Drake practice analysis


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Drake practice analysis

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of Music VideosThe video I’m analysing is Practice by Drake. Drake is a Hip Hop/ R&Bartist and his video does follow some of the conventions of the genre, forexample using women as sexual objects or props in the video howeveroverall the video is unconventional for a Hip Hop/ R&B artist.
  2. 2. In the video the cameradoes not move from thecorner of a girlsbedroom, in the roomyou can see part of abed, a mirror and a chair.However the room lookslike a used bedroom thathas clothes and make upbags everywhere. This isunconventional for a HipHop video as theynormally feature manydifferent settings often inclubs or hotel rooms.
  3. 3. For the majority of the video, it featuresonly one woman who is wearing a pair ofgrey jeggings and a cropped top. Shedances in front of the mirror for the wholeof the video, with no change in camera shotthe focus is on her. Initially the audience may not identify a relationship between the visuals and the lyrics, however the lyrics tell of how a girl has been ‘practicing’ which is what we witness her doing ‘Youve been waiting for me, Oh-ho, I can tell that you been practicing’. Again this is unconventional for this genre as in most cases the artists would be the main focus of the narrative.
  4. 4. In the video drake appears for the last twenty seconds, however there are still no close ups of the artist. He walks in from the left, stands in the centre of the room hugging the woman before pushing her onto the bed and climbing on top of her.The video represents drake as masculine andgives the impression of a ‘bad boy’. This videois very different to previous videos by drake, ashe normally has narratives in his video withhim being the star of the video.
  5. 5. The star in the video ison sexual display andthis is used to appeal tothe target audience.Many things in thevideo imply this. At thebeginning of the videoit starts with a close upof the woman’s faceand then pans and youcan see a close up ofher chest, stomach andthen her thighs/ bum.The main factor thatimplies that the womanis on sexual display isthe way she gyrates andwiggles in front of themirror and at pointsslightly pulls down herjeggings.
  6. 6. This video relates to Juvenile’s ‘Back That Azz Up’, as well as sharing some ofthe same lyrics drake has used the same narrative as Juveniles conventionalvideo however drake has a toned down version on a smaller scale. BothJuvenile and drakes video feature the sexual display of women.
  7. 7. Overall this video is effective and has got people talking as it is unconventional. Itdoesn’t look like a professional video and that has in some ways surprised his fansas it is so different to the conventional videos from drake.