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Performance marketing presentation 2016 final (Martech Europe 2016)

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Performance marketing presentation 2016 final (Martech Europe 2016)

  1. 1. Performance Marketing: Basware’s Journey To Modern B2B Marketing Ceri Jones VP, Global Marketing Operations
  2. 2. @cerijones216 What I’ve learned so far… 1. PERFORMANCE is mainly about PEOPLE (and culture and competencies)  PROCESS and SYSTEMS (in that order) come a long way second 2. CHANGE is hard – and always takes longer than you think 3. PEOPLE need to think differently about what they do and how it makes a meaningful contribution  This is the first step to CHANGE and PERFORMANCE improvement
  3. 3. @cerijones216 agenda • Basware transformation • The Digital & Growth Agendas: context for Marketing change • Becoming a ‘Modern Marketing’ organisation: customer and outcome focus • ‘Performance Marketing’ as a focus for change: data-driven decisions • Role of the Global Demand & Operations Shared Services Center • Leading with Big Data Insights
  4. 4. @cerijones216 Who is Basware? • Leader in eProcurement, financing and invoice automation solutions • HQ in Finland • Founded over 30 years ago • 67 colleagues in Marketing; 80 quota carrying Sales • 4 years into a major transformation from license to subscription and transactions revenue • Resulting in cultural shift to focus on customer experience and loyalty over products – 2 years in
  5. 5. @SpeakerName from to • Licence revenue business • Nordic Focus • Think and plan locally • Product-centric • Analogue • Marketing Activity • Broadcast • Selling Transformation Context • Subscription business • Global • Think Global, act local • Buyer-centric • Digital First • Marketing Performance • 1-to-1 • Enabling the buyer’s journey
  6. 6. @cerijones216 Key driver 1: agility
  7. 7. @cerijones216 Key driver 2: digital transformation
  8. 8. Meeting the business challenge… BASWARE MARKETING JOURNEY
  9. 9. @cerijones216 Characteristics of modern B2B marketing organisations Source: SiriusDecisions
  10. 10. @cerijones216 Customer-centric: from push to pull Source: SiriusDecisions
  11. 11. @cerijones216 It’s a journey Starting 2012…
  12. 12. @cerijones216 digital shared services: enabling change ‘The Demand Center provides a shared services center of excellence to offer standardised digital services that are simple to use and to Scale through a Single Point of Contact’
  13. 13. Acquisition Nurturing Retention Insight & Analytics Communication Productivity Marketing Technology Stack
  14. 14. @cerijones216 Menu of Services Database Marketing Services  Account & Contact baseline  White space analysis  Contact profiling & enhancement  Contact acquisition (buy, re-activate, opt-in)  Campaign targeting  Data processing services  Eloqua Upload  CRM Upload  Account Creation / Upload  Fuzzy Matching  Data Enrichment  Data Cleaning Campaign Execution Services  Campaign ‘journey’ design & execution (inc EM/LP etc)  Campaign setup governance  Email & Newsletter  Events / Webinars / Seminars Setup  Web / Online (Vanity urls, forms, tracking) Content  Content assembly  Campaign Offer management  Content consumption analysis Reporting & Analytics  Birst (Dashboard) – Sales/ Marketing  MSD CRM (Dashboard)  Qlikview (Dashboard) – FiSe  Spend Analysis  Campaign reporting (inbound & outbound) and ROI  Demand management  YoY end to end pipeline reporting vs goals Operations Management  HelpDesk (1st line support)  Issue resolution & trouble-shooting (2nd & 3rd line support)  Training & Documentation  Technical Roadmap  Platform administration Online Interactive Marketing  Online contact acquisition  Accounts based marketing  Pilot projects
  15. 15. @cerijones216 Basware pipeline planning: performance focus • Quota targets drive the reverse funnel Data insight drives performance
  16. 16. @cerijones216 KPI dashboard: performance measurement
  17. 17. @cerijones216 2017 ‘5 Pillars’: marketing transformation continues TIGHTEN LINKS TO THE BUSINESS INVEST IN PEOPLE RE-INVENT THE BRAND DEVELOP CUSTOMER DRIVEN MARKETING SIMPLIFY MARKETING Synchronise experience across all channels & touchpoints with the customer at the centre Create/Amplify a consistent message & orchestrate the conversation across the buyers journey Marry the art & science of marketing Re-connecting the Demand Center with core marketing functions
  18. 18. @cerijones216 What I covered 1. PERFORMANCE is mainly about PEOPLE and the context (culture and competencies)  PROCESS and SYSTEMS (in that order) come along way second 2. CHANGE is hard – and always takes longer than you think 3. PEOPLE need to think differently about what they do and how it makes a meaningful contribution  This is the first step to CHANGE and PERFORMANCE improvement Context is everything! There is no ‘right’ way!
  19. 19. Questions

