welcome tothe b2b cloudChanging the waybusinesses buyand sellCut complexity from B2B commerceWork more effectively with cu...
How much does                                         complexity cost                                         your busines...
How much does    complexity cost    your business?                                                                        ...
the b2b cloud                            Basware solutions at a glance                            Basware Procurement     ...
the b2b cloud    simplifying the world    of b2b commerce                                                                 ...
putting the b2b    cloud to work    for your business    No matter what size of company you are –         9 reasons why yo...
About BaswareBasware is the global leader in cloud based e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions with more than1,000,000...
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Basware B2B Cloud


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An introduction to Basware's cloud-based solutions for B2B commerce, including purchase-to-pay, invoice processing, procurement and expense management

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Basware B2B Cloud

  1. 1. welcome tothe b2b cloudChanging the waybusinesses buyand sellCut complexity from B2B commerceWork more effectively with customers, suppliers and partnersEliminate costly, inefficient paperReduce time-consuming manual processesTrade on the world’s largest open networkB2B Cloud | e-Invoicing | Invoice Automation | e-Procurement | Purchase-to-Pay
  2. 2. How much does complexity cost your business?“What’s great about Basware is that Business-to-business commerce is huge. Virtually every organization in every corner no matter the size or sophistication of the globe does business with others. of a supplier, there’s a connectivity But it is also complex. Too complex. solution that works for them.” This complexity makes companies slow, limits control and costs money. Our businesses are Financial Systems Controller, drowning in paper-purchase orders, remittances, delivery notes, statements, Lloydspharmacy credit reports, the list goes on and on. Even if we just focus on invoices alone – we find that over 150 billion are issued around the world every single year. And in total, we’re approaching two billion documents every working day. Of course it doesn’t end there. Even today, companies are still plagued by inefficient, manual processes. Processes that breed mistakes and harm relationships. The result is a nightmare of complexity, inefficiency and error. This makes cash flow unpredictable. Costs become difficult to control. The company faces working capital issues and becomes over reliant on third-party financing. And the business loses discounts and faces late payment fees. In short, complexity costs. 1
  3. 3. How much does complexity cost your business? Using Basware Procurement, confectionary company Ritter Sport lowered indirect spend by 10% and reduced the number of suppliers by 40%, realizing a rapid ROI. The 3 drivers of complexity The 3 big challenges for business 5 ways to solve complexity While there are many factors that contribute to the complexity The problem of complexity creates significant issues While B2B complexity may seem inescapable, this is simply not so. of B2B commerce, three stand out: throughout any organization. Principally, this results But to successfully address the issue, today’s businesses must: in three major challenges: System legacy: traditional ERP systems are well established 1. Get rid of paper – Replace slow, manual, paper-based processes in many businesses. But they are also expensive, difficult to Paper challenges: companies need to overcome the problems with 100% automated ones and use this automation to lower use and hard to extend to multi-enterprise commerce. caused by the mass of paper involved in B2B commerce. costs and re-work wherever possible. Paper leads to time-consuming, manual processes, greater Globalization: today’s businesses must operate effectively errors, settlement and dispute-resolution problems, and poor 2. Collaborate transparently – Connect with buyers and sellers across multiple jurisdictions, tax regimes, cultures and languages quality data. regardless of infrastructure, technical expertise or data format, (whether as customers, suppliers or both). This results in building transparent, collaborative relationships around additional regulatory and administrative complexity. Process challenges: too many businesses are held back by silos consistent, securely accessible data. exacerbated by disconnected departmental processes, varying Market volatility: in today’s world, complexity is no longer data models and poor collaboration (both inside and outside 3. Simplify processes – Improve B2B commerce processes simply the price of doing business. It is a significant barrier the company). based on real-time data. Ensure that the right people see to competitiveness, an obstacle to operational agility and the right data at the right time. a drain on valuable resources. Communication challenges: virtually every business understands that making B2B commerce electronic makes B2B commerce 4. Collaborate socially – To handle exceptions, errors better. However, to do so requires that everyone takes part and disputes. (suppliers, customers and partners). The challenge is how to 5. Pay for what you need… today – Get the right solution make this happen in the most efficient, most effective way. for your present circumstances but also be able to scale and change in the future. Fortunately, the solution is available.2 3
