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CERCONEWS October 2009


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CERCONEWS October 2009 edition

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CERCONEWS October 2009

  1. 1. CERCO-NEWS V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 O C T O B E R 2 0 0 9 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: CERCOPAN leads World Environment Day Celebrations CERCOPAN 1 leads World year’s environmental theme Environment day celebrations was entitled ‘Wildlife, our heritage’. The parade through the streets of Cala- From the Direc- 2 bar was vibrant and lively, tor with everybody enjoying the Once again CERCO- occasion while becoming PAN was the driving force more aware about environ- CERCOPAN to 2 help communities behind the World Environ- mental issues affecting them adapt to climate ment Day celebrations. Or- both locally and globally. change ganizing the 2009 celebra- There were various tions was indeed challenging activities leading to the cele- but rewarding. Challenging brations on the 5th of June and put in place environ- A tribute to Chief 2 in the sense that, as it was 2009. Among the activities mentally-friendly practices. Patrick not held in 2008, it needed was the tree planting cam- Finally, the third to be extra special this year, paign, designed to plant over was a banner competition, Illegally felled 3 timber to benefit but rewarding because, de- 5, 000 tree seedlings to pro- where the artistic nature of Iko Esai spite the small budget and vide shade, beautify school the students amazed us with short time frame to organ- environments and above all, their creative and environ- Drill Monkey 4 ize logistics, so much was act as carbon sink for the mentally based designs. Rescue accomplished to the satisfac- carbon economy. Anticipation is al- tion of stakeholders and the The second was a ready mounting for next participating children. ‘cleanest school’ contest, year’s carnival entitled Staff and volun- 4 Over 4,000 students where we helped schools ’Biodiversity, our survival teers and teachers attended. We improve their compounds depends on it’. New arrivals at 4 had a participating popula- CERCOPAN tion of over 2,500 secondary children, over 30 National Wild mona gue- 5 Youth service Corps mem- nons return to Rhoko forest bers, hundreds of school children who came of their Orphaned mon- 5 keys saved from own accord, and about 50 homelessness by officials CERCOPAN Students supporters! (CERCOPAN staff, getting teachers, NGOs, the Ministry officials Want to be a part 6 message of it? and special across guests). This
  2. 2. PAGE 2 From the Director Welcome to the first issue of here. I hope that you enjoy enormous strain when the the newly re-launched CER- this our first edition, which is global financial crisis almost CONEWS ! The newsletter will a brief round up of the last 4 forced us to close. In the true be available for download months. spirit of CERCOPAN however, online on our website, the Its been a particularly difficult staff and volunteers rallied blog and our facebook cause quarter for everyone here together, supported each from the 5th of each month. given that we lost beloved other and we came out of it Each edition will give readers long term staff member Chief stronger and more positive an update on what’s been Patrick after a short period of than ever. We have lots of happening at CERCOPAN over illness. My heart goes out to new projects on the horizon the past month, new animal his family. He was a kind- and I am very excited about Claire Coulson, arrivals, events, exciting wild- hearted, friendly and gentle the future. I look forward to CERCOPAN life sightings, recent successes man and I, like all of my fel- sharing with you news on Director etc. in addition to stories these and other low staff, miss him very much. written by staff and volun- developments over We were also placed under teers about their experiences future editions. CERCOPAN to help communities adapt to ‘’The climate change organization, in CERCOPAN is to applications for support. techniques. It also aims to partnership with take part in the new ini- This pilot project will in- reduce dependency on, tiative “Building a Nige- volve implementing aware- and therefore the destruc- DIN and NGOCE, rian Response to Climate ness and adaptation meas- tion of, natural resources. was one of the Change” (BNRCC) ures in the rural communi- We hope this will supported by CUSO, ties of Agoi and Iko Esai. help our local communi- only 4 teams Mabek and NEST. The The project aims ties prepare for the possi- selected from 95 organization, in partner- to increase food security ble affects of climate ship with DIN and applications for and income by providing change, and that they may NGOCE, was one of only livelihood diversification lead the way for the rest support’’ 4 teams selected from 95 and improved agricultural of Nigeria. A Tribute to Chief Patrick We are very sad to king in the forest, which he rick fell ill in June and de- announce the loss of our knew well; being a hunter spite considerable care and long-term and dedicated in his younger days. On hospital attention, he member of staff, Chief Pat- these trips they would passed away in July. We rick. Patrick was a member climb the nearby mountain will miss Patrick tremen- of the security team at our and recently, despite being dously and are thankful for Rhoko forest site, and had in his 70s, he had taken an the time we had with this been a hard and respected expedition up it with one of gentle and kind hearted worker since he arrived 7 our researchers. Unfortu- man. Our deepest sympa- Chief Patrick at our last years ago. He regularly had nately, although being ex- thies go to his family. staff party taken tourists for days trek- tremely fit for so long, Pat-
