Working	  in	  Partnership	  to	  Reduce	  Costs	  and	  Improve	  Service	  in	  Rural	  Broadband	  Delivery	           ...
Background	                                                  	  •  For	  the	  past	  two	  years	  Netadmin	  has	  been	...
Smannell	  and	  Li>le	  London	  Community	  Broadband	  Project	     •  Hampshire	  County	  Council	  wanted	  to	  bri...
The	  partners	            	     	     Magdalene	  designs,	  build	  and	                       Independent	  carrier	   ...
Introducing:	         	                     	       Glyn	        	       Paton	       Loic	                     Flageul	  ...
The	  Council’s	  View	              	       Glyn	  Paton	  Broadband	  Manager	  Hampshire	  Council	  IT	  
The	  Theory	  •  3	  “villages”	  with	  poor	  broadband	  -­‐	  market	  failure	         •  Use	  Hampshire	  PSN	  to...
Procurement	                                	     •  InvitaKon	  to	  Tender	  	  –	  12	  responses	  •  Wholesale	  appr...
The	  Project	                                                  	  •  Partnership	  approach	     -­‐  HCC-­‐Magdalene-­‐F...
The	  Reality	  –	  Lessons	  Learned	  •    MulKple	  delivery	  methods	  •    Contract,	  grant	  and	  legal	  technic...
The	  Delivery	                                     	  •  A	  genuine	  first	  •  Rural	  broadband	  delivered	  using	  ...
The	  Lead	  Network	  Partner	                     	            Loic	  Flageul	            Magdalene	  
Magdalene	  –	  NetAdmin	  –	  Fluidata	  CollaboraKon	  •  Experience	                           Magdalene	              ...
Next	  GeneraKon	  Access	  plajorm	        Wholesale	              • 40+	  ISPs	  Pre-­‐integrated	                      ...
Hampshire	  Pilot	  Project	  Aims	      Demonstrate	  our	  end	  to	  end	  suite	  of	  managed	  services	      in	  a...
Outcome	  •  Live	  by	  end	  November	  •  40+	  ISPs	  services	  available	  in	  classic	  ‘notspot’	  •  Delivery	  ...
The	  ISP	  Aggregator	                 	     Piers	  Daniell	  Managing	  Director	           Fluidata	  
About	  Fluidata	  •  O2	  Network	  •  BT	  WBC	  Network	  •  XML	  Ordering/Provisioning/Support	  •  24/7	  Network	  ...
Live	  view	  from	  the	  portal	  
•  TalkTalk,	  C&W	  and	  3	  networks	  to	  be	  added	  	  •  Single	  interconnects	  with	  mulKple	  networks	  •  ...
The	  Management	  System	                	           Bre>	  Wilde	     Netadmin	  Systems	  
Netadmin	  value	  proposiKon	                                       	                                                    ...
The	  tradiKonal	  systems	  landscape	                                            Service	  provider	                 End...
The	  Netadmin	  way	                                                                                                     ...
End	  to	  end	  network	  support	                                              NETadmin	  service	  management	  span	  ...
Support	  for	  mulKple	  business	  models	                      Retail	  Services	                       (ResidenKal,	  ...
OSS/BSS	  system	  as	  COTS	                 Tradi.onal	  system	  landscape	                                      Integr...
Role	  based	  user	  interfaces	                                                                                 User	  i...
Complete	  soluKon	                                      SP	  1	                   SP	  2	                        SP	  X	 ...
Case	  study	  •  First installation at customer site in 2005•  Introduced as THE system to manage the ”modern” network, i...
Summary	                                                	  •  Hampshire	  Pilot	  leverages	  PSN	  to	  reduce	  costs	  ...
The	  Challenge:	  •  Local	  next	  gen	  broadband	  can	  be	     seen	  as	  sub-­‐scale	  and	  variable	     quality...
