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FTTH Conference 2009 Hartwig Tauber


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FTTH Conference 2009 Hartwig Tauber

  1. 1. FTTH in the Nordics Moderator: Hartwig Tauber Director General FTTH Council Europe
  2. 2. The Nordics: FTTH Pioneers
  3. 3. The Nordics: Important FTTH Players in Europe
  4. 4. Four Case-Studies • Finland: – „A Community-based FTTH Network: KrsNET“ Ulf Grindgärds, Special Planner The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia • Denmark: – „From Megawatt to Gigabit“ Christian Berg Chief Consultant The Danish Energy Association • Sweden: – „Fibre to Rural Areas – The Swedish Model“ Lars Hedberg, Secretary General Ulf Borbos, CEO Swedish Urban Network Association • Denmark: – „An Incumbents Approach to a Financially Feasible FTTH Strategy“ Jess Julin Ibsen, Executive Vice President & CTO TDC