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 Illegally felled timber to benefit Iko Esai In the ongoing estry laws for his own finan- The difficulty facing the au- campaign to curb the threat cial benefit and to the detri-thorities was how best to of deforestation, it is a sad ment of the community. evacuate this seized timber fact that –despite all the Openly declaring that no- before illegal operators best efforts– there will be body could stop him felling could realise a profit from it. some encounters which trees from wherever he CERCOPAN was facing a leave their scars on the en- liked, following CERCOPAN separate problem in that it vironment. The trick is to staff and volunteers halting has become increasingly take these apparent set- his operations, it was abun- difficult to source legally backs and fashion a gain dantly clear that the time available timber in the re- The Community centre from the losses. This is ex- was well overdue to set gion whilst this necessary is already up to roof actly what CERCOPAN has some new ground rules. action is underway. height achieved in the latest and We still have sev- hopefully last major con- Thanks to the Gov- eral other commitments to frontation with illegal log- ernor’s special task force fulfil, notably construction gers. against illegal deforestation of the Exxon Mobil funded Last year the most we have recently seen all Iko Esai Community Centre prolific and unscrupulous timber extraction activities which had reached roofing timber operator in the re- in Iko Esai’s area cease and level during this time. gion turned his eye and several key arrests made. An agreement was reached team of operators on CER- This action in support of with the Governor’s office COPAN’s protected research protecting their forests has and permission given for area in Iko Esai’s community been widely and positively CERCOPAN to evacuate this forest. It was not the first received by the community. illegal timber. Utilising it for ‘’Despite the time he had gone up against the community centre, CERCOPAN, nor indeed the Unfortunately we which will function as a cen- original intentions village. Iko Esai’s Council of were too late to prevent the tre for learning and develop- for this timber, Chiefs, Forestry Manage- felling and sawing of a sub- ment, means that despite ment Committee (FMC) and stantial number of trees; the original intentions for eventually it will Community Conservation & leaving unsightly piles of this timber; eventually it will Development Committee unclaimed timber lying in benefit every man, woman benefit every (CCDC) had previously sued the forest. This timber, im- and child of Iko Esai. man, women and him in court for brazenly pounded by the task force in flouting local and state for- situ, belongs to the state. child of Iko Esai’’
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Drill Monkey Rescue CERCOPAN received our representative spoke to much more freedom to move information that a Drill mon- the Chief of the village. The than he had had before. So key was being kept as a pet in village chiefs have a lot of much so that the next morn- a village close to our forest power within the village and ing he decided he wanted site at Rhoko. After informing get to influence decisions more space and managed to the other primate organiza- made. With the help of the run around our office as we tion based in Calabar, Pandril- Chief we persuaded the tried to get him ready to go to lus, who specialize in chim- owner to give the monkey up Pandrillus! He pulled keys of panzee and drill monkey reha- to us. our computers and messed bilitation, we organized an We discovered the up many papers! Luckily now attempt to rescue it. juvenile male drill was called though, he has arrived at his A CERCOPAN repre- Chris and we transported him new home at Pandrillus and is Chris: the res- sentative went to the village, back to Calabar . As it was busy making friends with all cued juvenile the other drill monkeys like Agoi, and attempted to nego- late when he arrived at our male drill mon- himself. We hope he will be tiate with the owner. The Calabar site he spent a night key very happy in his new home! owner was reluctant to give in one of our quarantine en- us the monkey freely and so closures. Here he enjoyed Staff and Volunteers ‘’Recently we have CERCOPAN has been very member at our Calabar site, Africa. lucky to employ several new helping care for and rehabili- Finally, we said rescued three more members of staff over the tate our rescued monkeys. farewell to our Nigerian in- last few months. Isoyip has We also welcomed tern vet George, who has now orphaned baby become the newest member Sam from the United States as finished his year as a corper putty-nosed of our security team at Rhoko, our new Office and Finance and looks for new challenges CERCOPAN’s forest site. Here Manager although, unfortu- with other type s of animals. guenons from their he helps to protect the forest nately due to immigration We wish him well on his quest from over-exploitation and issues, we sadly saw her and look forward to hearing uncertain fate’’. welcomes visitors to our for- leave after only 4 months. about his new job. est enclosures. We wish her well on her trav- Joshua is the latest staff els around the rest of West New Arrivals at CERCOPAN Recently we have was very pleased to finally young age! The three get rescued three have a playmate! As Angel on famously and have re- Our three more orphaned was very nervous however, cently been moved outside newest baby putty-nosed she clung to Maya con- in our quarantine area full arrivals, guenons from their stantly despite being the time. Here they have plenty already uncertain fate. older and bigger of the two. of room to swing and play Maya arrived in Since then, our newest with one another, not miss- becoming June and Angel putty arrival, and yet to be ing human contact at all; the best of arrived in July. The named, has also moved in although they still get very friends. two were immedi- with them, easing the strain excited when somebody ately placed to- Maya had of already acting brings them a new bottle of gether and Maya as a single parent at her milk! CERCO-NEWS
