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CEO Worldwide : Connecting you with the best certified talent on the planet


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In business today, you’re either innovating. Or you’re falling behind. Tried and true has given way to try something better.

So in executive recruitment, we asked one simple question: what would be the best way to find top talent for your international operations?

First, you’d want to look as far and wide as possible – ideally, all over the world. Okay, we like ideal. Worldwide it is.

Then you’d want to quickly narrow your search to the best of the best. Done. With iCEO certification for every candidate, you can be sure they’re all highly qualified. It just comes down to finding the right match.

To help you do that, we have videos, case studies and expert papers on our website – because you shouldn’t spend money and time meeting someone unless you’re sure they’re worth it.

Which brings us to another way we’re changing the rules: you don’t pay us to search, only to find. If you don’t hire one of our executives, you pay nothing.

And hire means whatever you want it to mean. As consultants. To fill in for a while. Or, of course, full-time. They’ll work for you in any way that works for you.

And a search that used to take months can be completed in as little as a week. Talk about innovative.

We’ve helped lots of companies find exactly who they were looking for. We can help you, too. Contact CEO Worldwide today. You’ll find the best match for your company quickly.

And the best way to recruit top international talent? You already found that.

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