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Dr. Wolfgang Spahn, Chief Technical Officer, KEYMILE
“Building an Evolutionary FTTH Network: How to Improve Cash-Flow and Avoid Stranded

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Wolfgang Spahn

  1. 1. Building an evolutionary FTTH network How to FTTH Council Europe Improve Cash-Flow and Avoid Stranded Investments Conference 2010 Dr. Wolfgang Spahn CTO KEYMILE
  2. 2. Who is KEYMILE KEYMILE Is One of the Leading Manufacturers of Data Transmission Systems KEYMILE Products Application Scope Access Networks of Public Telecommunications Providers Private Telecom Networks (Utilities, Railways) More Than 100 Years Of Telecoms Experience 11 Local Offices for Sales and Services KEYMILE Offices: Own production facility in Germany Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria I Page 2 of 14 © KEYMILE
  3. 3. Challenges when Introducing IPTV For the Operator For the End User IPTV Insufficient Infrastructure Bandwidth in the New Set Top required Added Value as Box required Network Compared to Cable TV? Content-Suppliers are Where do I get the Interruptions requiring DRM – How can I rights for the in the Video handle this? contents? Stream What SLA do I have to Long Zapping Do I need new Time offer to my customers? cabling in my home? Insufficient Bandwidth in the Is there really a Access Line Business Case ? I Page 3 of 14 © KEYMILE
  4. 4. Simplified FTTH Installation with CATV at the Customer’s Premises What comes in: Ethernet and CATV via optical fibre What comes out: Ethernet What comes out: CATV I Page 4 of 14 © KEYMILE
  5. 5. Implemeting FTTH means Master Space - Project in Brazil I Page 5 of 14 © KEYMILE
  6. 6. Implemeting FTTH means Master Space - Project in Germany I Page 6 of 14 © KEYMILE
  7. 7. RF Overlay in FTTH Networks METRO/REGIONAL NETWORK ACCESS Cable TV Signal SUBSCRIBER POTS or ISDN Telephony C SS SS O METRO UU UU G Node EE EE E S0 or POTS NN NN 1 33 GbE 33 FTTH CPE CATV Optical Core Network (Coax) Ethernet 4 x Ethernet I Page 7 of 14 © KEYMILE
  8. 8. How to Optimise Port-Density for a Small Footprint Go for Maximum-density Optics Compact SFx modules allow double port density Design for low Power Consumption Reuse of DSLAM design, tailored for the PTO residential market very high user density For CATV RF Overlay: Integrate the WDM Part in the Access Equipment I Page 8 of 14 © KEYMILE
  9. 9. Integrating WDM for RF Overlay on Board I Page 9 of 14 © KEYMILE
  10. 10. System Architecture Optimised for Small Footprint and Low Power Consumption 480 optical Ethernet Ports in a 4 HU Shelf Embedded WDM for Embedded CATV RF Overlay included 1.6 W per Port – for 100Mbps or 1Gbps I Page 10 of 14 © KEYMILE
  11. 11. RF Overlay in FTTB Networks Core Network Ethernet/IP- Data nx VDSL2 CATV Signal RF-Overlay CATV + Ethernet/IP over one single optical fiber MileGate 2011 existing In-house-Coax- Cabeling I Page 11 of 14 © KEYMILE
  12. 12. CATV on FTTH Networks I Page 12 of 14 © KEYMILE
  13. 13. Building an Evolutionary FTTH Network Mastering the challenge by reducing cost and providing an attractive service bundle Cable TV is mandatory for an attractive service offering Cost reduction can be achieved by a small footprint and a high port density I Page 13 of 14 © KEYMILE
  14. 14. Thanks! Thank you for your attention Dr. Wolfgang SPAHN CTO KEYMILE Group KEYMILE Schwarzenburgstrasse 73 Foto (optional) 3097 Berne, Switzerland Phone +41 31 377 1385 wolfgang.spahn@keymile.com I Page 14 of 14 © KEYMILE