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NextGen 2011 Workshop Brett Wilde NETADMIN


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NextGen 2011 Workshop Brett Wilde NETADMIN

  1. 1. Working  in  Partnership  to  Reduce  Costs  and  Improve  Service  in  Rural  Broadband  Delivery     Bre>  Wilde   NetAdmin  Systems     NextGen  Conference,  Bristol   16th  November  2011  
  2. 2. Background    •  For  the  past  two  years  Netadmin  has  been  very  acKve  in  the   discussions  regarding  Next  GeneraKon  Networks  in  UK.  •  A  challenge  for  rural  communiKes  is  to  get  good  broadband   connecKons  to  homes  and  businesses.  •  The  government  is  invesKng  £830m  to  support  the  creaKon  of   broadband  networks  and  services  in  the  UK  ‘final  third’  market.  •  The  real  challenge,  having  built  the  network,  is  to  get  Service   Providers  to  offer  services  in  the  networks.  
  3. 3. Smannell  and  Li>le  London  Community  Broadband  Project   •  Hampshire  County  Council  wanted  to  bring  broadband  to  the   communiKes  to  support  businesses  and  make  it  possible  for  people   to  live  and  work  in  the  area.   •  The  Hampshire  Public  Services  Network  is  included  as  a  part  of  the   infrastructure.  The  network  already  brings  fast  broadband  to  schools,   libraries  and  other  public  sector  buildings  in  Hampshire.   •  Digital  inclusion  is  a  fundamental  goal  for  Hampshire’s  social  and   economic  prosperity.  Hampshire  County  Council  has  included  the   delivery  of  superfast  broadband  amongst  its  top  corporate  prioriKes.   •  The  pilot  in  Hampshire  will  be  up  and  running  in  the  next  few  weeks.   •  This  project  is  the  first  project  of  many  to  come  for  our  partnership.  
  4. 4. The  partners       Magdalene  designs,  build  and   Independent  carrier   operates  Next  GeneraKon   with  over  40  Service   Access  Networks  and  has  a   Providers  connected   proven  track  record  in  the  UK   to  their  exisKng  portal   market  operaKng  FTTH,  FTTC   accessing  innovaKve   and  wireless  networks   wholesale  services.   Nordic  market  leading  provider  of  open  access,   next  generaKon  OSS/BSS  systems.  
  5. 5. Introducing:       Glyn     Paton   Loic   Flageul   Piers   Daniell  
  6. 6. The  Council’s  View     Glyn  Paton  Broadband  Manager  Hampshire  Council  IT  
  7. 7. The  Theory  •  3  “villages”  with  poor  broadband  -­‐  market  failure   •  Use  Hampshire  PSN  to  deliver  backhaul   •  HCC  premises  (the  school)  as  delivery  node  
  8. 8. Procurement     •  InvitaKon  to  Tender    –  12  responses  •  Wholesale  approach  to  ISPs  –  BDUK  model   •  Grant  funded  
  9. 9. The  Project    •  Partnership  approach   -­‐  HCC-­‐Magdalene-­‐Fluidata-­‐Netadmin-­‐ISPs-­‐Virgin   Media  Business-­‐school-­‐residents  •  The  villages       -­‐        Smannell-­‐Li>le  London-­‐Enham  
  10. 10. The  Reality  –  Lessons  Learned  •  MulKple  delivery  methods  •  Contract,  grant  and  legal  technicaliKes  •  Technical  issues  -­‐  using  PSN  •  School  as  hub  -­‐  access  issues  -­‐  Governor  agreement  •  LogisKcal,  service  criKcal  kit  in  school,  how  to  protect,   electrical  and  physical  •  Fibre  to  Li>le  London,  most  economic  route,  OperaKon   Resilience  •  Wi-­‐Fi  soluKon,  pole  sharing,  planning  permission  •  The  local  community,  Parish  Council,  managing   expectaKons,  Kme  commitment  •  MulKple  suppliers  in  chain  •  Keeping  everyone  updated  