  4. 4. the b2b cloud Basware solutions at a glance Basware Procurement Our solution for sourcing, purchasing, catalog and contract simplifying the world management processes. Source An agile electronic sourcing solution supporting complete electronic tendering. of b2b commerce Contract Catalog Streamline the creation and management of each contract through its entire lifecycle. Maximize your catalog-based purchasing and contract compliance. Purchase Streamline the enterprise purchasing process by ensuring effective compliance and control across direct and indirect spending. Travel Automate your travel planning processes. Basware Invoice Automation Our solution for automating the complete invoice handling process, providing straight-through accounts payable processing. Expense Automate your expense reimbursement processes. Invoice Use automatic, business-rule based workflows to minimize the need for time-consuming repetitive invoice handling. Match Fully automate the process of multiple invoice categories, maximizing the percentage of invoices that achieve zero-touch, straight-through-processing. Pay Manage your payment strategy manually or automate the transfer to your ERP for payment. Archive Automatically archive all your B2B documents with full rights management and easy search and retrieval. Basware Transaction Services Plays a key role in helping organizations achieve efficiency, and cost and working capital gains by simplifying the process of B2B document exchange. Activation Increase the volume of electronic invoices Services through dedicated on-boarding services. Scan Capture Outsource your invoice scanning and OCR to receive invoices electronically. e-Invoicing Completely remove paper from your invoice handling process (both receiving and sending). e-Ordering Automatically route purchase orders and all related purchasing documentation to suppliers through the Open Network. e-Catalogs Gain access to accurate, relevant e-catalog content. Printing Adopt 100% Order-to-Cash (sending) Services e-invoices from day one.4 5
  5. 5. the b2b cloud simplifying the world of b2b commerce America’s drive-in restaurant chain Sonic realized annual savings of $160,000 using Basware Invoice Automation, processing 97% of the 450,000 invoices electronically. The B2B Cloud is an open, secure, A solid foundation for business Why the future is open collaborative commerce ecosystem for The B2B Cloud is built on three core elements that, together, On the Open Network, everyone’s invited to do business. large enterprises, growing businesses and will change the way you do business with other companies No restrictive silos or onerous demands on suppliers. suppliers. Simply, it removes complexity from for good. It features: No unpredictable costs or lock-in to a single operator. No limits to expansion. B2B. It means you can do business quickly, 1. Best-in-class B2B processes built on over 25 years experience efficiently and transparently right across the and millions of transactions. You’ll benefit from proven processes We’ve created a B2B transactional platform that connects covering the complete purchase-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash your organization to millions of other businesses worldwide. globe – whatever systems you use, however (O2C) cycles. Processes that work cross-department, It also connects seamlessly with over 130 international many companies you deal with. cross-enterprise and right across the world. e-invoicing platforms making it the largest inter-operator network in the world. Every year, the Open Network hosts 2. Intelligent cloud collaboration enabling any company with any millions of transactions from around hundreds of thousands The B2B Cloud has been designed from the back-end and any data format to do business. You also get access of active buyers and sellers. And it’s growing all the time. ground up to tackle the complexity preventing to a full suite of value-added services including: archiving, today’s businesses from realizing the true dispute management, invoice status, scan and capture, and a wealth of other options. value of their trading relationships. It lets you replace slow, costly, manual processes 3. The Open Network, a commerce network built over the last decade that offers instant liquidity, information transparency with fast, error-free, automated ones. It lets and multi-enterprise collaboration. So now you can join a single “The Basware solution you keep the systems and data you already network and transact everywhere. have, but makes them work harder and The result is a simpler, more efficient, more profitable way of now automatically matches smarter for your business. And it ensures doing business. One that gives you the visibility and control you need. And one that ensures you are able to do business securely over 90% of incoming your organization is ready to take on the challenges of today’s volatile markets. and openly with virtually any business on the planet. electronic order-related Getting started is easy. You can begin invoices at Heineken.” with a single process and just a subset Financial Services Manager, of your transactions. And you’ll see value straight away. Heineken6 7
  6. 6. putting the b2b cloud to work for your business No matter what size of company you are – 9 reasons why you should move to the B2B Cloud with Basware Benefits for enterprises Benefits for suppliers from growing business to established 1. Use a true multi-enterprise business platform that integrates Dramatic efficiency gains through eliminating paper. N o barriers to joining (register once, trade globally). multinational – the B2B Cloud can help you with any legacy system and any data format. M easurable cost control and risk management. R eal-time transparency — buyers and suppliers collaborate thrive in today’s commercial environment. 2. Access the Open Network that allows any buyer, seller or across every transaction in real time. Whether you simply want to get off paper and operator to trade securely and compliantly in virtually any Optimized payment timing and discounts. country worldwide. F aster process, faster payments, fewer errors. move to e-invoicing, gain greater control of Better, deeper supplier and customer relationships. purchasing with e-procurement, improve the 3. Remove barriers to trade by welcoming new participants F ull compliance to company policies and industry regulations. B etter cash flows and more accurate forecasting. regardless of their level of technical sophistication (no limits, agility of financial operations with Invoice no lock-in). I mproved visibility into cash-to-cash cycle (invoice status etc), Automation, or adopt a fully end-to-end P2P Better insight into business processes. reduced DSO. 4. Deliver a single user experience that allows different solution, we can help. departments to collaborate effectively across the B2B B etter cash and working capital visibility, I mproved customer service and better trading relationships. commerce cycle. improved forecasting. We offer a range of modular solutions that E fficient supplier activation. can be tailored to your precise needs. You can 5. Get a clear view of every interaction, transaction and relationship that matters along with real-time reporting Real-time collaboration across trading partners. choose whether to deploy them as on-premise delivering actionable intelligence. software, a cloud-based service, business 6. Secure access to vital B2B information via any modern C ontinuous improvement through best practice process outsourcing (BPO) or a hybrid. And process configuration. browser, on tablets and smartphones. we can provide full consultancy, training and 7. Handle queries and disputes in real time using new social O perational agility — deploy processes fit for corporate support to help you get the greatest value growth with no additional fixed costs. tools and proactive validation services. from the B2B Cloud. 8. Choose how to deploy — on-premise, cloud-based, outsourced, or any combination of the three. Benefits for growing companies 9. Get real-time actionable intelligence into the financial Quicker processes, faster payments, improved cash flow. We have a package to fit every performance of your business. organization. But we know every R apid implementation and time to value. business has precise needs and ccess to world-class processes from day one. A we can create a custom solution Electronics to meet them. manufacturer T he ability to start with a single process (eg e-invoicing). Toshiba saved Find out more at E asy to use, easy to buy, easy to realize the benefits. 75% on their www.basware.com/solutions invoicing costs R eal time ability to check status, correct errors and using Basware resolve disputes. Transaction I ntegrate with any infrastructure and any back-end. Services.8 9
  7. 7. About BaswareBasware is the global leader in cloud based e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions with more than1,000,000 users in over 60 countries. Basware’s B2B Cloud solutions and services provide an open, secureand global ecosystem for buyer and supplier collaboration, connecting more than 1.9 million buyers andsuppliers globally. The solutions are architected to meet the needs of SMEs and global enterprises and arebuilt upon Basware’s deep knowledge and experience of B2B financial processes, coupled with intelligentcloud connectivity and the Open Network. With Basware, organizations benefit from more efficientprocurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, sustainable cost savings, better insightto cash flows and improved buyer-supplier relationships. The solutions are available via the cloud, on-premise or through business process outsourcing in Europe, the US, and Asia-Pacific through an extensivenetwork of Basware offices and business partners.www.basware.comHeadquarters Other offices in:Basware Corporation Australia New ZealandLinnoitustie 2, Building Cello Belgium NorwayP.O. Box 97 Denmark RussiaFIN-02601 Espoo France SingaporeFinland Germany SwedenTel: +358 9 879 171 India UKFax: +358 209 3410 244 Netherlands USA