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CERCONEWS January 2010


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January edition CERCONEWS

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CERCONEWS January 2010

  1. 1. CERCO-NEWS V O L U M E 2 , I S S U E 1 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 0 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Mona release group ready for Mona release 1 action!! group ready for The entire now spends a lot of time together, the group now con- action!! CERCOPAN team is proud to guarding his group and sisting 1 adult male, 1 adult announce that the future threatening anything that female, 3 juvenile males and 3 mona release group is finally comes within close proximity juvenile females is doing very From the 2 completely bonded and ready of his new family...including well. Preparations are still Director to be reintroduced into Rhoko staff! . underway at the forest site to forest core area! After A few weeks after make sure everything is ready experiencing difficulties and the successful bonding of to successfully receive and Hunter’s to swap 2 delays throughout 2009, we Mottie, two additional release the group. We are bush meat to beef hope to give these animals a juvenile females were currently making the final second chance of freedom in introduced into the group: repairs/adjustments to the meat! early March 2010. Bella, one of our fairly recent release enclosure and to two As mentioned in the arrivals, and Sandra, a 2 year other enclosures which will be Researchers 3 November issue of old female. Bella was used to space the Rhoko whistle for CERCONEWS, we have immediately adopted by rehabilitation centre captive monkey recently bonded a 9 year old Offiong and Omor, who were animals. Lessons learned from friendships adult male, Mottie, to the happy to have a new play- the previous release in 2007- group. Mottie arrived 2 years mate. Kemi, the adult female, 2008 have show that spacing Festive football 4 ago in a terrible state of however, initially seemed the animals throughout the strengthening neglect and was on the verge more dubious about the forest is vital to prevent the relationships of being killed by his owners presence of a new female , release group being attracted when we heard about his but this quickly gave way to by the presence of a huge Senior staff plight and rescued him. He tolerance and grooming. group of monkeys. It is hoped 4 receive had survived for many years Sandra had lived with Mottie that the two Rhoko captive by supplementing his diet of previously and therefore had mona groups will also be re- management ground cassava with insects an advantage upon entering leased in late 2010/ early training from HR he was able to catch inside his the group. Mottie is very 2011, bringing us ever closer specialist small cage. protective towards Sandra to our goal of restoring the 4 When Mottie was who seems to be his favorite historical primate community introduced into the release juvenile female. of this forest. group, at that time composed After a few weeks all of 5 individuals, former enclo- sure mate Offiong immedi- Expanding 5 ately education with creativity approached to Our mona release groom and group currently play with him, New Arrival at 5 waiting in Calabar helping CERCOPAN Mottie quickly until the ‘big day’ fit into the they return to the group. Mottie forest is very Want to be a part 6 of it tolerant with the other monas and
  2. 2. PAGE 2 From the Director Happy new year work conserving the primates to say that I have chosen to everyone! I hope that your and rainforests of Nigeria. extend my stay with the festive season was as happy 2010 is already organization and still enjoy and event packed as ours shaping up to be a particularly my work as much today as I here at CERCOPAN! We were exciting year in the history of did in my first week here. It extremely fortunate over the our organization with the has been an honour to be last month to be allocated onset of the development of part of the CERCOPAN team grants from International our new site at UNICAL, and to be given the Primate Protection League, completion of the Iko Esai chance to really make a Columbus Zoo and the Tusk community centre and the difference to primate Trust, in addition to the many second mona monkey release conservation. I would like to generous donations made on all set to happen in the early say a big thank you to Zena Claire Coulson our blog and website over stages of this year. It is also a Tooze our founder, trustee CERCOPAN Christmas. I would like to special time for me and former Director for Director personally thank all of these personally, as on the 22nd of giving me the opportunity to organizations and individuals this month I will celebrate the work here, it has literally been for their generous support, end of my third year at the best three without which we would not CERCOPAN and the end of my years of my life. be able to continue our vital original contract. I am happy From all the staff and volunteers here at CERCOPAN “The system builds upon the hunters existing skills and familiarisation with butchery and the meat trade” Calabar Rehabilitation Centre Staff Rhoko Education and Research Centre Staff Hunter’s to swap bush meat for beef meat! Previous training given CERCOPAN is about sale of beef and other products reduces both hunting pressure on snail farming to embark upon a new from the processing of a locally on the forest and the hardships, sustainable livelihood purchased cow. The risks and uncertainty on the programme in Iko Esai, a cow revenue realised from the first men undertaking regular 5 day meat cooperative. The sale will be reinvested into the hunting trips. Workshops will programme takes the form of a purchase of a second animal also be undertaken to improve micro credit scheme and 5 and the profits further invested their business and accounting hunters have been in additional materials. skills. selected based on needs and This system builds Since 2006 interest levels; this represents upon the hunters existing skills CERCOPAN has instigated a nearly 15% of the existing and familiarisation with number of sustainable alterna- hunters in the village. These butchery and the meat trade. It tive livelihood programmes individuals will be assisted in also provides a valuable protein including snail farming, bee setting up a market base for the source to the village and keeping, baking ,and driving.
