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LTE World Summit 2012 Day 1 T2 Saunders SMALLCELLFORUM


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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012

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LTE World Summit 2012 Day 1 T2 Saunders SMALLCELLFORUM

  1. 1.
  2. 2. The Small Cell Forum Aims 67 operators covering 1.99 billion mobile 75 providers of small cell technology subscribers – 34% of total representing all parts of the ecosystem
  3. 3. Small Cell Market Status• Available for free download• Comprehensive overview of current andforecast deployments of • Femtocells • Picocells • Microcells • Metrocells © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  4. 4. Femtocells have become established and are growing strongly60 In the last 3 months:50 Deployments 52 53 • Vodafone Portugal Commitments 43 44 • Hutchison 3G in UK40 34 36 37 40 • Free in France30 30 31 24 • Regional US operator Mosaic20 16 17 18 12 13 19 Telecom 68 9 10 • World’s first LTE femtocell 0 deployment by SK Telecom Q3 Q1 Q2 Q3 • Deployment commitments 2009 2010 Q4 Q1 from Telefónica-O2 and Telenor 2010 2010 Q2 Q3 2010 2011 Q4 Q1 2011 2011 2011 2012 Group 5
  5. 5. More Femtocells than Macrocells• June 2011: There were more 3G femtocells than 3G macrocells• By the end of 2012, there will be more femtocells thanmacrocells for all technologies combined• Clear evidence that the shape of mobile networks has changed70,000,00060,000,000 Femtocells50,000,000 Macrocells40,000,00030,000,00020,000,00010,000,000 - 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  6. 6. The advent of femtocells has created a muchbroader opportunity than residential • Standards, chipsets, know-how and other technology elements delivering scalable licensed- spectrum access points for mobile services • Developed originally for residential applications, where consumer electronics volumes enable and Femto Technology require a customised, highly intelligent approach • So why are small cells different with femto technology? Key attributes: • Scalability • Automated configuration and optimisation • Rapid, cost effective deployment • Efficient use of available backhaul • High capacity density and user experience 7
  7. 7. Applications of small cells etc!User deployed Enterprise / SI or Operator deployed Operator / operator deployed community deployedShared backhaul Shared or dedicated Dedicated wired or Dedicated wired or backhaul wireless backhaul wireless backhaul An increasingly wide range of femto-enabled small cells: Small Cell Forum works to enable and promote all of these 8
  8. 8. Burgeoning Operator Interest inLTE Small Cells• 17 vendors adopted Forum LTE APIs• Incl. key silicon vendors: TI, Broadcom, Mindspeed• Already in commercial deployment by SK telecom 9
  9. 9. Small Cells Will Make Up Almost90% of All Base Stations by 2016• 20x growth in small cells from 3.2 million in 2012 to 62.4 million by2016• Small cells will then constitute 88% of allbase stations globally• Femtocells will continue to dominate in units(95%) 2.5 million in 2012 to 59 million in 2016 – a 24x increase• Public access small cells will evolve from traditionaldesigns to next generation models based on femtotechnology “Small cells are set to drastically reshape mobile networks over the next few years as they become comfortably the most common form of base station worldwide. “ - Dimitris Mavrakis, Informa Telecoms & Media © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  10. 10. Our scope – illustrated 11
  11. 11. What are the big issues? Source: Small Cell Forum LinkedIn poll as at 23/5/12 More extensive poll commissioned and will be published in June © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  12. 12. Public access small cells• New white paper published, focusing on 3G small cells in outdoor environments (but general concepts similar for LTE)• Demonstrates that interference management techniques allow small cells and macrocells to coexist in the same frequencies without causing undue interference• Shows that even with conservative deployments, small cells could offload the majority of subscribers in busy areas, reducing network load and improving user experience • One small cells per macro: 21% of users offloaded • Four small cells per macro: 56% offloaded • Ten small cells per macro: 75% offloaded • Also covers other critical issues: • Deployment model • Backhaul • Handover © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  13. 13. But that is not all… • Substantial increase in typical data throughput for all users, whether connected to the small cells or macrocells • Great opportunity for increasing user satisfaction and a strong motivation to install small cells even outside of capacity-limited areas 600% 523% 500%% increase in 400%median 315% 300% 246% All Usersthroughput overmacrocells 200% 138% Macro Usersalone 100% 58% 31% 0% 1 4 10 Small cells per macrocell © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  14. 14. Small Cell Backhaul• The technical and economic requirements of backhaul for small cells are radically different from those of macrocells• To provide guidance to operators, Small Cell Forum has founded a dedicated Small Cell Backhaul Special Interest Group• Chaired by BT, the group’s objective is: Small Cell Backhaul “To appreciate the portfolio of solutions available for backhauling small cells according to deployment scenarios”Activities:• Small Cell Sites & Use Cases• Backhaul Requirements per use case• Backhaul Solutions• Selection guide -Matching solutions to use case scenarios © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  15. 