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Spiritual Methods of Business Correction


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Joe Greene's presentation on Spiritual Methods of Business Correction at CEO Fellowship Jan. 7, 2011.

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Spiritual Methods of Business Correction

  1. 1. Spiritual Methods ofBusiness Correction Joe Greene January 07, 2011
  2. 2. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  1.    Reestablish    God  ‘s  Vision  For  Your  Life   John  15:1-­‐2 “I  am  the  true  vine,  and  my  Father  is  the   gardener.  He  lops  off  every  branch  that  doesn’t   produce.  And  he  prunes  those  branches  that   bear  fruit  for  even  larger  crops.
  3. 3. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on2.  Review  your  Plan  of  Correc5on  Psalms  32  :8I  will  instruct  you  (says  the  Lord)  and  guide   you  along  the  best  pathway  for  your  life;  I   will  advise  you  and  watch  your  progress.
  4. 4. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on2.  Review  your  Plan  of  Correc5on Proverbs  21  :5 Steady  plodding  brings  prosperity;   hasty  specula5on  brings  poverty
  5. 5. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  2.  Review  your  Plan  of  Correc5on Proverbs  18:13 What  a  shame-­‐  yes,  how  stupid!-­‐to  decide   before  knowing  the  facts!
  6. 6. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on3.  Prepare  to  cut  your  losses Proverbs  28:13 A  man  who  refuses  to  admit  his   mistakes  can  never  be  successful.   But  if  he  confesses  and  forsakes   them  ,  he  gets  another  chance
  7. 7. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on3.  Prepare  to  cut  your  losses Luke  13:7 Finally  he  told  his  gardener  to  cut  it  down.  I’ve   waited  three  years  and  there  hasn’t  been  a   single  fig!  he  said.  “Why  bother  with  it  any   longer?  It’s  taking  up  space  we  can  use  for   something  else.
  8. 8. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on4.  Delegate  (not  upward  delegate) Exodus  18:18You’re  going  to  wear  yourself  out-­‐  and  if  you  do,   what  will  happen  to  the  people?  Moses,  this   job  is  too  heavy  a  burden  for  you  to  try  to   handle  all  by  yourself.
  9. 9. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on4.  Delegate  (not  upward  delegate) MaRhew  26-­‐27 But  among  you  it  is  quite  different.  Anyone  wan5ng   to  be  a  leader  among  you  must  be  your  servant.   And  if  you  want  to  be  right  at  the  top,  you  must   serve  like  a  slave.  Your  aYtude  must  be  like  my   own,  for  I,  the  Messiah,  did  not  come  to  be  served,   but  to  serve,  and  to  give  my  life  as  a  ransom  for   many.”
  10. 10. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  5.  Clearly  communicate  (Vision  &  plan)          To  employees–vendors  –customers Habakkuk  2:2   And  the  Lord  said  to  me  “Write  my   answer  on  a  billboard  large  and  clear,   so  that  anyone  can  read  it  at  a  glance   and  rush  to  tell  the  others.
  11. 11. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  6.  Make  Customer  Service  #1 MaRhew  7:12 Do  for  others  what  you  want   them  to  do  for  you,  This  is  the   teaching  of  the  laws  of  Moses   in  a  nutshell
  12. 12. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business  Correc5on  6.  Make  Customer  Service  #1 Proverbs  27:23-­‐24 Riches  can  disappear  fast.  And  the  king’s   crown  doesn’t  stay  in  his  family  forever-­‐ so  watch  your  business  interest  closely.   Know  the  state  of  your  flocks  and  your   herds.
  13. 13. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  6.  Make  Customer  Service  #1 Colossians  3:17 And  whatever  you  do  or  say,  let  it  be  as  a   representa5ve  of  the  Lord  Jesus,  and   come  with  him  into  the  presence  of  God   the  Father  to  give  him  thanks
  14. 14. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  7.  Review  Risk  in  terms  of  Success Psalms  25:12 Where  is  the  man  who  fears  the   Lord?  God  will  teach  him  how  to   choose  the  best
  15. 15. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  7.  Review  Risk  in  terms  of  Success Proverbs  16:7 When  a  man  is  trying  to  please   God,  God  makes  even  his  worst   enemies  be  at  peace  with  him
  16. 16. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  7.  Review  Risk  in  terms  of  Success MaRhew  25:24-­‐28Then  the  man  with  the  $1000  came  and  said,  “Sir,  I  knew   you  were  a  hard  man,  and  I  was  afraid  you  would  rob   me  of  what  I  earned,  so  I  hid  your  money  in  the  earth   and  here  it  is!”  But  his  master  replied.  Wicked  man!   Lazy  slave!  Since  you  knew  I  would  demand  your  profit,   you  should  at  least  have  put  my  money  into  the  bank   so  I  could  have  some  interest.  Take  the  money  from  this   man  and  give  it  to  the  man  with  the  $10,000.
  17. 17. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  7.  Review  Risk  in  terms  of  Success Proverbs  3:4-­‐6 If  you  want  a  favor  with  both  God  and   man,  and  a  reputa5on  for  good   judgment  and  common  sense,  then   trust  the  Lord  completely  ;  don’t  ever   trust  yourself.  In  everything  you  do,  put   God  first  and  he  will  direct  you  and   crown  your  efforts  with  success.
  18. 18. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  7.  Review  Risk  in  terms  of  Success Proverbs  29:25Fear  of  man  is  a  dangerous  trap,   but  to  trust  in  God  means   safety.
  19. 19. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on  8.  Use  Advisory  Board   Proverbs  24:6 Don’t  go  to  war  without  wise   guidance;  there  is  safety  in   many  counselors
  20. 20. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on8.  Use  Advisory  Board   Machew  6:33      And  he  will  give  them  to  you  if   you  give  him  first  place  in  your   life  and  live  as  he  wants  you  to
  21. 21. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on9.  A  leader  must  be  a  Decision  Maker Proverbs  8  :14-­‐21I.  Wisdom,  give  good  advice  and  common  sense.  Because  of   my  strength,  kings  reign  in  power.    I  show  the  judges  who   is  right  and  who  is  wrong.  Rulers  rule  well  with  my  help.  I   love  all  who  love  me.  Those  who  search  for  me  shall  surely   find  me.  Unending  riches,  honors,  jus5ce  and   righteousness  are  mine  to  distribute.  My  giks  are  beRer   than  the  purest  gold  or  sterling  silver!  My  paths  are  those   of  jus5ce  and  right.  Those  who  love  and  follow  me  are   indeed  wealthy.
  22. 22. Spiritual  Methods  of  Business   Correc5on10.  Tithe  &  Operate  on  Chrisfan  Principles Malachi    3:10 Bring  all  the  5thes  into  the  storehouse  so   that  there  will  be  food  enough  in  my   Temple;  if  you  do,  I  will  open  up  the   windows  of  heaven  for  you  and  pour  out   a  blessing  so  great  you  won’t  have  room   enough  to  take  it  in!