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CERCONEWS December 2009


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CERCONEWS December 2009

  1. 1. CERCO-NEWS V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 3 D E C E M B E R 2 0 0 9 Please unirate here! INSIDE THIS ISSUE: on a patch of pee in large Please unirate 1 numbers—more than 50 here! sometimes. You may have seen a photograph of this spectacular display, but now From the Direc- 2 you know the cause! tor A very common sign all over Nigeria is ‘DO NOT The forest area we pro- Out reaching to UNIRATE HERE’ (yes— 2 tect, called Rhoko, is excep- the minds of to- invariably spelt incorrectly). tionally rich in wildlife. We morrow Fortunately for me the only Graphium policenes, one of the often host researchers who Swordtails sign in Rhoko’s protected come especially to this part New Arrivals at 3 forest is ’NO HUNTING of Africa to pursue their of 430 species in Rhoko, CERCOPAN MONKEYS’. studies. Following his recent around 20 of great rarity. trip, visiting butterfly- Bait brings in butter- I’ve seen 2 species for which enthusiast Robert Warren flies that we don’t normally only 3 sightings had been Austin attends 4 writes: see. The best baits are rot- recorded before, ever. PASA Veterinary Conference ting fruit, and decaying crab The number of butter- The growing Biodiversity meat. The latter has an ap- fly species in South-Eastern database being built by re- palling smell that lingers, Nigeria is staggering – al- searchers strengthens CER- leading to banishment from Congratulations 4 most 1,000, compared with COPAN’s case for stronger camp in the evenings, and a Martina!!! less than 80 in the U.K. My and broader protection of lonely life. work is to try and uncover Cross River’s forests, and I’m how many species there are But it works. I have so glad to be part of that. Welcome Edet!! 4 far confirmed the presence in Rhoko Forest itself. Consistent with the popular image, I can be seen Climate change 5 with a net in hand in hot action in commu- nities! pursuit of my target. Less commonly known is that many butterfly species are Visiting writer at 5 CERCOPAN attracted to bait of various kinds. One excellent bait is Want to be a part 6 urine. The large of it? ‘Swallowtails’ and ‘Swordtails’ will congregate
  2. 2. PAGE 2 From the Director As preparations for the tended family grew further species, and the next on our Copenhagan International with the birth of a baby list for release into the Conference on climate change girl to Martina amongst protected Rhoko forest. We’ll get underway, rural our Education staff. You be working on that in the New communities with can read about our extensive Year. CERCOPAN’s help have begun on-going Outreach Thankfully, climate programme in schools just their own assessments and Change will never alter the below. To the right we re- action plans for dealing with patterns of the Festive port the rescue of a new red- the local impacts of global capped mangabey, as a direct Season! As we await the arri- warming. consequence of one of our val of the most famous red- school visits. This animal was capped one of all, let me wish Here at CERCOPAN HQ, all our readers a very Merry in response to an ever in a particularly sorry state and brought tears to my eyes, Christmas and a Happy New increasing number of Year from everyone here at but I know he is safe now and monkey adoptees, we wel- is becoming healthier by the CERCOPAN! Claire Coulson: comed a new primate- day. CERCOPAN keeper into the CERCO- The red-capped Director PAN fold, and our ex- managabey is an endangered ‘Several showed Out reaching to the minds of interest in beginning their tomorrow CERCOPAN’s an- communities as well as the local rainforests within own conservation nual outreach program has schools surrounding the Cross River State. We also just been completed and Calabar area. encourage schools to start club and now plans this year it included over ‘Conservation Clubs’, and The aim of our are underway to 50 secondary and 20 pri- program is to create help provide activities for mary schools! Since the awareness of primates, them to do while advising begin new groups 12th of October our Cala- rainforest, their relation- the group’s coordinator. bar education staff, Aba- ship to one another, the We had a lot of with exciting kum and Martina, have effects of deforestation positive responses by stu- been very busy visiting and how it relates to cli- dents, with schools visited activities in the several schools per day; previously anticipating our mate change, and the im- new term‘ reaching out to many rural portance of conserving return. Several showed interest in beginning their own conservation club and now plans are underway to begin new groups with exciting activities in the new term. CERCOPAN has One of the also been invited as a secondary guest speaker to the final schools visited Christmas meeting of sev- eral conservation clubs. on this year’s We are really Outreach pleased with how our out- programme reach program is expanding and we hope next year to incorporate several more schools!
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3 PAGE 3 New Arrivals at CERCOPAN CERCOPAN has always were able to confiscate the indi- taken a multi-dimensional ap- vidual. proach when it comes to the con- Upon arrival we exam- servation of wildlife; incorporating ined the mangabey who turned rescue and rehabilitation, commu- out to be a male. It has been very nity development, environmental hard to determine his age; he is education, research, and ecotour- the size of a juvenile but he is ism. It can often be difficult to extremely malnourished and this assess which of these aspects is seems to have severely stunted making a difference to the overall his growth. cause, but we are pleased to say It hasn’t just Now at CERCOPAN we we have just had a success story hope to greatly improve his health been the with our environmental education and nutrition. After a few months program. monkey variety in quarantine we look forward to The program is currently being able to begin socializing him Monkey business gone bird- we have rescued undertaking its annual school brained; a baby owl arrival with other mangabeys. It is nice outreach aspect, and recently this month to think that on this occasion our broken wing is not available at our visited a new rural school from a environmental education program rainforest camp) he made a fan- though…’s neighboring village close to our certainly made a difference for tastic bandage and set to work forest site. The lesson taught and this monkey. also been finding appropriate food. discussed environmental issues, It hasn’t just been the A search amongst our feathered including why primates should not monkey variety we have rescued spartan food supplies revealed be kept as pets. We encourage friends we’ve this month though…’s also been only a tin of corned beef as a the children to report any feathered friends we’ve gained! potential food item; hardly ideal, gained! incidents they may see in the This month one of the research but more palatable to an owl than future to CERCOPAN , so we can assistants at our forest site, Usor, potatoes or instant noodles. Varia- make a rescue attempt. found a baby owl on the trails of tions were attempted and hours It wasn’t long after this our protected forest. It seemed were spent attempting to con- visit that our Education Officer the owl had fallen from a height vince this fussy little eater that, received a call from one of the and badly broken it’s wing. really, a mix of tinned meat, fish, students who knew of a family Our camp manager, raw egg and maggots was very keeping a pet mangabey. After Richard, immediately took him in tasty. several attempts at rescuing the and called Calabar HQ to gather as Now the owl is at Cala- mangabey, every time finding the much information as possible on bar HQ being fed on meaty steak family absent from the village, we the best course of action. We and egg shells. With steak every- eventually met with them and searched online for tips on mend- day it’s eating better than the ing broken wings volunteers! The bandage is now as well as the off and the wing has been checked food we should by a vet who thinks that Orville (as Our newest be feeding this he is now known) will still be able monkey specialized bird. to fly after adjusting to the slightly arrival at CER- With differently shaped wings. We look COPAN, the help of some forward to seeing how that goes, rescued after handy websites although it may still be a while an before this fledging gets overly and Richard’s environmental ambitious again and leaves its innovation education Calabar nest. (bearing in mind lesson all the equip- ment re- quired to mend a
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Austin attends PASA Veterinary Conference We were very happy number of seminars and with lots of enthusiasm to try when our Vet Nurse, Austin, talking to other new methods in many was invited to attend a PASA representatives from different aspects of veterinary (Pan African Sanctuary Alli- sanctuaries located around care and has already ance) veterinary conference Africa. organized meetings with held in Kenya this month. Seminar discussions keepers to discuss new Austin had just included disease transmis- routines. He additionally been promoted to senior staff sion, tuberculosis outbreaks, returned with various in October and so we were parasitic problems, behavior, veterinary consumables given really pleased that he could enrichment, and a number of out by PASA that will be be additionally rewarded with other related topics. These particularly helpful in the Austin carrying out this