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Certes Homes Lal Dora


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Certes Homes Lal Dora

  1. 1. DELHI MASTER PLAN 2021<br />MPD 2021 wins the ISOCARP award 2008 <br />for Urban planning. <br />Citation on awardees - &quot;For the capacity to articulate a holistic planning at one of the most complex metropolitan areas of the world, and facing key changes that are in common in many other megalopolises of the planet: from shelter to trade and commerce, from industry to environment, from conservation of built heritage to urban design and from development code to plan monitoring.”<br />Building around our rich heritage, not over it.<br />
  2. 2. DELHI MASTER PLAN 2021<br />“TRULY AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROJECTS” <br />HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES<br />in<br />EXTENDED LAL DORA <br />A BRIEF CONCEPT NOTE<br />Prepared by:<br />Ajay Dabas / Ruchika Bhardwaj<br />Not for mass circulation. For Private circulation only.<br />
  3. 3. EXCERPTS FROM THE EXPERT COMMITTEE ON LAL DORA REPORT SUBMITTED TO THE GOVT. IN JAN’ 2007<br />In Extended Lal Dora areas the list of permissible land-uses should include group housing, commercial centres, specialized institutions, non-polluting non-nuisance creating House-hold industries and recreational/amusement parks.<br />For bigger size plots and for non residential use on plot of any size, the Building Plan would be deemed to have been sanctioned unless valid objections are sent by the sanctioning authority within 30 days of submission of Building Plan application. Similar conditions should apply for grant of Completion Certificate. <br />Land allotted in Extended Loa Dora under consolidation proceedings, should be allowed to be sold legally by the owners without any restriction (as laid down in the DLR Act) for healthy and beneficial growth of the village and the villagers<br />Giving incentives and relaxations in the process of redevelopment of the Lot Dora/Extended Lat Dora in terms of land/loan/permissibility of commercial land use or additional FAR.<br />If DDA can have a 23-storey tower and MCD plans to have 28-storey Civic Centre, why should a private enterprising citizen be denied the opportunity to go still higher?<br />Grant of water and electricity connections to buildings constructed by persons who have purchased land from local residents under existing laws, which do not prohibit transfer of land.<br />Lal Dora and Extended Lal Dora should be exempted from the provisions of DMC Act/DDA Act/Land Acquisition Act since such provisions create hurdles for the development of villages.<br />Village Development Plans by way of Local Area Plans (Laps) should be prepared in consultation with the residents, for all Lal Dora and Extended Lal Dora Areas in each village.<br />
  4. 4. EXCERPTS FROM THE EXPERT COMMITTEE ON LAL DORA REPORT SUBMITTED TO THE GOVT. IN JAN’ 2007<br /><ul><li> Health, Education & Religions institutions, commercial, godowns; industries should be allowed in the Lal Dora/Extended Lal Dora.
  5. 5. Energy efficient development and, if necessary, go in for high rise development to achieve intensive use of land.</li></ul>Building heights limitation may be raised to allow more floors depending on the ROW of the abutting street.<br /><ul><li>Provide adequate car parking, facilities (preferably multi-level underground parking and with 30% of FAR for commercial component to make it self sustaining.
  6. 6. Extension of Metro-routes to new areas to cover villages with high potential, should also be recommended.
  7. 7. The existing exemption (of doing away with getting building plan sanctioned) should continue. Registered architect who should certify and take the responsibility of adherence to safety norms and other prevailing building parameters.
  8. 8. The minimum size of plot for high-rise buildings should be reduced to 2000 sqm. for group-housing. FAR and maximum ground coverage applicable should be as follows:</li></ul>Plot size Ground Coverage FAR <br /> 2000-3999 sq m 40% 400 <br /> 4000 sq m and above 40% 500 <br />All those activities that are allowed in plotted colonies should be allowed in Lal Dora/Extended Lal Dora, subject to provision of adequate parking space.<br />Residents may be encouraged to form Cooperatives or Village Group Housing Societies members of which should be allowed to amalgamate their plots<br />
  10. 10.
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  14. 14. EXTENDED LAL DORA DEVELOPABLE LAND PARCEL WITHIN DELHI<br />450 acre extended Lal Dora land (approx.)<br />ROHINI<br />
  15. 15. PRIME LOCATION WITHIN DELHI<br />Kanjhawala<br />
  16. 16. WELL PLOTTED LAND PARCELS – READY TO DEVELOP & MARKET - features<br /><ul><li> Plots of 2100 sq. yards each
  17. 17. Well planned & plotted
  18. 18. Rectangular in shape
  19. 19. Each plot is two sided
  20. 20. Front road of 25 ft with each plot
  21. 21. Service lane of 16 ft on each plot
  22. 22. 150 Meter central verge road
  23. 23. Multiple entry & exit roads
  24. 24. Well connected with current & future wide roads
  25. 25. Metro connectivity likely in future
  26. 26. In close proximity to proposed MINI INDIA PROJECT
  27. 27. Opposite Bawana Industrial area
  28. 28. Surrounded by Residential townships of New Delhi
  29. 29. Readily digestible proposition</li></li></ul><li>
  30. 30.
  31. 31.
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Certes Proposal:<br /><ul><li> At Certes, we have the Ground level expertise to consolidate Lal Dora land parcels ranging from 1000 sq. yards to a few acres.
  34. 34. We can source JV / JDA deals.
  35. 35. We also have expertise on the Lal Dora INDUSTRIAL land parcels, in multiples of 300 sq. yards on the Kanjhawala extended Lal dora area.
  36. 36. Advisory on the identification, valuation and transaction.
  37. 37. Assistance & post care on construction, strategy, marketing and collection
  38. 38. We have a dedicated office and teams located within the extended Lal Dora areas of Kanjhawala and other villages under Zone J, K, L, M & P of the Delhi master plan 2021.</li></li></ul><li>Consultants & facilitators:<br />CERTES REALTY LIMITED<br />Plot # 678, Udyog Vihar Phase – V<br />Gurgaon – 122 016<br />Site Off:<br />142/278, Main Kanjhawla Road,<br />Kanjhawla,<br />New Delhi-81<br />Ramesh Menon 99100-54949<br />Ajay Dabas 98109-50411<br />July’ 2009<br />www.LAL, ,<br />DISCLAIMER<br />This presentation has been prepared on behalf of Certes Realty Ltd solely for information purposes. It is not an investment advice or an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument. While reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained herein is not untrue or misleading at the date of the presentation, certes makes no representation that it is accurate or complete. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Neither Certes nor any of its officers or employees accepts any liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this presentation or its contents. Copyright and database rights protection exist in this presentation and it may not be reproduced, distributed or published by any person for any purpose without the prior expressed consent of Certes realty Ltd. All rights are reserved.<br />