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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012
Day 1

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Day 1-t5-1720 procaccioli-20120523

  1. 1. Key success factors forVideo over LTEEmanuele ProcaccioliBarcelona, April 2012Copyright © 2012 Accenture. All rights reserved. Accenture, its logo, and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture.
  2. 2. Accenture at GlanceWe use our industry andbusiness process knowledge,our service offering expertise Accenture is a global management consulting, technologyand our insight into and deep Deliver their products andunderstanding of outsourcing company, with more than revenues in people services and emerging Improve services 246,000 Identify and Increase operational more enter newtechnologies to identify new than 120 countries. Combining serving clients in more performance effectively existing markets markets unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across allbusiness and technology trends and efficientlyand formulate and implement functions, and extensive research on the industries and business world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates withsolutions for clients underdemanding time constraints. We high-performance businesses and clients to help them becomehelp clients: governments. The company generated net revenues of US$25.5 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. &31, 2011. ItsHealth & page isResources Comm., Media Tech Financial Services home Products PublicOur services span the full range Serviceof: Management Consulting • Management consulting Technology • Technology Business Process Outsourcing • Business process outsourcing Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Mobile Video 12 Thousands CAGR 2011-2016: 90% 53% is skyrocketing Of all mobile 10 8 M2M data traffic in Gaming VoIP 2011 was 6 all over the Video generated by File sharing 4 Data video Source: Cisco Visual Networking Index 2011 2 world Video streaming as the killer application 0 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 for LTE!Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Can LTE paint a bright future for Video monetization problem?Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Network evolution is mandatory for Telcos to reduce revenues cannibalization by OTT and third party service providersSeizing the new Avoid Core andrevenue Transport layersopportunities… bottle-necksOptimize video Optimize contentstreams availabilityCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Seizing the newrevenueopportunities.…Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Mobile Content Delivery Networks will be a key part of the solution Operators need to be able to manage revenue-generating “premium video services” differently from OTT video services such as YouTube, optimising the experience of the former and managing the cost of delivering the latter. • LTE deployment gives Traffic redirection to optimal sites. operators the opportunity to meet this demand, developing specific infrastructures that allow Caching and acceleration to speed up “free” and “premium” video delivery of content. to be differentiatedOperator • Mobile CDN adoption Needs reduces operating cost, Media optimization, for transcoding sessions such as backbone cost, core to suit the devices and the network. network cost, and utility cost for operators • Enable to seize new Guaranteed service performance to business models for reduce cross-service churn. revenue creation. Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. Accenture Mobile Content Delivery Network viewAccenture’s view on the optimization of Mobile Broadband Video is focused onNetwork initiatives on Access and Core Layers. RAN optimisation • Backhauling off-load • Real-time format/protocol adaptation Accenture Mobile CND Strategy Core optimisation • Caching and pre-load optimisation • Content Rating Client based approaches, due to the complexity of deploying and supporting them across multiple operating systems and devices, can prove highly challenging for operators.Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. Avoid Core andTransport layersbottle-necksCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Radio will not limit capacity. LTE will offer, especially in the initialroll-out, plenty of bandwidth available in the radio interface Transport and Core networks may become the real bottle-neck for customers’ experienced quality thus requiring to actively storing video content near the delivery Edge • The massive deployment of Radio elements will push Core and Transport networks to the Internet/ limits MM SG PG other Packet E W W networks • The main challenge will be the VMS ability to manage traffic and its IP prioritization in backhauling and VST transport networks, avoiding VSS Network Gateway bottlenecks and network HUB overloads. Mobile CDN • On mobile networks, prioritization of conversational and streaming traffic might not be enough to give users their desired QoS. • Operators will require to off-load Video streams traffic from core network elements.Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. Backhauling off-load Streaming servers have to be deployed in a distribute architecture to be as- close-as possible to the end users • Streaming solution enables to deploy the streaming SDP BSS elements near to the end- Presence Customer and users (up to the e-nodeB) Data Marketing DB • CDN Network topology could Real-Time User Profiles and be defined based on the Presence Marketing Data existing access layer architecture, thus privileging Streaming Manager high-density areas. • Accenture solution leverage industry standards (e.g. Site clustering based on Streaming Server Load Balancing Hybrid-Iub, LTE LIPA-SIPTO Best Network Topology Streaming capabilities) in order to allow Server interoperability and device Geo agnosticism. User Profile Location Resource Inventory UtilisationCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. Optimize video streamsCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. Optimized Streaming Server for MobileStreaming architecture must be optimized for formats and protocols used onmobile environment. • Accenture Solution includes on- the-fly conversion to adapt contents as much as possible to the flavor used by the device model. In an ideal scenario, all Audio/ Video/ HTML • Support all popular formats, these options will be Formats, protocols and including adaptive bitrate considered at the origin profiles change fast options suitable for highly of the content chain. and, more importantly variable throughput networks. However, going up in vary from model to the content chain is • All is integrated in the Mobile model and from always complex, CDN design so that contents bitrate to bitrate expensive and in can easily be pushed/ preloaded (according to the some cases to the device throughput available in impossible (e.g. the given moment) • Accenture solution leverage content syndication) industry standards (e.g. codec and protocols streaming techniques) in order to allow interoperability and device agnosticism.Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. Adaptive streaming To guarantee best video fruition over different devices and network capabilities, the architecture shall support adaptive streaming. • Use of HTTP Live streaming is widely supported by iOS Quality Clustering and Android Devices Low Quality Average Quality • Use of device native Best Quality streaming avoiding Premium Quality need of custom Traffic Class device clients Congestion Management Bit Rate Adaptation • Streaming profiles selection needs to Bitrate Ad. Bitrate Ad. be tuned for bestBit Rate Bit Rate Streaming Server mobile experience: Congestion Zone time Congestion Zone time • frame sizes Premium quality Average Quality • profile Policy Enforcement Decision bandwidth selection Policy DB • use of “pure audio” profile Informations • etc. Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. Optimize contentavailabilityCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. Pre Load OptimizationAccenture solution integrates native pull caching mechanism with a pushing logicthat promote popular contents on the edge server anticipating user requests foran improved user experience and optimizing backhauling network load. • Metadata manager collects metadata for Content User Data Live and On Demand contents including: Metatada Content details (e.g. title, genre, category, actors), Relationship with Content Items (e.g. trailers, posters, extras) and editorial contributions (e.g. content description, category, new section management). • Content Transcoding and Publishing prioritize contents according their Content Delivery Manager categories (e.g. news first!) and transcode contents optimizing bandwidth consumption by adaptive streaming • Distribute metadata end EPG to Multimedia Application Servers (Streaming Manager and Streaming Servers) • Promote contents suggested by commercial/ marketing departments to anticipate user requests Streaming StreamingCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. Manager Server 16
  17. 17. Content Rating EngineUser information and content data are analyzed by an Accenture proprietaryalgorithm allowing to identify contents that are likely to be requested by end user.The rating policies can be configured to adapt rating engine to each deploymentand regional distinctive patterns. • Aggregators collect, organize and indexes User Request Publishing Request user requests and content metadata Aggregator Aggregator received by the Video Manger. • Rating Engine processes collected data and define contents eligible for pre-loading Configuration Rating • Policy Enabler enforces pre-loading actions Manager Engine depending on streaming server technologies • Configuration Manager defines rating engine parameters and allows to collect user inputs such as preferred content list Policy EnablerCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. Why AccentureCopyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. Accenture: The strategies, technologies and platforms toachieve High Performance. Accenture is a leading provider of advanced business and technology solutions, as well as outsourcing services, for the media and entertainment, communications, electronics and high- tech industries. We have an extensive history of developing innovative and interactive applications on top of broadband-based platforms, and advanced integrated video and communications experience across wireline and wireless networks. We also support content aggregation and distribution across an extensive, global customer base.Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 19
  20. 20. Contact Us Emanuele Procaccioli Senior Manager. Accenture Angelo Morelli Executive. Accenture angelo.morelli@accenture.comTo learn more on LTE topics,please © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 20
  21. 21. Thank you!Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 21