trip. conferences allow different coming months. We look veterinary work at sanctuaries to compare forward to seeing all the Traveling with vet- CERCOPAN problems and discuss improvements Austin hopes erinary staff from a neighbor- different solutions each have to make here at CERCOPAN! ing primate organization, Pandrillus, Austin spent a tried and their effectiveness. week in Kenya attending a Austin has returned ~Austin has Congratulations Martina!!! returned with CERCOPAN is very anticipating the birth as it lots of excited to congratulate had been imminent a Martina on her new month ago, and we were enthusiasm to try arrival! After doing a fan- starting to get very tastic job of still visiting worried that it might even new methods in schools despite her heavy occur while at work! many different bundle, she has finally As Martina begins given birth to her first in- her maternity leave we aspects of fant, a baby girl, on Friday wish her and her husband hood. We especially look 27th Nov. well as they enjoy their forward to meeting the veterinary care ~ new arrival in the not-to- We had long been first months of parent- distant future! Welcome Edet!! We are delighted to quired to do additional tasks to our forest site, we are very welcome Edet, who began to their usual duties. pleased to employ another working as a primate keeper Edet had been in- Agoi resident, already having in Calabar at the start of terviewed on a previous re- a Research Assistant at our November, to the CERCOPAN cruiting period and had made forest site from the village. Edet feeding our infant putty- family. a very good impression, being We hope he will nosed guenons Edet arrived to remembered when this new enjoy his time at CERCOPAN assist our keepers now that position became available. and are all very pleased with several of them have had Coming from one of the progress he is making. promotions and will be re- the rural communities close Keep up the good work! CERCO-NEWS
  5. 5. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3 PAGE 5 Climate change action in communities! As part of the CIDA result of the impacts of cli- in the communities to assist in funded ‘Building Nigeria’s mate change. overcoming the hardships Response to Climate Change’ This stage of the around the corner. Weather program (BNRCC) we have project also allows them to extremes and a drastic depar- been visiting our target com- identify those sectors of their ture from the usual patterns of munities Iko Esai and Agoi society who will feel the cur- seasonality in recent years have Ibami to begin participatory rent and future effects most already had a major impact on assessments and awareness keenly. crop yields and traditional farm- campaigns. ing methods. To cope with this, The visits were a The men and people increasingly resort to resounding success and, de- women of the villages are harvesting forest products to spite the long hours put in by supplement their income. One encouraged to carry out a the participants, enthusiasti- Richard carrying out a series of analysis activities in of the aims of the project is to ‘needs assessment’ in cally received. The results building up a greater under- reduce this over reliance and local vilaages gathered from the visits will standing of the challenges exploitation by offering alterna- be used to inform and direct they are likely to face as a tive solutions to the problems. what measures are adopted “Weather extremes and a drastic departure from the usual patterns of seasonality in recent years have already had a major impact on crop yields and traditional farming methods” Visiting writer at CERCOPAN CERCOPAN was very information for her third book ing months while she works excited this month when based in the rainforest. hard to get her creativity on writer, Lucy Christopher, came Having spent 2 paper. as a short-term volunteer to weeks at our forest site she Our short-term vol- gather inspiration and infor- has now experienced life in the unteer program is now proving mation for her new book. rainforest first hand and will be very successful, with 3 volun- Lucy, having already able to give detailed descrip- teers staying this month. published ‘Stolen’, now nomi- tions of the surroundings of Places are still available for nated for several book awards, her characters. We all wait in February, March and April Lucys first novel and with a second book in anticipation for this new novel 2010 - check out our website “Stolen” press, is currently gathering and wish her well in the com- for further details!
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