Draft 4 part 3


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Draft 4 part 3

  1. 1. Part G
  2. 2. Part G Cliff-hangers False Investigations AccusationsMurders Thrillers Suspension Mind Games Science Uncertainty Crime Anxiety Tension Psychological Thrillers Conscience Paranoia Existence Perception
  3. 3. Part GSuspense Using-Created by the main character’s actions and musicMind Games/ Paranoia- Using-Having The Doll Keep Going Missing and not knowing what the doll would do nextAnxiety Developing-Have moments where we can build up tension to cause anxiety.Murder Challenging-To Show A Previous Murder in a FlashbackCliff-hangers Challenging-By not giving too much away within the opening sequence
  4. 4. • Suspense-created by the main Part G character’s actions and music Using • Mind Games/ Paranoia- Having The Doll Keep Going Missing and not knowing what the doll would do next • Anxiety-Have moments where we canDeveloping build up tension to cause anxiety. • Murder- To Show A Previous Murder in a FlashbackChallenging • Cliff-hangers-By not giving too much away within the opening sequence
  5. 5. Part HIn our opening sequence there are going to be 2 characters and 2 actors. 1st Character is Nia acted by Mickella Swaby 2nd Character is Kylie by Paula Duru Nia is a shy, lonely, quiet character, Nia is in Kylie doesn’t have much of a role in the her own world. She is shown to be mentally sequence but she is a friend of Nia. She disturbed in the sequence. Shes not much of does seem to worry about Nia a lot a bold character but she is very vulnerable. because of her shy behaviour. But she Shes gone through past experiences which lives around the area, and she greets Nia made her have a sort of abnormal behaviour from time to time. or is she just seeing things that are not really there. Stereotype – confident, cheerful Stereotype – hidden, alone Costume – bright, stylish Costume – dark clothing, winter wear Language – modern, slang, talkative Language – low toned voice. Body language – loud and proud Body language - hostile
  6. 6. Part H This is Nia as This is Kylie as dressed as Character Character (Black, hidden shy (Smart, bold, colourful attire) clothing) And Paula the And Mickella as Actor Actor
  7. 7. Part I Filming will also take place outside the house. ( Long shot) Point of view shot from the door (Nia passes by)
  8. 8. Part IShe thenwalks Thenthrough into thehe kitchen/corridor. dining area.Most of thesetting will be A midset at home. shot willNia will be the bemain character filmed. She walks here.through thisdoor afterseeing Kylie
  9. 9. Part I Shaina and Shammar – Laptop – this is one of the Kylie’s kids walking with props that will be used by her when they witness Nia when she’s checking Nia’s strange behaviour abortion side effectsBaby doll – the mostimportant propused as a supposed Letter – this letterthreat to Nia. envelope will be posted in the letter box as a Notepad – Nia’s note pad message revealing … where she is scribbling out the word “sorry”