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  1. 1. Sharpening of our Corporate Values SEMINAR © DKSH
  2. 2. Lead the Leaders Program (3 hours)Workshop Objectives:3. Prepare a group of small group leaders to lead during the large group awareness seminar4. Uncover why participants want to be a leader – identifying driving force5. Learn how to lead a small group to participate 100% without reservation6. Discover the inner power to lead by modeling7. Understand the objectives of each small group, and how to invoke realization © DKSH
  3. 3. Lead the Leaders Program (3 hours)Workshop Outlines:• Orientation to the Program• Selection Process• The Iceberg Theory• 4 Leadership Principles (believe, iron will, persistence, enrollment)• Group formation• Vision & Mission• Walk Thru• Commitment StatementsTeaching Methodology: Lecture, Games, Exercises, Test, Simulation, Visualization, Interview, Group Presentation, Brainstorming. © DKSH
  4. 4. Empower Your Destiny Seminar (4 hours)Seminar Objectives:3. Uncover participants’ goals of life4. Co-relates participants’ goals with DKSH’s corporate values5. Discover how the brain attracts and dispels the outcomes at home/work6. Unearth the inner leadership traits7. Experience the 5 values of DKSH in participant’s own space8. Acquire the participants’ commitment to work with passion9. Anchoring process to remind each participant of the 5 core values © DKSH
  5. 5. Empower Your Destiny (4 hours)Seminar Outlines:• Welcome Energizer Facilitators are to lead the energizer session. Purpose: energy up and defense (macho image) down.• Where Are You Going Today? A short series to highlight to the audience where were they yesterday, today and tomorrow. Purpose: invoke self-realization, encourage vision-led behavior at work!• Exercise: Interview of a CEO• 10-minute interview to uncover the direction of every participant, assuming today they are the CEO of their own entity (purpose: dyad exercise to uncover leadership and indirectly chart their own path within DKSH).• The Iceberg Theory A short series to highlight every action imposes a consequence, while every action is caused by a “hidden” factor. Purpose is to allow audience to realize that what they do today is going to affect their outcomes/results in life. © DKSH
  6. 6. Empower Your Destiny (4 hours)Seminar Outlines:• What Do You Want? 3 rounds of intensive drill to unearth the inner desires of each participant (purpose: group exercise to bring down their reluctance to change and unearth their goals of life).• Value #1 – Authentic Walk Participants are invited to form a large circle, then “speak” the truth (non-verbally) in front of each other in less than 10 second Purpose: Importance of being honest - participants get to realize that tell the truth is effortless, who are you hurting when they don’t, what are the prices of not doing so, how dishonesty can affect one at work. © DKSH
  7. 7. Empower Your Destiny (4 hours)Seminar Outlines:• Value #2 – Pragmatic Water White Water simulates a chaotic working scenario. Participants are given a task that keeps changing unpredictably. Purpose: The habit of solving problem – where constantly changing goals, external pressures, emotional breakdown demand common-sense in deriving the ultimate solutions).• Value #3 – Entrepreneurial Paper Participants are invited to walk randomly while the music is playing, then when the music stops, they must keep their feet on top of a piece of 4 feet x4 feet paper, losers are discarded. Purpose: The importance of winning - participants get to reflect upon how they played the game, why they won, why they lost and the prices they paid for winning/losing) © DKSH
  8. 8. Empower Your Destiny (4 hours)Seminar Outlines:• Value #4 – Committed Treasure Hunt Participants are given a list of items to search, some items are very challenging, some are just in front of them, within a time frame of 7 minutes. Purpose: The importance of completing the game (despite distractions) – they get to scale their levels of commitment, how they lead others to winning, and how they have taken charge of their game results. p.s. there is no one single winner here• Value #5 – Passionate Acting Participants are given 5 roles to play, and the rest of they would rate each other’s according to their “role-playing” performance. Purpose: The power of passion in delivering a job, the difference between doing it with high energy and lethargic attitude).• Graduation experience An item will be given to each participant as an anchoring process (5 core values) © DKSH
  9. 9. Empower Your Destiny (4 hours)Seminar Teaching Methodology:• Lecture• Games• Exercises• Test• Simulation• Visualization• Interview• Group Presentation• BrainstormingEach activity is activated by the participants, and the conclusion is derived by each participants. The de-briefing of each activity is only done at the end of each exercise/ game. Hence, every participant gets to experience the outcome is a personalize manner. © DKSH