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 Researchers whistle for monkey friendships! One of the many fled in the presence of nounces his presence to the research projects currently researchers and so the animals by emitting a whis- being undertaken by monas were unable to tle. The reaction of the researchers in Rhoko forest interact with them. Since monkeys to the observer is core area is the study and early 2008, three Rhoko then recorded. Since the habituation of a wild troop research assistants, in onset of this study, we have of putty-nosed guenons. addition to short term seen a significant change in Habituating this group not volunteers and 2 research the reaction of the monkeys only affords CERCOPAN the coordinators have to human observers. At opportunity to learn more attempted to find the first, the monkeys fled the about the natural behavior monkeys each day and to instant they were aware of of this species, but it also habituate them to their human presence. facilitates the possibility of presence in preparation for Researchers are now Two of our research assis- mixed species associations the forthcoming mona however, able to follow the tants searching for putty- for our release group (See release. animals for extended nosed guenons in our core page 1). The Rhoko research periods during which the area During the first assistants have proven ex- putty’s simply carry on their mona re-introduction in tremely skillful in finding the activity, feeding on wild 2007-2008, the released wild monkeys, using their fruits and leaves and animals tried on numerous instinct and knowledge of sometimes they even watch occasions to join the wild monkey behavior and the their human followers with putty group to form a poly- forest. When the wild troop curiosity. “At the beginning, specific association, which is is detected, the observers CERCOPAN hopes a natural phenomenon approach them quietly and to gather as much the monkeys were among guenon species. try to identify the individu- information as possible Unfortunately, the puttys als. The observer then an- about the feeding ecology fleeing away very and movement patterns of quickly, but now these wild monkeys, given that very little has been some individuals published on this species. For now, we are confident are more used to that there are 15 individuals in the group, often joined by the observer and 7 red-eared guenons. The are even curious, red-ears of Rhoko forest are more accustomed to watching them” humans than the puttys, since a previous visiting researcher began habituating them while con- ducting his work. The red ears gain the advantage of added protection by joining the putty group and the larger group size also makes it easier for them to find good quality food patches. Hopefully our mona release group will be gaining very similar advantages in the near future!
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Festive football strengthens relationships CERCOPAN has once the more unusual conditions and won, and eventually again taken part in the annual of village football, where came third overall. The staff Iko Esai community football others play barefoot and the were very pleased for Obun, a tournament! Our host village start of each tournament member of our patrol team, invited us to make up a team begins with making and filling who won the award for ‘Best of CERCOPAN staff and holes in an attempt to even Goalkeeper’ in the tourna- volunteers to play against the out the pitch! Several have ment! other village teams. Six teams ended up with twisted ankles This participation in played in all and each team is in the past so it is definitely community activities has from a street within the ‘extreme ball’! really helped CERCOPAN village, except for CERCOPAN. The tournament started reach out to the village and CERCOPAN staff ‘v’ The competition runs with two groups of three we feel honored that they one of the various from Christmas Eve until the teams, and CERCOPAN consider us so much a part of village teams 3rd of January making it a successfully reached second their community that they very festive affair. CERCOPAN position in group B, qualifying involve us in all village volunteers have often found for the semi-finals. In the activities. it a challenge to play under semi-finals they played well Senior Staff receive management training from “The staff were HR specialist very pleased for We were very capacity building of local staff clarify the operational needs Obun, a member pleased this month when we and all of these employees of the organization. Many had a visit from a local also recently completed a UK staff gave suggestions for of our patrol expatriate HR specialist, Zia based correspondence course improvements to the system Paul-Birabi, who gave a train- in Primatology. The workshop which have already been team, who won ing session to management was also attended by two taken on board and the award for and senior staff on reporting Senior staff