Editor's Notes

    Brand is the sum of our audiences interactions with us. As with our strategy, which places customers at the centre of our re-invention, our brand experience must reinforce that we are focussed on helping our customers run their finance & procurement functions better
    Re-inventing the brand is an important step in ensuring relevance. We need to articulate that we understand our customers by shaping meaningful & distinctive experiences for them
    If we get this right, we differentiate ourselves from the competition, & inspire advocacy. Not just amongst our customers but amongst those audiences we wish to engage
    Brand is not about logo, colour palettes. Its about storytelling, how the people who we live to serve think & feel about us. It’s the representation of our business across every touchpoint that our customers & prospects have with us &, if done well will help us increase our purchase consideration

    - This pillar has been established to drive the idea that marketing must run like a business, constantly measuring our activities against the achievement of Basware’s business & revenue goals
    - To increase marketing’s relevancy & ensure we meet our collective business goals of revenue, profitability & future growth we need to engage better with stakeholders both inside &
    outside our business.
    - We’ll focus heavily on getting the right measures of success in place, so that every person in marketing understands what they have to do, & how that contributes to our overall business goals
    - In doing this we’ll focus on ensuring the appropriate alignment of marketing with other relevant business functions so that we are crystal clear about what the business can
    expect from marketing, & what not to expect
    - & beyond that we’ll take greater responsibility for proactive pipeline management, ensuring that we are working more closely with our colleagues in sales & the BA’s to ensure we
    collectively take responsibility & actions to ensure the business has the right amount of pipeline, throughout the sales cycle to achieve our goals

    More than 80% of sales cycles start with a simple search. Recognising this new business paradigm, we must shift our focus from ‘selling’ to organisations to empowering individuals & organisations to buy
    With a radical shift in our GTM approach & an audience first mind-set we can now focus on providing answers to our customers business problems, & enabling our audiences to discover the information they need through whatever channels they choose to engage: web, apps, social or other
    With this consistent digital experience will make it easier to meaningfully engage with & delight customers & prospects
    With simplified digital assets, more intuitive online navigation & greater personalisation we’ll increase our early stage relevance in the customer decision journey & help people do business with us faster & more easily
    & in doing this we should be successful in capturing more interest, driving deeper engagement which in turn, creates more demand

    To successfully implement our 2017 marketing strategy we will streamline our internal operations & the way we are organised
    In line with our vision in becoming customer obsessed we will lead with the design principle of customer driven marketing
    This principle will be a prominent theme in more closely linking regional & local planning & execution
    It is my expectation that we will agree on a small number of integrated marketing plans which will form a significant proportion of our marketing programme strategy. & we will build agile teams with representation from both local & regional marketing
    These teams will then plan worldwide programmes & campaigns for each integrated plan, taking on-board market unit input into content that is more pertinent to specific audiences
    This integration enables us to generate assets with increased relevance for our customers by focussing in their business & personal challenges & catering for their preferred way on consuming information & engaging with us
    As importantly, it means that our investment in content & programmes get better utilisation & drives greater engagement