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Day 1-t4-1510 hourihan-20120523


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LTE World Summit Barcelona May 2012
Day 1

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Day 1-t4-1510 hourihan-20120523

  1. 1. VoLTE- making it work Seamus Hourihan SVP, Strategy
  2. 2. LTE Promised land? AFRICA?Acme Packet
  3. 3. $200 million4 yearsnada
  4. 4. IMS 3GPP R8 - ETSI TISPAN architectureSource: TISPAN-3GPP Workshop Rr/Ro IMS functions Sh ETSI TISPAN extensions SIP AS HSS Charging Function H.248 Dh DIAMETER ISC Cx Cx Other SLF Rf/Ro Mw Mw Dx IWF Ia S-CSCF I-CSCF Mi Mi Ib Mw/Mk/Mm Ic Mr Mg BGCF IBCF Other IP networks Mw SEG Other IP Networks SEG Mj SGF Id UE P-CSCF P- MRFC MGCF Inter- Gm Ie SGW connect If Gq Mp Mn SBC PSTN/ISDN PSTN NASS PDF RACS Access SBC A-BGF MRFP T-MGF MGW I-BGF IP transport (access and core)
  5. 5. IMS 3GPP release 10
  6. 6. Golf
  7. 7. IMS architecture Web site architecture DB DB AS AS AS WS WS WS WS LB-L LB-G
  8. 8. What only really mattersare endpoints & interconnects GOs-out/intas 2 GOs-out/intas 1
  9. 9. Deploying IMS in web-like way M Q AS TDM C Database Fire- Web walls servers LB M Q Load C balancers AS media Firewalls TDM TDM TDM
  10. 10. IMS architecture Web site architecture DB DB AS AS AS WS WS WS WS LB-L LB-G
  11. 11. IMS cloud Web site architecture architecture DB DB DB DB AS AS AS AS ASDSC SMX SMX SMX WS WS WS WS SLB-L LB-L SLB-G LB-G EPC IC
  12. 12. IMS simplified Services enabled  Voice, video and RCSe  4G data services  FMC (small cell, WiFi)  Interconnect and roaming SMX Session management  CSCF functions plus SBC SBC and MSG Border control  P/E/I-CSCF + SBC  Multiservice Security Gateway Next-gen signaling core  Core Diameter Signaling Controller (DRA)  Session Routing Proxy (BGCF) Interconnect and roaming  I-SBC (I-BCF/I-CSCF)  I-DSC (DEA)
  13. 13. Deployment option choices Simple Multivendor CSCF solution SIP Multimedia-Xpress Best of breed border control ISC IMS IMS Cx/Dx Cx/Dx Peer Peer ISC Rf Rf Mw e2 Access SBC e2 SMX Rx Rx/Rq Rx Rx/Rq Gm Gm Gm Gm EPC FTTx EPC FTTx xDSL xDSL Cable Cable Enterprise Enterprise eUTRAN eUTRAN Fixed Access LTE Fixed Access LTE
  14. 14. The elastic IMS cloud using VMs Elasticity Manager SMX SMX SMX SMX SMX Virtualization Layer Session-aware Load Balancer
  15. 15. Roaming$60 billion
  16. 16. LTE roaming GSMA style OTT styleMNO 1 MNO 2 MNO 1 MNO 2 IPX A InternetMNO 3 MNO 4 MNO 3 MNO 4MNO 5 $B IPX B MNO 6 MNO 5 0 MNO 6MNO 7 MNO 8 MNO 7 MNO 8
  17. 17. LTE voice and data roaming solution Visited Home Services & apps IPX Core S6a Internet transport IPX proxy IPX proxy S9/S6a S9 S9Aggregation S6aPoP Access eUTRAN SIP signaling Packet data eUTRAN SIP media Diameter 17 17 Acme Packet
  18. 18. OTT style roaming& off-load solutions IMS/NGN SIP services Small WiFi WiFi WiFi cell IPsec TLS/DTLS RTMP (Flash) tunnels tunnels WebRTC
  19. 19. Tunneled Session Management (TSM) Service provider data center Exploits “app” rage Web SIP MSRP Tunneled session User DB  Single user’s real-time and data communication services within single tunnel - SSL/TLS, DTLS, others TLS or DTLS tunnel Management - Security - User authentication - Privacy and confidentiality - Service delivery security (Net-SAFE) - High availability - Admission controls - Bandwidth – per app, user group Acme Packet-enabled - Server transaction loads TSM client - Strict firewall traversal
  20. 20. TSM benefits Seamless roaming  Mobile device-optimized  Session ID & IP address held  Customized UI with constant by SBC and endpoint application-specific content  Tolerant of access network  Minimal impact on battery change & slow switchover consumption times  Simple integrated application  Endpoint appears static to download service delivery infrastructure  Standards-based IMS-VoLTE Tunneled Session Management - Acme Packet Confidential 20
  21. 21. TSM vs. RTMP/WebRTC TSM & SIP clients Browser-enabled RTMP or WebRTC Web SIP MSRP Web SIP MSRPIMS/RCSe servers core servers IMS/RCSe servers core serversdata center data centerAny Anynetwork network HTTP(s) SIP w/RTP MSRP HTTP(s) RTMP MSRP(s) /WebRTC Data Voice Video/file Data Voice Video/file video, IM share video share Acme Packet 21
  22. 22. 10M subs170-340K tps
  23. 23. Cost effective scaling solutions requiredto deal with growing signaling demands All-IP networks are LTE & IMS built differently 2G/3G & PSTN SIP VoIP  SIP to establish RCS VoLTE communication sessions SS7 Hosted UC  Diameter to exchange Diameter Authentication subscriber profile data QoS Charging Mobility Exploding signaling traffic  Moving beyond voice - UC, RCS messaging, collaboration  Extreme mobile data  Mobile device proliferation – smartphones, tablets, M2M  Increased mobility and roaming
  24. 24. Next gen signaling core requires scalable performance Diameter SIP core servers I/S-CSCF HSS, OCS, PCRF Roaming partners IP Peering I-SBC partners IPX carriers IP DSC TDM Wholesale transitRoaming hubs MGCF IPX carriers Diameter IMS NGN clients edge edge MME, PDN GW, SBC, C5 SS, GGSN, CSCF, AS P-CSCF S-MSC Internet LTE 3G DSL/Cable/ FTTx
  25. 25. VoLTE – making it work1. IMS – Is Makin’it Simple2. Roaming – interconnect & OTT flexibility3. Signaling core - scaling performance
  26. 26. The leader inSessionDeliveryNetworkssolutions Seamus Hourihan SVP, Strategy