NextGen 2011 Workshop Richard Jepson


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NextGen 2011 Workshop Richard Jepson

  1. 1. Driving  value  from  Next   Genera3on  broadband  and  the   Public  Service  Network  Richard  Jepson  Senior  Business  Development  Manager  
  2. 2. The  network…in  design  
  3. 3. The  network…in  numbers  
  4. 4. The  network…in  reality  •  All  4  Local  Authori3es  in  South  Yorkshire  already  have   services  running  across  the  Digital  Region  network  •  45,000+  children  in  our  region  are  using  media  rich  tools   and  learning  resources  that  are  not  yet  available  in  most   schools  across  the  UK   •  Barnsley  –  94  schools   •  Doncaster  –  80  schools   •  Rotherham  –  77  schools   •  Sheffield  –  169  schools  •  NHS,  other  3rd  sector  organisa3ons,  business  and   residents  benefit  from  average  copper  speeds  of   ~36Mbps/13Mbps  
  5. 5. The  theory  •  The  Public  Services  Network  (PSN)  will:   –  Create  a  ‘network  of  networks’  for  the  Public  Sector  from  the   exis3ng  commercial  networks   –  Develop  a  market  place  providing  both  opportuni3es  for   industry,  and  savings  for  the  Public  Sector   –  Change  the  way  Government  Departments  and  Agencies,  Local   Authori3es,  and  the  Third  Sector  buy  and  use  Voice  and  Data   Networks   –  Drive  efficiencies  in  procurement,  through  a  range  of  technical   and  service  standards,  which  will  lead  to  an  open,  collabora3ve   environment  for  all  UK  Public  Sector  employees  
  6. 6. The  design   GCN – Government Conveyance Network DNSP – Direct Network Service Provider VPoC – Virtual Point of Connection
  7. 7. The  prac3ce  •  2  modes  of  thought:   –  True  opera3onal  efficiency    Replacement  to  Buying  Solu3ons   LOCAL   AUTHORITY   DIGITAL   REGION   DWP   CYPF   POLICE   NHS   SCHOOLS  
  8. 8. Thank  you      07530  292064