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FTTH Conference 2013 / Workshop FTTH in UK

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Guido acchioni

  1. 1. EU support for the EU 2020 high and very high speed internet targets • Guido Acchioni • DG CONNECT /B/5 unit: Broadband • FTTH Council Conference 19 February 2013 • INCA/FTTH Council Workshop • ExCel Centre, London • on 19th February 2013
  2. 2. Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)"digital part": Original Proposal: 9.2 Billion• 2 Billion on pan European Services• 7 Billion on Broadband infrastructure• Following MAFF agreement: • Budget for ICT reduced to 1 billion euro on the development of digital services platforms ensuring the interoperability of European scale services.
  3. 3. Structural Funds 2. Where are2007-2013 we now ? European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund (ERDF) 2007-2013= € 271 billion ICT is 4.4 % (€ 15.2 billion) of the total Structural Funds allocation (€ 346 billion) Environment Transport of which ICT Services: € 12.9B Absorption 2012: 59.5% Broadband: € 2.3B Absorption 2012: 57.1% Research/Innovation EARDF: € 670M of which • EERP €RD Programmes € Information society Tourism 360M => 94% committed to Social infrastructure Culture Energy Institutional capacity projects • 310M
  4. 4. Future Cohesion Policy: current negotiation 323B European Structural and Investment Funds   < 75% of EU averageGDP/capita*  75-90%  > 90% *index EU27=100   Canarias3 categories  Guyaneof regions   Réunion Less developed regions Transition regions  Guadeloup  e/ More developed regions  Martinique  Madeira Açores Regional GDP figures: 2006-07-08 GNI figures: 2007-08-09 Cohesion Malta © EuroGeographics Association for the administrative boundaries Policy
  5. 5. Thematic objectives 1. Research and innovation smart 2. Information and Communication Technologies 3. Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)Europe 2020 4. Shift to a low-carbon economy 5. Climate change adaptation and risk management and sustainable prevention 6. Environmental protection and resource efficiency 7. Sustainable transport and disposal of congestion on major network infrastructure 8. Employment and support for labour mobility inclusive 9. Social inclusion and poverty reduction 10. Education, skills and lifelong learning 11. Increased institutional capacity and effectiveness of public administration Cohesion Policy
  6. 6. Concentration of ERDF investment resources to maximise the impact Research and Innovation Energy efficiency and renewable energy SMEs competitiveness 6% 60% 20% 44% Developed regions and Less developed regions transition regions Under discussion with Council and EP • ICT as a 4th thematic objective for thematic concentration • Infrastructure investment inCohesion developed regions ? more Policy
  7. 7. 3.Ex-ante Conditionality on ICT 3. Ex-ante conditionalityN°2 : “Enhancing accessibility to and use, and quality of ICT“– N°2(a) Digital Growth– N°2(b) NGA InfrastructureAll other Thematic objectives : R&I, energy efficiency, transports, skills, education, lifelong learning, efficient administration (eHealth, eGov)
  8. 8. 3.Ex-ante Conditionality on ICT N°2(b) – NGA Infrastructure -National/Regional NGA Plans to reach the EU2020high-speed Internet access targets: • a plan of infrastructure investments and a mapping of infrastructure and services, regularly updated; • support to sustainable investment models that enhance competition and provide access to open, affordable, quality and future proof infrastructure and services; • support to measures to stimulate private investment
  9. 9. Member States actions National Broadband Plans - Roadmap • Digital Agenda Communication: call on MS to update and operationalize their NBPs by end 2012 • March 2012 - Report on National Broadband Plans (SWD(2012)68) Benchmarking, best practices and roadmap • Only 6 countries have set NGA take-up targets in NBPs, even fewer operational (i.e. financing resources) • May 2012 Council Internal Market Conclusions: call on MSs to prepare operational Digital Growth strategies and NGA plans by end of 2012 • By Mid 2013: MS expected to provide updated Digital Growth Strategies and NGA plans for assessment by EC • By end of 2013 – Commission to finalise assessment of ex-ante conditionalities on ICT to access Structural Funds (ERDF and EARDF)
  10. 10. 2013 EU POLICY INITIATIVES ON ICT/BROADBANDCost reduction initiative: Reducing the costs of broadband roll out, especially thosecoming from civil engineering (mapping, permits, digging…)A forthcoming study will show actual internet speeds.Setting out guidance on net neutrality.New Recommendation on universal service in a digital society.Recommendation on non-discrimination: establishes principles how to createequal footing for third partiesRecommendation on costing methodologies for regulated access prices:
  11. 11. Thank you ___