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CeramicTileWorld:10 Top Great Countertops You Should Consider


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CeramicTileWorld 10 Top Great Countertops You Should Consider

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CeramicTileWorld:10 Top Great Countertops You Should Consider

  1. 1. [:9 Kg‘; _l, 4 ,5 ; '. _.. _,_ 9% *''*5 ‘ r " ":3 ' u / L-* , [ -I 4 4 1 We «» 7'. a I ' I "' . j . K - N - 7'. V [ ‘ 8 A ] P’ K 3! an M? ‘ ‘ 1 . ... ‘A E. ’ I _ I u u -. 1 3| ‘ , ‘ 4 j_ / 1' / ix 3 - I‘ r_ o__a- 'o_> .1 4’ , :,J i J. 3 | - _ g‘ _— 1'' i 10 F0? GREAT COUNFERTOFS YOU SHOUL CONSIDER Webslte: www. CeramIcTIleWord. ca Contact Us: Toronto Store (416) 752-4446
  2. 2. COUNT ERTOPS MADE FROM GRANITE Granite is one of the main selections for many countertop uses. Many people prefer using a natural stone countertop of this type because its beauty, characterized by natural unique patterns and grains. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  3. 3. COUNTERTOPS PMDE Z FROM SOflPSTONE ‘'4 Soapstone is for people that want beauty, /» uniqueness and durability similar to granite fig; -”"' but providing a softer feel. Soapstone is a good choice for your countertop as it will provide great options for look and design. = W, www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  4. 4. COUNTERTOPS MADE OF QUARTZ If you are looking for style that provides options on dimensions or size then quartz countertops as a custom countertop is what you should utilize. Quartz is for people looking to match a specific décor or look. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  5. 5. TILE COUNTERTORS People use tiles for walls and floors but as a countertop material they are also a great selection. Tile countertops can be a great idea for a countertop because there are so many styles, types and colors. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  6. 6. COUNTERTOPS MADE W 1 FROM NATURAL STONE * : . To achieve that rich look of a stone grain then Natural Stone countertops provide a natural beauty and stylish character. A stone from natural sources create a unique look for countertops. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  7. 7. COUNTERTORS MADE A . FROM SLATE 4 Slate has a softer look for countertops 4‘ 1 because of the deep rich grains in the I1 texture of the natural stone. There are many black and charcoal shades when . ‘-. _ selecting Slate countertops. ‘ www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  8. 8. ‘E. ifieafl ‘ FA COUNTERTOPS MADE .45 FROM LIMESTONE i. ‘ Mi Your décor may require a classic light in color look so Limestone countertops would work very well in that countertop design. ~ ~ 7* ”’ Limestone has many advantages as it is " . easy to maintain and quite durable. ,. L , s _ ___ >>>> ~ www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  9. 9. COUNTERTOPS MADE FROM TRAVERTINE if you are looking for a variety of styles, grains and available colors then Travertine countertops are one of the best selections. With exotic colors for a countertop this natural stone will work with almost any décor. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  10. 10. COUNTERTOPS MADE 5’ g - FROM MARBLE One of the more dramatic options for countertops is Marble as it is a wonderful nature stone. As one of the more luxurious and elegant stones it makes for an excellent choice in countertops. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  11. 11. COUNT ERTOPS MADE FROM ENGINEERED OR MAN MADE STONE Engineered stone is 93% quartz so it has the look of a real stone countertop. An advantage of an engineered stone countertop is that its scratch free properties come in a good range of styles, colors plus it has a heat and chemical resistant surface. www. CeramicTileWorld. ca
  12. 12. 1r: L: MURETHANJUSTTILE Store Locations Toronto Store: 25 Bermondsey Rd, Toronto, ON. M4B 157 Phone: (416) 752-4446 Hours Monday-Wednesday: 9:00am-6:00pm Thursday-Friday: 9:00am-7:00pm Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm Sunday: 11:00am-3:00pm