15. Potential for Integrated Small Cell / Wi-Fi Networks • Small cells (licenced spectrum) and Wi-Fi are complementary • Products already exist with both • But by integrating in the network as well as the access point, the benefits are greater still • Data can be seamlessly shifted between the cellular and Wi-Fi networks based on the user, type of service, network congestion or quality of service requirements etc. • More advanced implementations allow both small cell cellular and Wi-Fi to be used simultaneously for different traffic flows or to create a single large pipe for HD media or to create a highly resilient connection.Small cells + Wi-Fi = smart, fine grained offload © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  16. 16. Femtocells established inSoHo/SMB: but can they scale toserve LARGE enterprises ?Femtocell deployments for small businesses are growing rapidly -demonstrates that they can also be deployed successfully inenterprises that require multiple-femtocells as long as the rightmeasures are taken• Published a guide to enterprise femtocell deployment bestpractice• Enterprise femtocells are now included in almost a third ofoperator femtocell offerings• Potential challenges in larger buildings: larger number ofusers and coverage area; RF interactions between femtocells;mobility and handover from one femtocell to another; largeRF variations inside buildings.• Conducted detailed analysis, simulations and over-the-airtests and arrived at a consensus between operators andvendors surrounding best practice for resolving thesechallenges• Need to optimise handover procedures, but both soft andhard handover approaches are viable• Procedures to mitigate these issues can be performedautomatically, with the help of a simple walk test by an ITtechnician. © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  17. 17. The Small Cell Apps Opportunity• Consumer research says almost 60% ofconsumers find femtocells either very orextremely appealing• 72% of consumers who foundfemtocells appealing were veryinterested in at least one advancedfemtocell service and half of these werewilling to pay $4.99/month for theirsingle favourite service or $9.99/monthfor a bundle of their favourite three• What needs to be done to enable thishuge opportunity for operators andconsumers? • Specifications • Engagement with developers © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  18. 18. Small Cell Apps: So Far…Enabled operators to work withspecialist developers to launch apps• March 2011: • Small Cell Forum published first APIs for mobile applications based on small cell technologies. • Also worked with Broadband Forum who published management specs to enable operator management of small-cell APIs• Our APIs are already being implemented in operator-driven services• 22 Feb 2012: Small Cell Forum announced a cooperationagreement with the Open Mobile Alliance(OMA), to developopen API standards on a global scale © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  19. 19. Small Cell Forum Launches MobileDeveloper CommunityNow giving wider developer communitytools to start creating apps Forum providing suite of tools and resources to help developers create mobile applications that take advantage of small cells• Developer Forum• APIs• Application specifications• Tutorials• Code Samples• Sandbox for testing code• Information on use cases and wider small cellopportunity• APIs have already been used by Telecom Italia andAlcatel-Lucent to develop a museum application thatprovides multimedia information about specific exhibits inclosest proximity to the user © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  20. 20. Small Cell Apps:Developer Forum © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  21. 21. Small Cell Forum Announces GSMA OneAPI Support & Launches Developer Tools • Availability of a hosted small cell emulator • For use by mobile developers globally • Inclusion of FemtoZonal Awareness API in GSMA’s OneAPI • SOAP and Restful interfaces including JSON (HTML/HTTP)“By giving developers a simple, standard way of leveraging operators’ network information,they can build a new generation of mobile applications that incorporate capabilities such asmessaging, payment systems and location-based data. The addition of small cell informationcan extend the reach and the attractiveness of location-based services,”said Graham Trickey, Senior Director, GSMA. © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  22. 22. In summary• Femtocells are well established: • There will be more femtocells than conventional base stations by the end of this year • Femto technology is powering the wider set of small cells for both 3G and LTE• Nearly 90% of base stations globally will be small cells by 2016• Combined small cell / Wi-Fi networks provide an opportunity for arich, fine-grained traffic management and offload• Femtocells scale to serve the largest enterprises• Developers can now access a rich set of resources to develop smallcell-enabled apps © Small Cell Forum Ltd 2012
  23. 23.