CERCONEWS March 2010


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CERCONEWS March 2010

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CERCONEWS March 2010

  1. 1. CERCO-NEWS M A R C H 2 0 1 0 V O L U M E 2 , I S S U E 3 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Going, going….gone 1 Going, going….gone. development found friend. From the 2 proposal to The nature of the Director international work we undertake can donors and mean that we experience A Graceful 2 are planning a moments of extreme Entrance! number of sadness, for example when Mike and the other projects we lose an animal or a friend 2 monkeys using the from our host village. During revenue such times, we keep Thank you Iko 3 gained as a ourselves ahead through Esai! Richard Carroll has return for the village’s mutual support, avoiding at fulfilled his three years with conservation efforts. This all costs a spiral of gloom. 2010: A Fresh us as Rhoko Manager. As we sends a vital message Richard had that key team Focus on Eco- 4 say goodbye to him, it’s his throughout the community skill in endless amounts, tourism people skills that stand out that conservation brings its ready at times like this with Conservation 4 most in our memories. just rewards. his strong words of surveys Richard recognizes Richard built a loyal consolation, and then his completed individuality in each person, team at Camp. Their ability quick-fire, tangential and accommodates his or to work effectively with him humour to turn us pointing New Arrivals 5 her needs in the and each other was forwards once more. Robot and circumstances. Be he grounded on his attention to While Richard now Sacramento mentoring his staff, their home concerns, and carries a few physical scars or negotiating within the fairness in resolving with him from his arduous twisting world of community disputes. And our short- Out with the old 5 work in the field, he leaves and in with the politics, everyone feels that term volunteers and eco- new they’ve been heard, and that tourists had their visits behind only positive marks makes things work. ribbon-tied by Richard, as in the minds of all he Want to be a part 6 of it ? Just to take one their host, star chef, encountered. example, the re- entertainer, and newly establishment of Iko Esai’s Community Conservation & Development Committee was long held off as the community thought that it was impossible to hold a free and fair election. Richard however, through his patience and perseverance facilitated the universal support required to hold a transparent democratic election. The newly elected CCDC have already submitted their first
  2. 2. PAGE 2 From the Director Arrivals or Departures? staff at camp, and with our again in the climactic Hmmmm. I’ve driven to varied visitor programmes. instant when a thousand Calabar airport so many For me, though, it was representatives from five times in the past month, I recognition of the intuitive communities, caught up in have to have a quick think professional the event, chanted ‘Allow as I step down from the understanding we had Monkey to Live’ in unison truck. In the case of between us that brought as we all celebrated the Richard Carroll’s leaving, tears of loss at the airport. first primate release in though, it was more a case We have been together for West Africa. of denial. I would have some of the most In the same vein, much preferred that this profound experiences of Ric and I know that Claire Coulson was another time when my life, made a time- Arrivals has brought us CERCOPAN we were there jointly to capsule forever because talented and motivated Director welcome a new visitor. precisely the same replacements, and I trust our lead thoughts were running together with my life-long article makes clear how through our heads as the friend I now look forward the application of events unfolded. Ric has to this new era. Richard's talents in shared with me the affecting people positively harrowing moment of grief has brought about lasting when we witnessed a change within our host post-mortem on a beloved community, amongst our monkey, and he was there “Educated as an ecologist at the University of A Graceful Entrance! We are excited to the exciting role of Rhoko marketing approaches will Toronto, Grace announce the arrival of Manager. Educated as an be a great asset to has a strong our new Rhoko manager, ecologist at the University CERCOPAN. Grace Rawnsley. of Toronto, she has a Grace and her background in Grace is originally strong background in partner, Alex Gerard, who Canadian but has research on ecological arrives in March will be conservation considerable experience statistics and co-managing Rhoko. They biology.” managing nature reserves conservation biology. will use their experience in the UK and Canada. She Grace has considerable and enthusiasm to left the WWT Arundel field experience, working continue the excellent Wetland Centre, where in Northern Ontario on work undertaken by the she ran both the community ecology. organisation. marketing and education Her knowledge of departments to take up finances, fundraising and Mike and the monkeys! The CERCOPAN crew is working for CERCOPAN , three keepers and the increasing again! We are he has demonstrated his head keeper, Mike will happy to announce that motivation and hard discover the intricacies of Michael Uki has been work. His dedication to primate care and become appointed the new CERCOPAN and to a key member of staff in Mike feeding Calabar primate keeper. learning about primate Calabar. our Sclater’s Michael started his career conservation was evident guenons with CERCOPAN as a in his application and Welcome to the temporary grounds secured him the position. CERCOPAN team Mike! keeper. During his time Learning from the other