  11. 11. The  Delivery    •  A  genuine  first  •  Rural  broadband  delivered  using  PSN   infrastructure  •  Cost  savings  •  Wholesale  approach  to  ISPs  •  Partnership  with  HCC,  community,  school  and   commercial  providers  •  Model  for  Hampshire  
  12. 12. The  Lead  Network  Partner     Loic  Flageul   Magdalene  
  13. 13. Magdalene  –  NetAdmin  –  Fluidata  CollaboraKon  •  Experience   Magdalene   Managed  •  InnovaKon   Services   NetAdmin   Fluidata  •  Independence   NGA  OSS/ Wholesale   Open  Access   BSS   Network   ISP  
  14. 14. Next  GeneraKon  Access  plajorm   Wholesale   • 40+  ISPs  Pre-­‐integrated   • Single  Commercial  RelaKonship   SP  Plajorm   • 7  UK  Data-­‐centres   Cloud  Based  E2E   • Pay  as  you  go   • MulKvendor  Plajorm   OSS/BSS   • Managed  Provisioning   24/7  OperaKons  &   • 24/7  Network  OperaKons   • Managed  Single  User  Faults   Maintenance   • 2/4Hr  Field  Support  Services   Network   • Design,  Procure  and  Integrate   • Network  ConstrucKon   ConstrucKon   • 3rd  Party  interconnect  management  
  15. 15. Hampshire  Pilot  Project  Aims   Demonstrate  our  end  to  end  suite  of  managed  services   in  an  environment    where  we  have  complete  control.   • 2  rural  villages  –  Smannell    and  Li>le  London   • 140  subscribers  –  1  PCP   • Incorporate  wireless  access  soluKon   • PSN  network  to  backhaul  to  our  London  data   centres  
  16. 16. Outcome  •  Live  by  end  November  •  40+  ISPs  services  available  in  classic  ‘notspot’  •  Delivery  based  on  PSN  improves  potenKal  •  UK  can  be  comparable  to  leading  markets  •  Impact  on  BDUK  •  Encourage  other  community  network  builds  •  A  bit  more  light  at  the  end  of  the  tunnel  (fibre)  
  17. 17. The  ISP  Aggregator     Piers  Daniell  Managing  Director   Fluidata  
  18. 18. About  Fluidata  •  O2  Network  •  BT  WBC  Network  •  XML  Ordering/Provisioning/Support  •  24/7  Network  OperaKons  Centre  •  5  x  datacentres  in  London,  2  x   Manchester,  1  x  Leeds  and  1  x  Hemel   Hempstead  
  19. 19. Live  view  from  the  portal  
  20. 20. •  TalkTalk,  C&W  and  3  networks  to  be  added    •  Single  interconnects  with  mulKple  networks  •  Over  40  ISPs  currently  on  the  plajorm  •  Single  API  (similar  to  BT  eco)    
  21. 21. The  Management  System     Bre>  Wilde   Netadmin  Systems  
  22. 22. Netadmin  value  proposiKon       Simplicity   Automa.on           Keeping  the  system  compact  and  simple   AutomaKon  of  processes    enables  network   builds  the  foundaKon  for  assurance  of  fast     growth  without  expanding  technical  and   Kme-­‐to-­‐market  and       customer  service  staff,  keeping  OPEX  down   Kme-­‐to-­‐customer   The  end-­‐to-­‐end     OSS/BSS  system  for     next  generaKon  networks     (all-­‐IP) Customer  centricity   Independence           NETadmin  puts  the  customer  in  focus     NETadmin  is  independent  of  the  hardware     throughout    the  whole  service  lifecycle,   in  the  network  as  well  as  business  model   keeping  ARPU  and  retenKon  high.   uKlized,  keeping  CAPEX  down    
  23. 23. The  tradiKonal  systems  landscape   Service  provider   End  customer   Network   administrator  /   Customer  helpdesk   Technician   Portals  system   Order  management   Billing   CRM   IPTV  Middleware   Address  database   Monitoring   Network  inventory   EMS  &  NMS   Network  element     Network  element     Network  element    
  24. 24. The  Netadmin  way   Network  admin/ Service  Provider   End  customer   Customer  helpdesk   Technician   SP  User   End  customer   Helpdesk     Technical  User   Interface   portal   User  Interface   Interface   Portals   NETadmin  system     Order  management     Billing     Service  Fulfillment   CRM   IPTV  middleware     Service  Assurance     Address  database   Monitoring   Service  Support       Network  inventory   EMS  &  NMS     Network  
