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Day 2-keynote-0900 sung-man-kim-20120524


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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012 Day 2

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Day 2-keynote-0900 sung-man-kim-20120524

  1. 1. Contents 1 Service Data Explosion Environment Operator’s Dilemma 2 Network Transformation Why CCC ? Converged Radio Resource Management 3 CCC Cell Capacity Improvement Benefits OPEX Reduction 4 CCC Network Intelligence Infusion Evolution Closing Remarks 2
  2. 2. Service Environment 3
  3. 3. LTE as a Smart Convergence EnablerLTE will realize smart convergence as a bridge between service and terminal Small Cell with CoMP is the key for the future network evolution Service Network Terminal SNS Wide freq. Bandwidth High Resolution Digital Goods High Order Modulation Large Screens Cloud High Order MIMO Applications VoD HARQ Camera (Sensing) eMBMS … Touch Screen N-Screen Vibration/Gyroscope … Small Cell Compass CoMP Sound Virtual Goods Resource Pooling … Machine To Machine 4
  4. 4. Change of Mobile Environment Mobile data traffic explosion has begun with iPhone since November 2009 Another explosion is expected with cloud, MTM and streaming servicesSmartphone Boom Triggered by iPhone Mobile Data Traffic Explosionmillion 35 60% 106,000 269x 30 50% 25 November 2009, 40% 20 KT introduced iPhone 30% 15 20% 44x 10 17,409 10% 5 11x 4,269 397 0 0% 2009 2010 2011 2012 1H(E) 2009 2010 2011.9 2015E No. of Smartphone subscribers (LHS) * Unit: Terabyte Penetration (RHS) 5
  5. 5. Operator’s DilemmaData explosion is concentrated in a specific area such as Gangnam in Seoul Cell split is no longer available with conventional method Traffic Concentration Limit of Macrocell Very High High Medium Jongro Seodaemoon Mapo Junggu Seongdong Yongsan Yungdeungpo Songpa Dongjak Gangnam Seocho KwanakㆍTraffic Portion: Metropolitan Area 62%, Difficulties in deployment at dense urban area Seoul 34%, Gangnam 3 district 10% 6
  6. 6. Why Cloud Communication Center ? 7
  7. 7. Transform of Mobile NetworkMobile Network paradigm change from Coverage to Capacity Capacity requires small cell and cloud architecture for spectrum efficiency  CCC: Cloud Communication Center 8
  8. 8. Data Explosion makes small cells a Must-Have. But, Have to manage InterferenceThe more a cell is split, the worse the inter-cell interference becomes Inter-cell interference reduction is the key to the small cell architecture Macrocell Smallcell 58% 17%  8% 17% 25% Interference Ratio 40% 9
  9. 9. Converged Radio Resource ManagementGPP based cloud servers virtualize hundreds of cells This enables the common radio resource management with neighbor cells Cloud Server Optic Fiber General Purpose Processor • Virtualization of more than 100 cells … • Common radio resource management • Traffic distribution for Joint Transmission • Coordinated scheduling with neighbor cells • Easy performance up-grade based on open H/W Platform 10
  10. 10. Benefits of CCC 11
  11. 11. Cell Capacity ImprovementConventional radio resource management is performed within the individual cellCCC performs 144 cell based resource allocation considering inter-cell interference Resource Allocation based on 144 Cell Group CCC Data Speed Resource Allocation based on Individual CellConventional Interference Interference 12
  12. 12. Flexible Network DeploymentRUs of Small size can be installed at any place for small cell deployment CCC reduces the time and cost of network deployment in a plug-in manner WiBro 3G LTE LTE 3G WiBro Optic Fiber DU Centralized Office RU 13
  13. 13. CCC Evolution 14
  14. 14. Network Intelligence Infusion Cloud server provides flexible computing power to users with low latency Call processing software provides Open API for network service applications Smart Call, N-Screen Network Management Video/Contents Caching Deep Packet Inspection (intelligent Call) (SON) App App App App Open API Call Processing S/W Open API will provide networkInformation based rich application 15
  15. 15. Cloud Communication CenterIt is not an option, but essential for data explosion 16