  5. 5. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 5 Wild mona guenons return to Rhoko forest extirpated by hunt- the males leave their group when ing and the destruc- they reach maturity, living solitary Nko; our tion of the forest. or sometimes in male-only group previously Mona monkeys are units, looking for another group to released still present in the join. This is a manner to avoid in- female surroundings areas breeding within a group and to of CERCOPAN Core spread the genetic pool across the mona Area, but in very low population. This adult wild male is density. probably coming from one of the CERCOPAN Rhoko reha- In the last few remaining wild groups, and he bilitation centre is currently hous- few months a wild, adult male has been naturally attracted by our ing a semi-free range group of red- mona has been regularly seen close captive individuals. This is hopeful capped mangabeys and two groups to our captive groups at our Rhoko for the future reintroduction of of captive mona monkeys. We rehabilitation centre. This individ- mona monkeys, because it gives a choose these species to be rehabili- ual seems to be attracted by the chance for rehabilitants to repro- ‘’We were tated in the forest based on their presence of females within the duce with wild individuals, thus current absence, as they had previ- captive groups. In mona monkeys, reinforcing the natural population worried where ously existed there but had been like in other species of guenons, of this species. the 160+ monkeys in our Orphaned monkeys saved from care would live homelessness by CERCOPAN supporters! if we lost both As many of you are raising attempts so we could bar for another year. In addi- our Calabar aware, the current global fi- cover operational costs and tion to this, these extra days properties’’ nancial crisis has been hitting survive just a few days longer, we survived made it possible to everybody hard, and charities holding out for a miracle. schedule a meeting with the in particular are finding it very The support we re- Governor of Cross River State, difficult to keep themselves ceived during this time was Senator Liyel Imoke, who kindly afloat. Some of you may have immense, and we would like to provided emergency funding seen our emergency blogs that say a huge thank you to every- that will keep us operational appeared when we were close one who donated and fol- until Christmas, when we hope to eviction just a few weeks lowed our progress The mes- the financial strain on the ago. This was due to the un- sages we received online kept world will be reduced and fortunate timing of the ten- our morale up during this un- funding grants will be more ancy renewal on our two Cala- certain period, and the way readily available. We would bar properties coinciding with our supporters united was like to extend our deep appre- the disappointment of discov- heart-warming. We would ciation to the Governor and his ering large grants we regularly like to send out a special thank staff, whom we hope to work receive at that time were can- you to Wildlife Direct who, closely with in the future, im- celled, due to the donor’s own with their emergency website proving the surrounding envi- financial difficulties. This was appeals and fundraising ad- ronment for people and wild- in addition to the already un- vice, played a massive role in life. stable financial situation we, helping us continue under the and many other charities, strain as long as we did. In Pica, were already struggling with. addition we extend our grati- happy We were worried where the tude to PASA, who donated to 160+ monkeys in our care emergency funds when they keep would live if we lost both our were needed most. her Calabar properties, and if the We are very pleased home organisation would even sur- to announce that with every- vive to continue caring for one’s help, enough money was them. At times the situation raised to settle our rent and was dire, with non-stop fund- ensure our properties in Cala-
  6. 6. WANT TO BE A PART OF IT? • Make a cash donation to CERCOPAN via our website...every little helps! • Stay in touch with our on-going programme by bookmarking our home page • Buy a gift for friends or family from the and our Blog site Good Gifts Catalogue ( You can buy a month's supply of fruit for growing CERCOPAN orphan monkeys - • Volunteer for CERCOPAN in either Nigeria or called in the catalogue 'A-peeling Monkeys' the UK. We offer a range of different for only £20! The price of the gift is passed programmes so there is something for on to CERCOPAN. So, it is an excellent way everyone! Visit our website volunteer of solving your gift problems, and support- section for further details. ing our work! Alternatively visit the CERCO- PAN gift shop on our website today. • Help CERCOPAN attain corporate funding. If you work for a corporate sponsor who may • Donate useful goods and equipment such as be interested in funding CERCOPAN please building and fencing materials, veterinary contact medicines, old laptop computers etc. or services such as printing, blood testing and • Undertaken a sponsored event to raise architectural design. funds for CERCOPAN. All photos in this newsletter were taken at CERCOPAN or Iko Esai by staff, volunteers and visitors. Photo Credits: Sam Trull, Sylvain Lemoine Richard Carroll © Copyright CERCOPAN 2009 Design & Layout by Claire Coulson; Written by Claire Coulson, Richard Carroll, Amy Baxter, Sylvain Lemoine and Jerry Akparawa; Edited by Claire Coulson