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Opening sequence analysis


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Opening sequence analysis

  1. 1. Film: The Ring
  2. 2.  Genre: Horror Plot Summary: A young journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it.How did it meet the conventions: Alone In A Dark house Female Victim Killer Contacts Victims Via A Phone
  3. 3. The Ring
  4. 4. Fonts/ Titles Child Hand writing “O” are emphasised to show the ringCCTV stylemovement, Shaky/Trembling framing
  5. 5. Camera Shots Close Ups On Characters to show exact facial expression and signal of emotion. Close Up Shots Of Still Images, only showing the things the audience needs to concentrate on.
  6. 6. Sound Non-Diagetic: Off key nursery rhyme melody, which makes it sound like the melody is broken and builds an eerie atmosphere because when you think of nursery rhymes you think of children which very disturbing.
  7. 7. Sound Diagetic: High Pitch screeches, snow TV noise as a indication of a TV being broken or a video has finished, swing noise echoes like it is in a isolated place. The echo portraying ghosts or memories.
  8. 8. Special Effects Shadow Of The Chair Moves Without The Actual Chair Moving itself. B+W COLOUR MANIPULATION Upside down spinning chair. Contrast Of Lighting
  9. 9. Transitions Inconsistent Crosscutting Overlapping Fade In/ Fade Out  Edgy Effect
  10. 10. Editing/ Pace Slow To Fairly walking speed pace Slow action Fast Zooms to create intensity Slows down to create tension
  11. 11. Mise-En Scene School girl in uniform to represent the vulnerable and innocent stereotype(White, Blonde, Female) Eyes Wide Open To Show how Alert She Is As She’s Reaching For The Door Knob.
  12. 12. Images Connotation &DenotationConnotation: Denotation:Blood In The Blood In AWater In Well Glass OfWhere The Water.Main VillainOf The FilmGot PushedInto.