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LTE World Summit 2012 Christian testu colt-telecom-masterclass-1_wed


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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012

Published in: Business, Technology
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LTE World Summit 2012 Christian testu colt-telecom-masterclass-1_wed

  1. 1. Unleashing LTE with Fiber and CloudChristian TESTUWireless Strategy DirectorLTE World Summit 2012 © 2012 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Colt OverviewReach Credibility•Exceptional owned / operated •Over 35,000 organisations trust usEuropean network and 19 datacentres • Providing mission-critical services in demanding market sectors•Unrivalled European reach to21 countries and over 100 cities •We manage thousands of IT systems for our customers•Extensive integrated ITinfrastructure •Trusted by other carriersCapability Performance 2011•Data, voice and IT managed services •Revenues of €1,554.3m•Working with the leading technology •EBITDA of €332mvendors and 400 channel partners •Shareholder stability•5,200 employees in 16 countries1
  3. 3. LTE will unleash new cloud-based services Cloud Unified Communication Incl. HD Voice & HD Video, Messaging, Collaboration Cloud storage and collaboration seamlessly, securelyUnprecedented high throughputLow latencyOptimized cost per bit Cloud computingAll-IP solution e.g virtual desktop interfaceSecurity, true mobility and ease of useFast rollout in urban hotzones 2
  4. 4. An Integrated and scalable technology and serviceplatform is required3
  5. 5. Cloud is more than just technology Time4
  6. 6. Equally, LTE network can leverage the cloud End-user/Enterprise benefits • Easy Cloud storage, collaboration, computing experience • Enterprise TCO optimisation, BYOD enabler • Faster service implementation • Centralized integration, delivery & upgrades • Easier device & application management • Corporate data security cloud LTE Operator benefits • TCO cut via cloud-based IT/IP Application/control layer • Cloud RAN enabler (Cloud Controller, BBU Clustering) • Network scalability, resiliency & flexibility optimization • Faster service implementation • Centralized integration, delivery & upgrades • Openness to web ecosystem via Cloud & LTE network API5
  7. 7. Fiber transport will be critical to LTE & cloud success Cloud Macro Cells IMS, EPC (Radio + Modem) Internet PSTN/PLMN Radio Access Cloud 2G/3G/4G/Wi-Fi BTS Controllers IP Macro Cells Backhaul (Radio only) CPRI xDSL, Microwave, GPON, EoF, C/DWDM IP Centralized Modem small Cells(Home, Enterprise, Metro) The quality of fiber transport network to enable Cloud-RAN and mobile cloud services becomes increasingly important to ensure 4G quality of experience6
  8. 8. LTE & Cloud will maximize MNO challenges as well Increasing network costs Value & revenues leakage Radio access upgrade (new sites, new HetNet architecture) LTE-enabled Broadband & IP connectivity is re-inforcing Over-The-Top position for Mobile transport network upgrade information delivery & IP communications (Broadband, smart, cost-efficient)7
  9. 9. Current MNO model and its long-term evolution ?! CRM Transport Core Access2000s BSS/OSS IN network network network Phone Microwave 2G 2G CRM Transport Core Access Smartphone IN, IMS2010s Apps Store BSS/OSS app/control network Microwave network 3G/4G network 3G/4G Tablet The E2E Wireless network is evolving in capabilities & complexity The battle on cloud & communications services is intensifying The right focus and partnerships are key for success OTT Cloud MNO Cloud more than ever, especially on fiber & cloud web apps/RTC IMS Apps, RCS2015s CRM Transport Core HetNet RAN Smartphone IN, IMS Apps Store network network Cloud RAN BSS/OSS control Tablet Fiber 3G/4G/wifi 3G/4G/Wifi 8
  10. 10. Colt can help seize 4G opportunities Unrivalled 19 Datacenters Unrivalled network reach & IT managed services network reach to transport 4G to enable mobile cloud Enterprise intimacy to define and distribute 4G corporate services9
  11. 11. Thank© 2012 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved.