Draft 4 part 5


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Draft 4 part 5

  1. 1. We are using Torodov’s TheoryPart N because .. Todorov Theory • His theory is a calm beginning , something goes wrong in middle then everything is goes either back to normal or Happier at the end which is more like a drama to us How we are using it • Our Idea Starts with a twist both audience and character are confused waiting to see what’s going to happen next which is what a psychological thriller does.
  2. 2. Part O Theories of Propp (Character Roles) Propp’s theory Vladimir Propp developed a character theory for studying media texts and productions, which indicates that there were 7 broad character types in the 100 How we are using theory tales he analysed. • We will be applying theories of Propp in our Opening Sequence.  What I learnt from Propp is that you He studies Russian fairytales and can classify characters by their roles discovered that in stories there and actions. were always 8 types of characters evident. These are: the hero, the  This links to our opening villain, the donor, the sequence, because the characters are dispatcher, the false hero, the all different and we could understand helper, the princess and her each actors key function. father. • We will be using theories of Propp to identify what characters do what. In his theory Nia would be (the Victim) and Kylie would be (the helper)
  3. 3. Part OLevi-Strauss looked at narrative structure interms of binary oppositions.Binary oppositions are sets of opposite valueswhich reveal the structure of media texts. Anexample would be GOOD and EVIL – weunderstand the concept of GOOD as being theopposite of EVIL. Levi –Strauss was not so interested in lookingat the order in which events were arranged inthe plot. He looked instead for deeperarrangements of themes. For example, if welook at Science Fiction films we can identify aseries of binary oppositions.
  4. 4. Part O • Immortality is the ability to live forever. • Mortality is the condition of being mortal, or susceptible to death; the opposite of immortality. We show the binary opposition through the characters in the film. The Main Character Being Human (Mortal) And the doll in which has a supernatural sprit in it (immortal). The struggle shows that when something is immortal it is tougher to either control or win against.
  5. 5. Part Q Target Audience  Age Certificate: 15  Location: Worldwide  Gender: Both Genders  Social Class: Working Class/ Youth  Must have an interest in how society can affect on people lifestyles  Open minded to the reason why/how people can make mistakes.  Sense of empathy
  6. 6. Part Q Target Audience • Target audience: 15 – 18 year olds • I say this because looking at the BBFC standards certain scenes might not be appropriate for any age below that. • Some scenes may be too harsh to watch. • A lot of scenes will portray paranoia, uncertainly, mind confusing, a lot of tension, leave you feeling a bit uneasy. • I decided a bit too much for a below 15 year old to handle. Gender – it is targeted at both genders male and female. There is nothing against any gender or discriminating a particular gender in the sequence.
  7. 7. Part Q Target Audience • Social Class – We don’t want to be too harsh on the viewing of the sequence. But the social class is mostly targeted at middle class and working class people. Affordable and accessible to watch at any time. Interests –Psychological Upper thrillers, paranoia behaviour, science, mental Upper Middle behaviour, toys etc. this all relates to the sequence Middle Middle Lower Middle Hobbies Watching Films Working Playing Games Collecting Toys Upper Lower Poverty
  8. 8. Part R Inspirational Distribution CompaniesWe will not be using Lionsgate becauseit’s too much of a multi milliondistribution company and it wouldn’t suitour budget.It’s mostly targeted at top American films.We also we need to look at the budget ofour film before hand.Could it be affordable? Lionsgate don’t do much Thriller movies focus is more on drama and action
  9. 9. Inspiration UK DistributingPart R Company• Choose this because its Brief Facts distributed British films • Founded in London , UK One with the same • They are Owned by Paramount target audience that & Universal Pictures my group are targeting Address (life& Lyrics) • UIP ,Building 5, Chiswick Park,566 Chiswick High Road, London,W4 5YF
  10. 10. Part R Distributing Company we are usingRevolver Entertainment is amarketing-lead, all rights filmdistribution company. Founded in1997, the company has operationsin both London and Los Angeles. We Would Choose Revolver Entertainment because;Distributed Films such as;  Revolver Entertainment is one of the UK & Anuvahood Eire’s leading ‘All Rights’ distribution Shank companies Black Death  Distributed many well known films on Kidulthood various budgets. Dead Man Running Exit Through The Gift Shop
  12. 12. Part S BBFC Standards BBFC STANDARDS How we met the Standard “Dangerous behaviour (for example, In Our open sequence no “dangerous hanging, suicide and self-harming) behaviour” is not shown at all. should not dwell on detail which could be copied. Easily accessible weapons should not be glamorised” “There may be frequent use of strong In our open sequence there is no profanity is language (for example, ‘f***’). spoken or shown in a gesture. The strongest terms (for example, ‘cunt’) may be acceptable if justified by the context. Aggressive or repeated use of the strongest language is unlikely to be acceptable” “No theme is prohibited, provided the Our themes of revenge is not shown in the treatment open sequence but if it was it would have is appropriate for 15 year olds.” been appropriate for viewers of 15 +