from Rhoko, who implemented . and management techniques. are currently undertaking a Zia plans to return ‘Best Goalkeeper’ Having recently promoted 3 leadership course with for an additional session Calabar employees to senior Canadian NGO ‘One Sky’. in the soon. We would like to thank staff we are very keen to help The session was a her very much for tournament!” them develop in their new huge success and many issues volunteering her skills freely roles. CERCOPAN places great were discussed that help to assist our organization. emphasis on training and Amy Baxter takes on key CERCOPAN role Amy Baxter, Oxford Brooks has done an absolutely amaz- hard work and effort in 2009. Primate Conservation MSc ing job re-organizing the ac- Amy is the 6th long term vol- graduate, was originally counts, managing staff , writ- unteer in the last three years recruited in March 2009 as a ing blogs/newsletter articles to have extended her Mangabey and Putty nosed and running the centre day contract. A further two MSC Guenon Coordinator based at to day, allowing the Director students have returned to Rhoko. In September 2009, more time for fundraising, volunteer after conducting she was drafted in to Calabar project management short term research and 2 HQ to assist with administra- etc. We are absolutely thrilled former volunteers are now tion and finances, after the by Amy’s decision to officially planning PHd’s here. We feel global financial crisis forced take on the key voluntary role very lucky to attract such us to cut down on the of Administration and Opera- dedicated people to our number of long term tions Manager and would like organization. supported volunteers. Amy to thank her for all of her CERCO-NEWS
  5. 5. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1 PAGE 5 Expanding education with creativity educational out- our rehabilitation centre and Abakum in reach ma- it’s resident monkeys. The our terials! He has movie will also explain the Calabar already designed important role of primates in education a CERCOPAN the forest, the importance of centre board game, up- forest conservation, the laws dated the educa- in Nigerian pertaining to pri- tion centre displays and has mates and why primates started collecting stories should not be kept as pets. Our recently about our primate residents to The DVD will be sold promoted Education Officer, make an informative for a small fee at the “The monkey Abakum, has been proving his pamphlet for visitors. Now rehabilitation centre to help hung from the worth with a mass of Abakum is shooting a film that support our vital work. suggestions to improve our provides a personal tour of roof, climbing up and down New Arrival at CERCOPAN the rope but unfortunately During December we allow him to be taken to across the room – not too unable to had a call from a member of CERCOPAN rehabilitation carefully I may add! reach the our security staff saying he had centre. Named ‘Rudolph’ for seen a monkey being kept as a The dealer had his characteristic red nose and floor” pet in a bar. Immediately staff actually been fond of this the festive season in which mounted a rescue attempt and young red ear and had cared he was rescued, he is now in left for the bar with Claire. for him very well. We feel quarantine where he has Upon arrival at the lucky to have rescued him undergone his first TB test and bar, the staff could see a small when we did, as the conditions after 14 weeks will be moved red-eared guenon, about a at the bar would have led his in with 2 other red-eared year old, dangling on a rope health to plummet rapidly. He guenons of a similar age, from the ceiling. The monkey is especially friendly and Mickey and Jerry. He is hung from the roof, climbing seems to have been trained to already fascinated by all of the up and down the rope but lie back very baby-like, other primates in quarantine unfortunately could not reach enjoying nothing more than a and makes constant contact the floor. Negotiations began, good belly rub. He calls to them. We have no but rapidly became heated as currently spends some time in doubt he will make friends the owner had purchased the the office each day being fast . monkey that morning and socialised as he is in therefore felt he must be quarantine alone and play is compensated. Despite hostility important for primate from bystanders, CERCOPAN mental health. He loves to staff remained calm and polite take huge leaps between and agreed to travel with the furniture and especially owner to where he had bought loves jumping on a human the monkey to negotiate with from a great distance then both him and the dealer. leaping straight back off Rudolph After many hours of again. This playful, inquisi- the red- debate and difficulty tive nature has also eared CERCOPAN staff eventually resulted in many books, guenon persuaded the dealer to give cups, pens, and anything up the monkey unpaid and else available being carried
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