  25. 25. End  to  end  network  support   NETadmin  service  management  span     DVB-­‐C   VoIP   IP   Cable     SDP   e.g.  IPTV,  Telephony   FTTx   Metro   IP  Backbone   Metro   net   Metro   net   net   Edge   Transport   Ethernet   Edge   Metro   Metro   net   Metro   net   DSL   net   Management   WiFi   Access   Metro/AggregaKon   IP  Edge   Backbone   Service  Provider   Network   Network   Network   Networks  
  26. 26. Support  for  mulKple  business  models   Retail  Services   (ResidenKal,  B2B)  Network   (network  equipment,  OSS/BSS)   Passive  infrastructure   (trenches,  ducts,  fiber)  
  27. 27. OSS/BSS  system  as  COTS   Tradi.onal  system  landscape   IntegraKon   IntegraKon   IntegraKon   BSS   OSS   NMS   EMS         NETadmin  –  the  integrated  end-­‐to-­‐end  system   BSS   OSS   NMS   EMS  
  28. 28. Role  based  user  interfaces   User  interfaces  Technical   Service  providers   Customer  service   Portal  for  end-­‐customers         •  Self  provisioning  of  services  •   Service  design   •   Order  management   •  Order  management       •  Customer  requests  /  Coverage  requests    •   Order  management   •   Service  oriented  fault  and   •   Service  oriented  fault  and   •  Local  informaKon       performance  management      performance  management  •   Service  provisioning     •  Support     •   Customer  management   •   Customer  management  •   Fault  management         •   Ticket  management   •   Ticket  management  •   Performance  management         •   Billing  data  management  •   Ticket  management   •   Some  billing  data    management    •   Network  Inventory        
  29. 29. Complete  soluKon   SP  1   SP  2   SP  X   Fluidata   Fluidata’s  Service  Provider  Portal   Subscriber  Coverage        Enable/Disable      TickeKng              Problem        Capacity        Billing   Service  Provider  –  Access  Provider            data    request              SubscripKons      interacKon          handling        uKlisaKon          data   interacKon  via  API  or  GUI   Magdalene   SEP  NB  API   Web  GUI   Service  Exchange  PlaRorm  (SEP)   SEP  SB  API   Open  API  spec   NETadmin     NETadmin     NETadmin     InstallaKon  1   InstallaKon  2   InstallaKon  X   Vendor  X   Vendor  X   Vendor  X   Vendor  Y   Cocoon   Vendor  Y   EMP   OSS/BSS   FTTH   DOCSIS   P2P   GPON   IntegraKon   VDSL   IntegraKon   Network   Network     Network  2   Network  3   Network  x   Y   1  
  30. 30. Case  study  •  First installation at customer site in 2005•  Introduced as THE system to manage the ”modern” network, i.e. fibre 21CN equivalent•  NETadmin is used by various user groups External   •  Helpdesk   Store  assistants   Technicians   providers   •  More than 1000 Telia related system users•  Currently supporting over 500000 users
  31. 31. Summary    •  Hampshire  Pilot  leverages  PSN  to  reduce  costs  •  Partnership  provides  unparalleled  choice  to  poorly  serviced   customers  •  Fast  forward  from  local  problem  to  capabiliKes  available  in   world  leading  markets  •  It  can  be  done!   QuesKons?  
  32. 32. The  Challenge:  •  Local  next  gen  broadband  can  be   seen  as  sub-­‐scale  and  variable   quality  by  funders  and  service   providers  •  Project  developers  do  not  have   Quality  Cloud  Systems   common  build  &  operaKonal   standards     For  Independent  Networks     The  SoluKon: •  Create  a  common  ‘Open  Access’   Plajorm  for  local  projects  to  share   services  and  aggregate  demand   •  Develop  a  Quality  Marque   template  for  local  project   developers