FTTH Conference 2009 Nidab Networking


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FTTH Conference 2009 Nidab Networking

  1. 1. Service Innovation through Broadband in the Nordic Region Jens Nielsen NIDAB Networking Lars Peter Christiansen Altibox Danmark
  2. 2. Our Aim: The broadband Service Innovation Project Four Areas of Innovation Platform Intelligent Energy Workshops in several countries eHealth Online networking and crowd sourcing IPTV Reports with findings Machine-to-Machine Linked to existing events: Connect communities Create dialogue Spread knowledge
  3. 3. Basis: Broadband Deployment in the Nordic Region Technologies Actors 1994: 1994: Incumbents (one per country) xDSL Coax 2009: 2009: Incumbents (TDC, Telenor, Telia-Sonera) xDSL New fibre networks: FTTx - City nets in Sweden Coax - Energy utilities in Denmark and Norway - Private fibre nets FWA Wireless and mobile network operators WiMAX, LTE, 3G… Deregulation of incumbent networks
  4. 4. Trends: Service Innovation Technology driven User driven Closed innovation Open innovation Vertical integration Horisontal integration IT ICT The Nordic Region: High broadband penetration - Widespread digitization - Many services - Skilled users - Strong regional technology actors (Ericsson, Nokia) -
  5. 5. Examples: Service Innovation Connected Home (Ericsson) Care Channel Nurse Gudrun Lyse Home Gateway Platform
  6. 6. Care Channel Nurse Gudrun: The IPTV Solution Community Service through your TV-set Why TV? User friendly New user groups Existing infrastructure No new equipment Remote Control Interactivity
  7. 7. Altibox and services beyond triple play Lars Peter Christiansen Chief Executive Officer Altibox Danmark
  8. 8. Agenda: Altibox model Multiplay-strategy and service development New services - examples M2M-services in collaboration with Devoteam Concluding thoughts
  9. 9. Partners Altibox Franchisees building FttH based on Altibox in red areas 160.000 sold contracts 130.000 connected FTTH-customers 60% penetration rate in the deployed areas 35 partners in Norway, 1 in Denmark 190.000 active digital-TV decoders (IP) 15.000 mobile subscribers 1500 business customers 1000 alarm customers (launced Q2-2008) Apx. 95 employees World record ARPU and product mix: 110 Euro per month 100% Internet access, 80% IPTV and 70% IP-telephony
  10. 10. Service development – ”the big picture” Local services Inter services Multi-play services Intra services Local- and inter-services are unique, multi-play is leading edge
  11. 11. Altibox and service ”coverage” TV Internet Telephony Mobile Alarm Gaming Sensor services services services services services services services Services in marked Services to come
  12. 12. The IPTV-portal (3.rd generation):
  13. 13. Example of new intra service: A completely new fotball-TV experience
  14. 14. The iMobil vision: Mobile, Internet & TV melt together with iMobile from Altibox ”Altibox-i(n)-Mobile” experience (EPG, filmtrailers, e-mail…) To exploit the fibre’s possibilities – mobile super broadband More than just FMC-voice (our ”two thumbs only” product) Styr PVR’en via mobilen iMobil video iMobil tale Se Filmtrailer på mobilen
  15. 15. Security & surveilance
  16. 16. Altibox Alarm – redsidential package Establishing of fire alarm Connection to alarm central 2 smoke detectors (requires burgular alarm) House Central with keyboard Choos beteen: 2 movement detectors - Fire Basic or Fire Direct (Fire department) 1 magnet contact 1 remote control Burgular alarm services - Messaging when alarm is activated - Personell response when the burgular alarm is activated • wireless sensors • first alarm w/WiFi worldwide • Wifi+GPRS (very secure) • IP-communication • Prepared for centralized upgrading of software
  17. 17. User interface - Tv
  18. 18. User interface WEB and Mobile
  19. 19. ”Sensor” Services Wireless / PLC M2M Conceptual Service platforms
  20. 20. Conclusions !