LTE World Summit 2012 Ajay joseph i-basis_focus-day_tues


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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012

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LTE World Summit 2012 Ajay joseph i-basis_focus-day_tues

  1. 1. LTE Signaling and RoamingOpportunities with iBasis LTE World Summit 2012 May 2012, Barcelona
  2. 2. Agenda• About iBasis• The importance and challenge of LTE roaming• The benefits of a central exchange model• Conclusions
  3. 3. Introducing iBasisConnecting the All-IP World• One of the world’s largest international carriers – Interconnects with 2,000 carriers, mobile operators and service providers globally – And growing: 2011 Revenue +12% to $1.36 billion• Unique combination of experience – best of both worlds – Comprehensive voice and mobile services portfolio and IP innovation leadership – Pioneer in IP for 15+ years, serving Internet players and operators – Core IP-based infrastructure, both for voice, data (GRX) and convergence (IPX)• Emerging leader in Signaling innovation – Comprehensive solution portfolio to unleash the power of Signaling, the nervous system of your connectivity – More than 660 destinations covering 210 countries, 90% direct and on-net – Over 200 billion SS7 MSUs handled in 2011 – Enabling a graceful revolution to all-IP signaling in 4G/LTE
  4. 4. A Global Business Partner
  5. 5. A Global Network AdvantageUbiquitous Global IP MPLS Coverage DRA DRA 1,000+ Points of Presence in >100 Countries Sales & Operational Support in 20 Countries
  6. 6. The Roaming Opportunity• Roaming revenues to double from 2010 to 2015 (Visiongain, Informa)• Mainly driven by data roaming revenues – Global data roaming traffic will jump from 688 million MB in 2011 to 1.9 billion MB in 2015 (Informa)• Meanwhile, “LTE is the fastest growing mobile technology ever” (GSA)• So what does that mean for LTE Roaming? – “Without it, mobile operators will be at a serious disadvantage in generating the revenues required to recoup their investment in LTE technologies.” (Informa)
  7. 7. LTE Roaming & Signaling The Challenge AheadSource: Informa Telecoms & Media’s LTE Survey 2011, n= 527
  8. 8. The Diameter DilemmaThe n2-problem…but worse RCS AS Sh Sh RCS AS MME S6a S6a MME DA DA PCRF S9 S9 PCRF HSS S6a Operator A Operator B S6a HSS RCS AS Sh Sh RCS AS MME S6a DA S6a DA MME PCRF S9 S9 PCRF Operator C Operator D S6a HSS S6a HSS Challenges • Building roaming connections will require significant time and cost • Need new IP interconnects to be created • Complexity of managing full-mesh topology • Interoperability between Diameter implementations • Interworking with 2G/3G networks 9
  9. 9. The Diameter DilemmaTime to Market, User Experience, ProfitabilityResult: difficulties in• monetizing the booming data roaming opportunity – LTE users will expect the same user experience when roaming – (regulated) low data roaming tariffs will create enormous demand – Attract 3G users by offering 4G speeds when roaming• monetizing the national LTE opportunity – Spotty initial LTE coverage will generate national LTE roaming opportunity to offer consistent user experience• Need to ensure LTE profitability – roaming cost are unnecessary high, while roaming prices plummet 10
  10. 10. LTE Roaming Made Easy…Introducing The LTE Signaling Exchange DA DA Operator A Operator B DA LSX DA Operator C Operator D Benefits of the LSX approach: • Minimize the cost of building roaming connections • A single connection to a central LSX • Simplified topology • Mediation between Diameter implementations • Facilitates Interworking with 2G/3G networks 11
  11. 11. The iBasis LSX Proposal• Join our LTE Signaling Exchange Test Community: The iBasis LSX Sandbox• Starting now! – Testing will include: • Basic Roaming • Policy Control and Charging • Diameter Interoperability • Signaling Accounting • MAP-Diameter Interworking 12
  12. 12. LTE Signaling and RoamingOpportunities with iBasis