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 PAGE 3 Thank you Iko Esai! Each year excellent baseline against CERCOPAN provides a gift of which to measure food to the community of population and socio- Iko Esai in appreciation for economic change and so to all their support and judge the success of generosity towards the CERCOPANS’s alternative organisation over the livelihood projects. months and years. An additional bag The giving of of rice and salt was given to CERCOPAN’s annual gift to the Community Iko Esai was completed in Conservation and February and was an Development Committee as overwhelming success! Over an extra thank you for their 400kg of rice and 400kgs of hard work in assisting the salt were given out to over development of the village. 800 individual households in The Chief’s council Iko Esai. also received additional rice We also used this and salt in recognition of opportunity to conduct a their strong support for census of the village in order CERCOPAN’s and Iko Esai’s to generate accurate conservation efforts over population figures, including the past year. The giving the proportion of villagers was undertaken by under and over 15. This data CERCOPAN’s community will be built on over the Liaison Officer Mike Ekpe “Over 400kgs of coming months to develop a and the new Community clear picture of the socio- Conservation Manager rice and 400kgs economic status of the Rachel Hemingway. village which will provide an of salt were given to the heads of over 800 individual households in Iko Esai”
  4. 4. PAGE 4 2010...a fresh focus on Ecotourism We are extremely As part of further tourism lodges in April, happy to announce that all improvements to our which will increase our “We hope to of our tourist and student tourism infrastructure, we capacity for overnight stays. accommodations have just have also updated the These host more been fitted with brand new, shower facilities and are developments and the international beautiful roofs! The new currently renovating both arrival of our new Rhoko green long-span aluminum the camp and visitors Managers, are part of a and national roofs help integrate the toilets. We were able to fresh focus on tourism at our tourist huts into the forest undertake all of this work stunning field site. We hope visitors than behind them to provide a thanks to a generous grant to host more international seamless look. In addition to from the Leventis and National visitors than ever before this the aesthetic benefits of the Foundation. ever before this year. If you year “. new roofs, they are also A further grant would like to visit Rhoko more durable and require from the International Forest, please visit our considerably less Union for the Conservation website www.cercopan.org maintenance than their of Nature (IUCN) will allow for further information. former zinc and raffia us to begin the construction equivalents. of two new deluxe eco- Conservation surveys completed Sylvain and Osam, spent days trekking. of the surveyed areas. our brave forest explorers, On this trip, sadly they did The high primate conducted the final series of not see quite as many diversity and escalating primate surveys in Iko Esai primates as on previous levels of disturbance Research Area and expeditions. In the dry revealed far from Community Forest this season, the food that CERCOPAN’s permanent month, again kindly funded monkeys rely upon is presence have highlighted by the scarce, causing primates the need to increase International and other mammals to protection in this area. This Primate travel and change their will form a priority for Society. movement patterns to find CERCOPAN in the coming Following good sources of food, thus year. Caption tracks and making it difficult for our Following from this describing listening team to track them. study, further expeditions picture or carefully to In the end, several will also be undertaken to graphic. detect signs groups of guenons were continue to improve our of primate encountered and observed. knowledge of primate species in the Specifically, groups of putty- densities and abundance in forest, with a nosed guenons, Mona Iko Esai forest and to special focus guenons and red-eared provide further information on the rare guenons. Good data on on which to base our long- and group composition was term conservation Sylvain mapping endangered Preuss Red obtained, as well as strategies. the trails Colobus, Sylvain and Osam accurate mapping of trails
  5. 5. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 PAGE 5 New Arrivals: Robot & Sacramento This month before she would eat anything we discovered that they CERCOPAN rescued two other than pawpaw seeds. were red-eared guenons. new orphan primates, Gradually, she Robot and Sacramento. started getting better and less The man was a Robot, a female red-eared selective, tasting bananas, hunter and told us that he guenon, arrived in a terrible oranges and beans. Robot had killed the monkeys state and gave our Director now happily eats anything and mothers and then kept several sleepless nights everything offered with relish them as pets for some before showing any signs of and guzzles bowls of milk time. The man came to recovery. The poor animal readily. She spends her days CERCOPAN on his own had apparently been playing in a special area of our accord however and did transported on a bus in full centre with her friend not even ask for money as sun on a chain and was so Sacramanto and they are both most monkey owners do. We Robot now dehydrated she was unable brought into the house at took the opportunity to explain loves all food! to stand for long without night to keep them warm. to him at length the rationale falling over. She initially Only a few days after behind not hunting monkeys refused to drink water or Robots arrival, a man living in and hope that we succeeded in milk unless forced, Ogoja, North of the Cross convincing him to change his preferring to drink her own River National Park, arrived at ways. urine, undoubtedly a sign our compound and Sacramento is that she had been denied announced he was ready to healthy and doing very well as “We all would access to water for quite give us three monkeys. his owner had looked after some time. Gradually Several days later he returned him with care. We all would prefer that this however, Claire rehydrated and brought only a one year prefer that this monkey had her, giving a few millimeters old putty-nosed, Sacramento. stayed with his mother in the monkey had stayed of water every hour through He explained to us that the forest, but at least he will find a syringe. Eating was also a two others monkeys had died an adopted family in our with his mother in problem and it took days and after speaking with him rehabilitation centre. the forest, but at Out with the old...and in with the new least he will find an In the past dilemma . feels like a glimpse of the adopted family in CERCOPAN has generally So how have we future as we are effectively built enclosures using nailed eventually solved that one? starting the construction for our rehabilitation timber frames. We’ve been very fortunate our new site. Unfortunately, timber indeed to receive, gratis, the Thanks to a grant centre”. frames do not last forever expert consultation services of from the International and with age timber a construction engineer, Gary Primatological Society, and enclosures carry quite high Young, who has turned his further generous support from maintenance costs. Indeed, mind towards monkey our tireless engineering several enclosures at enclosures. His innovative ‘volunteer’, work has now CERCOPAN have now construction design provides begun on our first project using reached the point where it structures that require less the new concept. Instead of is actually cheaper to re- maintenance, have a longer timber frames, the new build than to continue life-span, and are more proof enclosure design incorporates weekly maintenance. against escapes. But more pipe-fittings, which attach As we await the importantly, they are galvanised steel poles together move from our portable. They can be taken to form the structure without overcrowded city site to a down and rebuilt at a new the need for welding, new 11 hectare plot location. They can even be threading, bolting or drilling. however, we do not want to reconfigured, and/ or This strategy can be start building new extended. replicated with other enclosures now only to Phew! Now we can enclosures at our existing site repeat the expense at the work on replacing our oldest as they reach the end of their new site. This situation has enclosures, without the life-span, and we are now left us in something of a concern of duplicating costs. It seeking funding to expand the initiative.
  6. 6. WANT TO BE A PART OF IT? Make a cash donation to CERCOPAN via our website...every little helps! Stay in touch with our on-going programme by bookmarking our home page Buy a gift for friends or family from the http://www.cercopan.org/ and our Blog site Good Gifts Catalogue (www.goodgifts.org). http://cercopan.wildlifedirect.org/ You can buy a month's supply of fruit for growing CERCOPAN orphan monkeys - Volunteer for CERCOPAN in either Nigeria or called in the catalogue 'A-peeling Monkeys' the UK. We offer a range of different for only £20! The price of the gift is passed programmes so there is something for on to CERCOPAN. So, it is an excellent way everyone! Visit our website volunteer of solving your gift problems, and section for further details. supporting our work! Alternatively visit the CERCOPAN gift shop on our website today. Help CERCOPAN attain corporate funding. If you work for a corporate sponsor who may Donate useful goods and equipment such as be interested in funding CERCOPAN please building and fencing materials, veterinary contact claire.coulson@cercopan.org medicines, old laptop computers etc. or services such as printing, blood testing and Undertaken a sponsored event to raise architectural design. funds for CERCOPAN. www.cercopan.org http://cercopan.wildlifedirect.org All photos in this newsletter were taken at CERCOPAN or Iko Esai by staff, volunteers and visitors. Photo Credits: © Copyright CERCOPAN 2010 Design Layout by Claire Coulson; Written by Claire Coulson, Amy Baxter; Edited by Claire Coulson