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FTTx Summit Europe 2012

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George Williamson OPENREACH

  1. 1. OPERATOR CASE STUDY:Openreach’s FTTx DeploymentSuperfast Broadband UKDr George WilliamsonDirector Strategic Network DesignOpenreach24 April 2012
  2. 2. Contents Understanding how Openreach are enabling open access NGA and Super Fast Broadband. Evaluating the Mixed Economy Model: FTTC and FTTP Enhancing cost effective coverage through Openreach’s latest fibre innovations Determining how to broaden the range of service propositions to enable success for communications service providers.
  3. 3. Openreach, LLU, Ethernet and NGA (2006 – Today) Openreach formed in January 2006 to deliver underpinning infrastructure under Equivalence of Input (EOI) terms for all Stimulation of competition in higher layer network services – Massive Non-BT LLU growth to >7m lines (from <1m) and Wholesale Line Rental at >7m, copper growth in last 5 quarters – Huge growth in Ethernet backhaul services at 27% CAGR. – Enabling real network based competition – A catalyst for industry innovation – Underpins the biggest entertainment brands in UK UK Broadband availability and competitiveness remains amongst the highest in the G8 – But growing demands for increasing broadband speeds and better quality of service Now enabling Superfast Broadband for the industry – Open access Ethernet bitstream model – Next wave in Broadband investment, looking to 10m homes passed in Spring/early Summer
  4. 4. Understanding how Openreach is enabling open accessNGA and Superfast Broadband.What is Openreach? A reminder about us and what we have done with industry: Creation of NGA Wholesale Open Access Model – Scale and pace of commercial deployment – Building on Openreach’s Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) – The UK’s Communications Provider Eco-system – Carrier Ethernet Solutions: • VULA/ALA for NGA plus high capacity business Ethernet over fibre • Openreach Handover Points – Physical Options: • FTTC – VDSL2 • FTTP – GPON Part of a Broadband Mixed Economy – Fixed and Wireless – Exchange based DSL and NGA Fibre – UK is one of the most mature broadband communities
  5. 5. Evaluating the Mixed Economy Model: FTTC and FTTP Ethernet to enable Physical Media Independence – FTTC VDSL2 – FTTP GPON Criticality of Scale and Pace in our Market Model – Global experience suggests NGA take-up grows steadily and take-up is partial • Overlay model for now – FTTC enables rapid deployment and speedy provision – VDSL2 performance improvements • ANFP changes to enable – up to 80Mb/s – FTTP where cost case is compelling • New sites, MDU (a relatively small % in UK), low cost deployments – FTTP Fibre on Demand in FTTC areas • To enable high demand clusters and 300Mb/s service rates
  6. 6. Enhancing cost effective coverage through Openreach’slatest fibre innovations Openreach has enabled a very rapid commercial deployment to the denser parts of the UK. – Based on standard scale, solutions Final third premises are significantly more challenging Openreach’s equal access model will enable consumer choice in final third where funding, e.g. BDUK, can close the gap to the commercial case We have innovated and will continue to innovate to address a more sparse footprint – No one size fits all: • Longer reach • High cost backhaul – wireless to the cabinet • Solution options for rural e.g. aerial cable options • Community dig • Copper rearrangement to create new injection points • RDSLAM cabinet options e.g. All-in-one • WTTP e.g. Trials of TVWS, Wifi, 3G/4G, ...
  7. 7. Determining how to broaden the range of servicepropositions to enable success for communicationsservice providers. With footprint we expect the industry to start to drive take-up – Value and life enhancing applications are the key – We expect these to be video rich, supporting multiple concurrent users and growth in use of upload – Usability and ease of access are fundamental We have enhanced our offerings and our services. – Multi-cast to enable linear TV – Quality of Service and SLAs – FVA enables voice access in a fibre only world • Open Access telephony – We are starting the debate with industry on connected home. Wireless edge to NGA – Will support millions of Wifi access points, ... – Trialling small cells and TV white space
  8. 8. Developing the Access Network Vision CP Service Interconnect to migrate to Openreach Handover Points An enabling framework for Openreach and industry innovation
  9. 9. Not just about Access: Broadening the NetworkVision PIA SLU,PIA WLR, SMPF,FMPF, PIA,BET GEA Cablelink EAD OSA
  10. 10. Finally – in Olympic Year
  11. 11. Finally – in Olympic Year80,000 connections across 96 locationsUp to 60Gb of information carried each second1,800 wireless access points5,500km of internal cabling16,500 telephone lines14,000 mobileSIM cards10,000 cableTV outlets642,000man-hours
  12. 12. Finally – in Olympic Year