''Breakdown'' Screenplay


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''Breakdown'' Screenplay

  1. 1. “BREAKDOWN” byCeren Kangal 96 Wrotham Road Welling, Kent DA16 1LN 02083014316
  2. 2. FADE IN:INT. ROBERTS HOUSE – MORNING.Robert’s house is perfectly clean. Everything is in itscorrect place and there are many extravagant paintings onthe walls. He has a grand fireplace and masses of thickbrown books on the perfectly straight shelves. ROBERT (Laughs) Americans.The news is on the television, showing some informationabout some natural disasters which have been occurring inAmerica. ROBERT They never learn.He leaves his house and shuts the grand, wooden doorpromptly.CUT TO:EXT. OUTSIDE LINDSEY AND BRIAN’S HOUSE – MORNINGAverage looking door slams shut. LINDSEY Come on Brian, it’s your fault we have to go to this bloody meeting anyway. BRIAN Yes. I know, I know. (Whilst locking the door) LINDSEY Give me the folder. Knowing you, you’ll leave it on the train.They both begin to walk swiftly down the ordinary, narrowroad on which they lived. Lindsey quickly shoves the folderin her bag and zips the bag up.CUT TO:INT. THE UNDERGROUND STATION – MORNING. 2
  3. 3. Lauren unzips her bag and starts rooting around for herpurse. LAUREN I have it in here somewhere. I put it in here this morning, honestly. ROBERT (sighs) Excuse me miss, but would you mind getting out of the line, some of us are trying to buy tickets too. LAUREN Hold on, hold on. Aha! Here it is. Sorry for that, this bag is just too big.Lauren purchases her ticket and Robert is quickly loosinghis patience. He taps his foot. Lindsey and Brian walktowards the underground tracks. LINDSEY Right, so when John asks you about the budget how much are you going to say? BRIAN I don’t know Lindsey. How much would you think is the right price? (Brian is the weaker one in the relationship and in the workplace, he always relies on Lindsey to help him)Lauren accidently pushed Lindsey out of the way to get tothe tracks. LINDSEY Well – hey watch where you’re going! LAUREN I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking.Robert strolls past, tutting whilst doing so. His largebrown briefcase was clean and scratch free. ROBERT (under his breath) People these days. No manners.The underground train arrives. 3
  4. 4. CUT TO:INT. THE TRAIN – MORNING.The underground is quite busy and in one carriage we seeBrian and Lindsey surrounded by people. They both try totalk to one and other until the train suddenly comes to astop. They all stumble. BRIAN Oh come on, not now. We haven’t got time for this!The train fills with anxious and annoyed chatter. LINDSEY We’re not going to get there in time at this rate. John is going to sack us for sure.The train lights flicker and the train begins to moveagain. Spluttering with each movement.CUT TO:Robert and Lauren are in the same carriage as each other,but a few away from Brian and Lindsey. Their carriage issurprisingly quiet and relatively empty. The train stopsonce again. ROBERT For God’s sake! What is wrong with this bloody train? Get a move on Driver, I have places to be. LAUREN I doubt it’s the drivers fault. We’ve just got to wait until the train starts again. Calm down.Robert tuts and fiddles around with some papers in hisperfect brown briefcase. The lights on the train flickerand the train’s breaks make noises often. There is a faintsound of panic coming from the other carriages and somesighing in their carriage. FADE OUT: THE END 4