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Wall tiles Marble Effect: Lux gallery


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Ecco la nostra "Lux Gallery" dove potete trovare spunti per i vostri ‎bagni‬ dallo stile classico ‪

Published in: Design
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Wall tiles Marble Effect: Lux gallery

  1. 1. LUX Gallery
  2. 2. SELECTION & PRIVE’ SELECTION Calacatta 40x80RT PRIVE’ Ecru 14,7x120RT
  3. 3. SELECTION & LAKE STONE LUX SELECTION Statuario 40x80RT LAKE STONE LUX Lake Black lux 59x59RT
  4. 4. SELECTION & PRIVE’ SELECTION Santacaterina dec. Damasco 40x80RT PRIVE’ Brun spina 14,7x50,5RT
  5. 5. SELECTION & PRIVE’ SELECTION Travertino Boiserie Struttura 40x80RT PRIVE’ Ambre Pattern 59x59RT
  6. 6. SELECTION & GOTHA LUX SELECTION Caravaggio dec. Rombi 40x80RT GOTHA LUX Bronze lux 59x59RT
  7. 7. GOTHA LUX GOTHA LUX Diamond lux 59x119RT Platinum lux 59x119RT
  8. 8. GOTHA LUX & TRAVEL GOTHA LUX Quartz 59x119RT TRAVEL Westbrown 22,5x180RT
  9. 9. GOTHA LUX & PRIVE’ GOTHA LUX Diamond lux 59x119RT PRIVE’ Brun Pattern 59x59RT
  10. 10. Ph. + 39 0522 997411