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What Makes You To Be A Successful Leader

This is a valuable slide presentation for the people want to become a successful leader. What makes A Leader and what are the qualities to have to be a good leader, everything you can get from here. You have to be accurate both personally and professionally to be a successful leader. You should have a good vision, a good command and your words are your acts as a Leader.

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What Makes You To Be A Successful Leader

  1. 1. What Makes You To Be A Successful Leader
  2. 2. Are All Leaders Born ??
  3. 3. Or Can Leadership Be Learned??
  4. 4. Well, almost all leaders have learned skills through experience, conditioning and exposure to specific situations.
  5. 5. Individuals who haven’t learned those skills, often through no fault of their own can sometimes find it difficult to assume a leadership position.
  6. 6. What Makes A Leader ?????
  7. 7. Leadership is a mix of :
  8. 8. Knowledge Understanding Values SkillsAbility communication Visioning Behavior Risk-taking Teamwork
  9. 9. Skills:
  10. 10.  Leadership skills are essential in order to maximize the work .  It help you to find specific leadership styles that are going to work best for you.
  11. 11. Communication Ability:
  12. 12.  A good communicator can express himself clearly with confidence .  Successful leaders are also good listeners & they do pay attention to the facts and feelings .
  13. 13. Knowledge & Understanding:
  14. 14.  An effective leader must have knowledge and understanding relating to a particular subject in which the group is involved.
  15. 15. Risk-Taking
  16. 16.  A new change and innovation involves risk and challenge.  A leader should recognize good ideas, actively support to develop those ideas and encourage the group action by taking the risk.
  17. 17. Team-work
  18. 18.  An effective leader insists on the support and assistance of the group members.  He/she should provide technical assistance, emotional support & vision to the group members.
  19. 19. Vision:
  20. 20.  The leader must develop a vision & it is essential to communicate this vision to the group members.
  21. 21. Just like everyone has an individual personality, every one has an individual leadership styles.
  22. 22. Some useful leadership styles:
  23. 23. Visionary :  This is more appropriate when an organization needs a new direction.  Its goal is to lead people towards a set of shared goals.
  24. 24. Coaching :  This style focuses on:
  25. 25. Developing your employees Showing them proper way to develop their performance Helping them to connect their goals to the organization
  26. 26. Affiliative:  This style focuses on importance of teamwork and create harmony between the team members.
  27. 27. Democratic:  This style emphasizes on the knowledge and skill of the individuals and creates a group commitment towards the goal.
  28. 28. Some Key Points:
  29. 29.  Define your objective  Share it with your group members  Identify your leadership style
  30. 30.  Make your own rule and follow them  Develop trust between your colleagues  Understand the proper meaning of power
  31. 31.  Behave like a leader  Develop trust between your colleagues  Turn your subordinates into leaders
  32. 32. Website: Coaches/1431570690442371 01458591/about