork, ZENOSS, uptime, etc. shows the administrator of the information obtained through SNMP agent in the form of graphs. DEVELOPED FOR: Jonathan Andrés Loaiza García Cesar Augusto Pineda Gonzales Jeison Andrey Henao Álvarez Leidy Marcela Martínez Rafael Emiro Vega Tirado
  3. 3. PAPER (DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS SENA) Our objective is to achieve the maximum development of research and make the corresponding three projects for Mail Servers, System Monitoring and Web applications which will develop together will enable us to have a comprehensive training, improving our consulting capabilities, supplemented ascending our competitive capabilities and overcoming since the time allotted has been a challenge that we have tried to develop with the greatest skill. We intend to meet the desired objectives because we have done the hard tasks of providing a wide range of time to devote to this project has brought us has done a very good development because this will be the basis for our progress as much education as personal which will be crucial to our future. For carrying out this research work we assign a leader, and deputy who documented the project complemented the performance of an organized and were able to reach an excellent development and a sound restructuring of the consultations, which previously agreed with a delegate of the group I carry to work in a dynamic education, a harmonious atmosphere and excellent utility methodology that allowed the breakthrough research was very thorough. The space has our disposal have been the classrooms of the Sena and the service we could provide the quot;Tecnoparquequot; where we have a good time for consultation, a good state of the network and all kinds of devices needed for their development have been provided by our instructors this environment has been essential to its good performance. DEVELOPED FOR: Jonathan Andrés Loaiza García Cesar Augusto Pineda Gonzales Jeison Andrey Henao Álvarez Leidy Marcela Martínez Rafael Emiro Vega Tirado
  4. 4. PAPER (DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS SENA) We have gained great support from our teachers who have been the basis for our research as these have been heading in our performance and helping researchers helped conduct an organized, disciplined and constant consultation of the whole issue, in accordance with the objectives that are required. Within the project developed (Secure e-mail platform, Monitoring and Management of Network and Web Application Management) in this quarter, in which corresponds to the administration module, you can perform a series of comparisons about the content of each of this project. The project quot;Mail Serverquot; can be considered that the project was more robust compared to the other two, so he had a lot of concepts and components that must be taken into account when making an installation of this type . However, to carry out this task was somewhat important, as many companies require this system as a means of communication to do their work. It took great time to perform each of the configurations that had this system. On the second project quot;Monitoring and Network Managementquot;, was slightly less robust when installing the application that worked, however, were due to comprehend concepts that this project presented. An attempt was made to work with free applications in order to find effective and economical solutions to a company. It is very important that a project of this kind is carried out, because DEVELOPED FOR: Jonathan Andrés Loaiza García Cesar Augusto Pineda Gonzales Jeison Andrey Henao Álvarez Leidy Marcela Martínez Rafael Emiro Vega Tirado
  5. 5. PAPER (DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS SENA) network administrators must constantly monitor and manage each network service in which you work, to achieve solutions to their company in terms of the data network. And with regard to the third project quot;Web Application Managementquot;, are applications that network administrators should take into account when providing solutions in the network that works, for example, to an educational environment that would be used are the forums, wiki, E-Learning, and so on. For companies that provide customer support, which are used for ticket systems, among others. However, you must be very important the physical environment where these facilities are carried out, so it must be made fault-tolerant systems, in order to provide security to data that are stored on the server. Everyone of the objectives was development and it will be explain for every students, embossing a evaluation and a exposition for every teacher in the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA. DEVELOPED FOR: Jonathan Andrés Loaiza García Cesar Augusto Pineda Gonzales Jeison Andrey Henao Álvarez Leidy Marcela Martínez Rafael Emiro Vega Tirado